Content Editing Services That Provide Peace of Mind

Whether college interns, AI-powered tools, or in-house experts are doing your writing, our professional editors can review your content and increase its accuracy, consistency, and quality while preserving your unique brand voice. Reach goals quicker and lower your editing-related stress.

What Is Content Editing? 

Content editing can mean a lot of things. Broadly speaking, it encompasses various methods of refining and improving the overall messaging of content while maintaining an individual's or brand's voice, tone, and style. Content editing drives business results by building confidence and authority and significantly freeing up a team’s workload. In order to align your content goals with the most effective type of revision, it’s best to understand the different ways content editing can be executed. Content Editing Services Executed for Your Brand

Choose one of our time-saving editing services to make your content coherent and consistent, all without losing your brand’s je ne sais quoi. Not sure which one is right for you? Our dedicated content management team can determine the best one for your needs. Let’s chat!

Improve Your Content Quality With Editors

How do we put red pen to paper (figuratively speaking)?’s Content Editing Services not only correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors but also analyze how effectively your word choice communicates your messaging. 

Our editors act as an extension of your internal team by aligning with your specific brand voice guidelines. We improve quality by approaching your content with care and determining the best services based on your goals.

    I Need Editing

    Increase Authoritativeness With Subject Matter Expert Review’s Subject Matter Expert Review ensures that your content — AI-assisted or otherwise — is reviewed by an individual with expertise in your industry. We match your business with a pre-vetted SME so you can receive all the authoritative accuracy needed to outrank your competitors. 

    Our subject matter experts’ proficient communication skills allow them to share feedback and specialized knowledge in ways that your teams and customers can easily comprehend and apply to content — boosting your E-E-A-T.

    Let's Talk Expertise

    How Seamlessly Integrates Editing Into Your Content Creation Process

    From matching you with pre-vetted editors to kickoff to final revisions, our Content Editing process eliminates project management on your end while ensuring you receive the polished content you deserve.

    Step 1’s editors all pass a two-part editor assessment and multiple trial projects before they’re eligible to edit for our clients. 

    Step 2

    Once you sign on as a client, we’ll schedule a 30-minute kickoff call. Here we’ll collect information about your brand style and tone to help our editors get better acquainted with your brand. 

    Step 3

    After your initial kickoff, the Content Management Team matches freelance editors to your projects based on objectives and goals.

    Step 4

    Submit your content any time and we’ll notify your editing team that new pieces are ready for them to review.

    Step 5

    Projects are edited and returned within 2 to 4 business days for client approval or further revisions, giving you time back to focus on strategic initiatives!

    The Benefits of Leveraging a Content Editing Service

    Choosing the path of least resistance is human nature. In today’s volatile market, content marketers must create savvy, engaging, and informative content in the easiest, most frugal way possible. If doing more with fewer resources means adding a lot of tasks to a writer’s plate, brands risk increasing the potential for errors and decreasing the quality of a piece. 

    Polished content that speaks directly to a potential customer can mean the difference between someone clicking through your site or clicking on your competitor’s. Content is your audience’s first impression of your brand, and you only get one chance to make it good. 

    According to Website Planet, the bounce rates of landing pages with grammar and spelling errors were 85% higher than those that were correctly written. Ouch. If your content’s not structurally sound, how can you build a solid foundation with your customers? Clear communication matters, and effective content editing directly benefits your business.

    Improve Readability and SERP Rankings

    An expert content editing service can significantly improve your content’s readability, which in turn appeals to Google’s ranking factors. The more smoothly your content flows and the more directly it answers search intent, the better your readability score will be. An ideal readability score of 60 or higher will keep your intended audience on your site for longer and positively impact your SEO.

    Save Hours In Your Content Process

    Combing content for accuracy, clarity, and creativity takes dedication and time. Scanning for proofreading errors takes a village. Partnering with a content editing service alleviates your team’s bandwidth so their skills can be better spent in strategic ideation and execution for other lead-generation projects. Outsourcing your editing needs to a trusted partner saves you hours of valuable time, energy, and sanity.

    Strengthen Brand Trust and Authority

    Copyediting, line editing, and proofreading all help ensure that quality content is created with people in mind first, instead of search engines. The fewer errors your content contains, the more signals Google receives that your brand creates reliable, trustworthy content. Publishing edited content that speaks to your topics with the utmost accuracy adds authoritativeness to your messaging — boosting your E-E-A-T.

    Add a Human Touch To AI Content

    When creating content with AI tools, it is crucial that professional editors review AI-generated messaging before it goes out into the world. A content editor’s attention to detail helps ensure your final drafts are readable by people, not machines. By leveraging a content editing service alongside these new technologies, you receive all the time-saving benefits generative AI provides while eliminating inaccuracies and inconsistencies.

    Content Editing Service FAQs

    How much does it cost to have an editor revise my content?

    Great question! Editing costs can vary based on the volume and complexity of the support needed. Our team can help you scope the project and provide a cost-effective solution that streamlines your content production. You can speak with our team here.

    Can you proofread, copyedit, and line edit my content all at once?

    We sure can! While each type of editing has its own part to play, our professional editors have experience with all three. Whether you need just proofreading, copyediting, line editing, or a complete refinement, our team can build a scope that matches your needs.

    How long does it take to edit content?

    Our editors take the time to review your brand’s style guide and goal for each piece of content. They’ll make sure the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted while ensuring your content matches search intent. With this level of investment, our editors typically turn around content within 2 to 4 business days.

    How can I become a content editor with

    We are always open to meeting great editors who can join our community. We do ask all prospective editors to pass a two-part assessment and multiple trial projects before getting matched with any clients. To see if there is an open position, check out our jobs board on’s LinkedIn.