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How to Write a Sister of the Bride Wedding Speech – Guidance, Tips, and Examples

How to Write a Sister of the Bride Wedding Speech – Guidance, Tips, and Examples

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Did your sister just call with big news about her upcoming wedding? This calls for a celebration! You and your sister have a unique relationship, one that might have once included hair pulling, name-calling, and jealousy galore. But that’s all in the past, right?

Family dynamics are fluid, but the one thing that doesn’t change is the fact that she’s your sister. Whether the two of you either grew up together or joined forces later in life, you know that things wouldn’t be the same without your sister nearby or at least a phone call away.

Writing a wedding speech for your sister requires a great deal of thought, and perhaps a dive back into those memories of yesteryear. Settle into a comfy chair, roll up those sleeves, and get ready to craft the perfect sister of the bride speech.

Why Should You Write a Wedding Speech for Your Sister?

This one is easy to answer: you’re her sister. Do you really need another reason? You care for your sister, despite all the ups and downs you’ve had over the years, and you want to make her day memorable and stress-free. After all, brides get anxious, too. They take it upon themselves to plan most parts of the wedding and reception, and can become stressed about things not going according to plan.

When you write a wedding speech for your sister, you’re helping reassure her, as you read it at her wedding, that her big day has been a complete success. Your words of encouragement will help her see that the best is yet to come.

Five Steps for Speech Success

Wedding speeches are as original as the people who give them, and that’s why you might feel more than a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of crafting something brilliant and inspirational. What if your sister is the one with the gift of words and you’re more of a science brain who’s more comfortable handling a high-tech lab than standing before a sea of faces?

That’s okay. This speech isn’t something that needs to win a Pulitzer Prize; it just needs to be loving, fun, and heartfelt. And that’s why we’re ready to help out with handy steps for a speech sure to bring out smiles in everybody, and maybe even a tear or two.

1. Dig Up Those Memories

Before you put fingers to keyboard – or pen to paper if you’re more of an old-school gal – you need to find something to write about. This is where the brainstorming comes in.

Start by writing down the various memories of your sister that come to mind. If you’re the older sister, think about how old you were when she was born, and how her birth made you feel. If you’re younger, think about how you interacted with your sister while growing up, whether you played together or if she fluctuated between being an aloof and caring older sis.

As you think back, try to see if you can recall any lessons she taught you or particular traits that revealed her personality. For example, maybe signing up for soccer practice and kicking butt on the field showed a fiery, competitive streak and a can-do attitude. Perhaps showing concern for the neighborhood kittens and baking cookies for the seniors’ center revealed her sensitive, caring side. Now wipe away those tears, pretend you weren’t just crying (who, me?), and get ready to write a killer speech.

2. Start Writing the Introduction

Your first task is to craft the opening lines. You’ll want to greet the audience, say who you are, and if you can, dish out a joke or two to put everyone at ease. The trick, however, is to incorporate your sister’s personality into the joke.

If she is easygoing and quick with the comebacks, it might be okay to open with some light teasing. If your sister is more serious or reserved, that’s likely to mortify her, and you should open with something gentler but still amusing.

Once you’ve made your introductions and helped set the tone for the speech, your next task is to address the new couple.

3. Focus on the Bride and Her Spouse

Obviously, you’re closer in age to your sister and her spouse than you are to your parents, so it’s okay to have your words be a little more casual. Of course, not all sisters have a tight relationship, and you shouldn’t be expected to address them with total ease if that’s not how things are in real life.

You want to show support but you want to be sincere. Gushing about your new sibling-in-law when you normally prefer to keep to polite conversation wouldn’t come across as genuine.

With that said, this is neither the place nor time to unload any frustrations you have about your sister’s spouse. Keep things positive and try to include some humor if you can. Regardless of whether you include a joke, though, make sure you focus on their new life and all of the ways they’ll experience that journey together.

4. Talk About Sisterly Lessons and Fond Remembrances

Let’s start with the obvious: when you start to brainstorm ideas, those embarrass-your-sister stories will spring to mind. There’s no way around that. Remember when you pushed her down the hill (or wait, she fell down on her own, right?)

You’d likely get a few chuckles from the audience – hopefully mixed with some guilt for laughing – but you would do well to exclude these types of stories. Keep those thoughts to yourself and only share the ones that revel in happiness, not humiliation.

If you need a refresher, flip back to your notes from the brainstorming session in step one. Here you’ll find some of those fond remembrances and lessons she might have taught you. And remember, whether you’re the older sister or the younger sister, you can always learn a thing or two from your sibling.

