Lora Lynn Fanning

Lora Lynn Fanning taught writing and rhetoric for 12 years before becoming an in-house editor for Compose.ly. She’s been a “smither of words” since the advent of blogging, and now she enjoys playing in the word sandbox with others as an editor. Her writing appeared in several online publications and she developed and taught an online writing course for young students. She believes there’s power in a good story to educate, inspire, and unite others. In her work with non-profit Kids In Need, she managed and implemented a new national platform for educators.

Because her initial training as an editor was as an educator, she’s always looking for the writer behind the content and finding ways to help them develop their craft and personhood. In the process of editing and refining for others, she hones her own creative tools and knows she’s a better creator because of the writers and editors she gets to work with every day.

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