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Strategy vs. Verblio: A Complete Breakdown of Each Content Platform

December 07, 20 by

Search engines rank sites based on their content—whether it engages users, how many other sites link to it, and hundreds of other ranking factors. For that reason, websites live or...

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Strategy vs. Scripted: Which Content Service Best Fits Your Needs?

November 24, 20 by

When it comes to your website’s success, content is everything. It’s critical for bringing visitors to your site and getting your web pages to rank highly in search engine results....

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6 Powerful Ethical Marketing Examples to Learn From

November 17, 20 by

How important is ethical marketing to the modern consumer? A consumer behavior study by Aflac indicates that roughly 75% of surveyed customers reported that they would boycott a brand that...

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How Long Do Content Marketing Strategies Take to Succeed—and Why?

November 09, 20 by Zachary Vickers

Is your content marketing strategy taking ages to pay off, or are you wondering just how much time you’ll need to invest to see results? We’ll break down why most...

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Content Marketing Ethics: The Do’s and Don’ts

November 05, 20 by

The demand for quality content is increasing. In fact, a recent forecast predicts that the content marketing industry is growing annually at a 14.3% rate and will hit $107.5 billion...

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Copy Editing vs. Line Editing: What’s the Difference?

November 03, 20 by

To the uninitiated, editing is just editing. Someone takes a passage of text and polishes it up, and then they hand it back to you. It all seems so simple...

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