5. Circle Back to the Happy Couple

By first addressing the couple, then your relationship with your sister, and then the couple once more, you’re showing the extent of your connective ties. The perfect sister wedding speech ends with best wishes for the future as a way to encourage those ties to continue.

Yes, her husband may snore or he might have an annoying chortle for a laugh, but who cares! They complement one another and you love how much she lights up in his presence. The snoring and laughter issue is her price for a great catch. You can tease her about it later.

Five Tips for the Perfect Speech

Here are five quick tips to help you write an excellent speech for your sister’s wedding day.

1. Don’t Try to Wing It

You might think you can just get up in front of an audience and spout off a speech good enough to win an award, but the truth is, you can’t. Skip the embarrassment and write down your words.

2. Don’t Forget to Practice

Have we managed to convince you to record your words? Excellent. Now, go practice them repeatedly. Don’t think of it like homework, think of it like a memento for your sister that will fill her face with radiance instead of barely veiled bewilderment.

3. Don’t Try to Booze-and-Talk

You might love to indulge in your favorite Gran Moraine rosé, but don’t start sipping until after you’ve finished your speech. Relax naturally with lavender essential oil on your temple, or nibble a truffle you stashed in your clutch. Just stay away from anything harder than chocolate.

4. Do Speak From the Heart

At the end of the day, your sister just wants to know that you are there for her, just like she’s there for you. Nothing brings a tear to the eye and warmth to the heart like sincere appreciation. Speak the way you’d want to be spoken to, and give your sister some love.

5. Do Take a Few Deep Breaths

Nerves will likely rear their ugly head, so remember to pause every so often and just breathe. If you’re losing control, breathe deeply and find your focus. Before you know it, the audience will be clapping and your sister will be hugging you fiercely.

A Few Examples

In this first example of how to write a wedding speech for a sister, you’ll see how the speaker welcomes her new brother-in-law, tells her sister how much she means to her, and shares special moments of their mischievous childhood. Throughout it all, she makes sure to focus on her sister and her sister’s husband, reinforcing her support for their union.

Sister of the Bride Speech

Hi, everyone, and thank you so much for being here. My name is Cara, and I’m the bride’s sister, twin, and best friend – Ainsley agrees, just ask her! I said that I’d make an allowance for her new husband and begrudgingly keep my visits to three times a week. But I still get first dibs on the comfy blue couch!

Welcome to the Family

Ainsley, I can’t believe this is your wedding day, and that you’re standing there in such a gorgeous dress. You always used to say that even though we’re identical twins, you were the prettier one. I always smacked you for comments like that, but today, I know that it’s true. You’re a beautiful bride.

Tristen, I’m in awe of the love you and Ainsley have for each other. The gentle touches, the little smiles. I’m so happy you’re now a part of my sister’s life, that you’re part of our family.

Of course, I’m more than a little jealous that you’ll be heading off on your own amazing journey and I’ll be heading to an apartment with only my cat for company. He’s a loving kitty, make no mistake about that, but he gets moody sometimes and won’t snuggle when I need it most.

You guys have something really special, though, and I know that it will only grow deeper with time.

Twice the Trouble, but Twice the Fun

Ainsley, when I look back on our time growing up, I recall so many moments full of giggles when we should have been sleeping, sneaking out of the house when we should have been sleeping, writing our scary stories when we should have been sleeping … there seems to be a pattern here.

Mom and Dad spent many nights yelling at us to go to bed, and then threatening to keep us from our toys, then our music, then our friends. I guess the threats worked for a while, but we just couldn’t help ourselves.

What could be better than sharing your room with someone the same age as you? Someone who looked like you, loved most of the same things as you did, and was so energetic that she was like fuel to the fire?

Ainsley, there’s no one else I’d rather have as my sister. You were the perfect partner in crime, and I will admit, there was an occasion or two that I pretended to be you so you’d take the blame for some devious plan of mine.

To my sister and brother-in-law, I wish you years of happiness, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Older Sister of the Bride Speech

This second example of a wedding speech for a sister is from the perspective of the older sibling who loves to boast and joke around but, at her core, is sensitive and committed to keeping special promises. We hope this example equally inspires you to write the perfect speech for your sister’s wedding.

The Speech

Welcome, everyone, I’m Lidia and you’re all looking lovely tonight! Of course, no one can beat my little sister Nadia. In case you hadn’t guessed, I’m the older sister of this gorgeous bride and I am totally ready to beat out all the other speeches for first place.

Why, do you ask? Because I get to heap praise on my Nadia. This is the only day. Well, except for two hours on her birthday, when I’ve agreed to be nothing but sweet.

I’m joking, of course. I sometimes include Christmas too.

The Blushing Bride

And now to the bride on her wedding day. Nadia, what can I say. You’re so beautiful in that dress.

Folks, this was our mother’s dress that she wore to her and my father’s wedding 30 years ago. I tried to fit into it for my own wedding a few years back, I really did, but it wasn’t meant to be. Clearly, I took after our dad’s side of the family.

Nadia, she’s nearly the spitting image of our mother at that age, and of course she fits perfectly into the dress. I’m glad it wasn’t mine in the end. We were just 11 and 14 when Mama left us, and Nadia getting to wear it is a special tie to our mother.

Perfectly Suited in Love and Life

Of course, there wasn’t just one gorgeous dress at the wedding; there were two. Nadia and her new wife Evaleen were mesmerizing standing hand in hand under that floral arch, and I was so happy to see their radiant smiles.

Evaleen, I see how much Nadia has blossomed since she first met you. The two of you bring out one another’s best traits. Both of you are also incredibly talented illustrators with a portfolio of pieces that would make anyone jealous. Me included.

I remember when Nadia was about nine years old and she ran off to her room, shut the door, and came out several hours later with this elaborate poster full of swirls and whirls and intricate flowers. The colors were gorgeous.

Mama was sick at the time, but she knew that Nadia had talent. She squeezed my hand and told me that I must do everything possible to ensure that Nadia went to art school, that she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

And that’s just what we did. Dad set aside savings and I worked weekends in high school so we had money left over for Nadia. Did I grumble about it? Well, only when I ran out of food on occasion. Just kidding. Nadia went off to school, found her purpose in life, and soon met her ladylove.

Hand in hand, with their pencils, paintbrushes, and sketchbooks in well-worn art bags, Nadia and Evaleen will be ready for great things. The world is a big place, but knowing that they have each other’s backs will make the journey just a little bit sweeter.

To Nadia and Evaleen.

Younger Sister of the Bride Speech

As you work on crafting the perfect sister wedding speech, consider this final example from a younger sister. Writing a wedding speech for your sister will have its own unique moments to share, ones that we hope will bring you even closer together.

The Speech

I want to start by saying how, just last night, Marin whispered to me how worried she was that people wouldn’t love her wedding. Marin, let me reassure you on that one. Judging by the sea of smiles around me, you can put that fear neatly to rest.

Hello, everybody, and thank you for coming. I’m Genesee, and I’m Marin’s younger sister.

Marin and Hal are the cutest couple, aren’t they? It’s amazing to think that they didn’t know one another four years ago. They’re so in-tune with one another and so comfortable with sharing their truths.

As for me, I am thankful for having the opportunity to get to know Hal and to welcome him as the brother I never had. He loves to sing, like I do, and he has joined in on numerous karaoke nights when Marin would wave him out the door with her usual, “Go bother someone else with all that croaking.” With that we’d head to our favorite karaoke bar and croak away.

Just last week we were singing away and having a blast. I guarantee there will be many more to follow!


Marin and I have an unusual family history. We weren’t all that close when we were growing up. Some of you here probably don’t know this, but I’m actually her half-sister. When we were kids, she lived with her mom and I lived with our dad. We saw each other about once a month, and she always put up with me like a champ, but I know it couldn’t have been fun having a bratty little kid tagging along.

It wasn’t until I was in college that we really got close. I had a pretty rough time of it at first—I can see by the smiles that some of you remember dealing with me when I was having my “rough time”—and one night, when I was feeling really gloomy, something made me send Marin a message, even though we hadn’t talked in months. She wrote back right away, and we ended up talking until late in the night.

I had class the next morning, by the way. I just wanted to sleep in, but Marin told me to go. Even then, she was looking out for me.

Anyway, she asked if I wanted to grab a coffee and catch up that Saturday, and we did. And again the next weekend. Our coffee catch-ups turned into a weekly thing. Sometimes a little more than weekly.

Funny thing, but coping with college got a lot easier after that. I just needed to remember I had an older sister I could count on.

And of course I remember the coffee chat when Marin told me about this great guy she’d just met. You guys might know him, he’s standing over there now. Hi, Hal!

Love From All Corners

But let’s bring it all back to today. Marin, I see the way Hal looks at you. I see the way your little girl looks at you, who, by the way, is the cutest flower girl ever.

All of that love makes me so proud to call you my sister. Some days I completely forget that we didn’t grow up together.

To Marin, Hal, and little Tala, I wish you the very best. Wherever the road takes you, you’ll be surrounded with love and laughter. Oh, and this girl right here, ‘cause I’m not going anywhere. I love you guys.

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This post was written by Compose.ly writer Emily Clayton.

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