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Content should reflect your commitment to clients' success and well-being. Attract new leads and get repeat business by sharing valuable resources that showcase your topic knowledge and put readers at ease.

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Improve Search Rankings and Attract Stronger Leads

Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness — you need all four to rank for legal searches. Our writing and SEO teams create accurate and reliable content that addresses your potential clients' needs, bringing them straight to your door so you can help them further.

Educate and Build Client Relationships

People seek legal representation at some of their lives' most challenging moments. We support and educate your readers with helpful, empathetic content. By working with us, you can make your name synonymous with peace of mind and reassure clients of your ability to help.

Reclaim More Billable Hours

Producing timely content is a logistical challenge. Our team takes content creation off your to-do list so you can spend more time serving clients — without worrying about losing quality. Receive publish-ready content while you gain time and resources back to fully execute your strategies.

Build Authority With Knowledgeable Writers

Legal expertise is is a non-negotiable for content in a highly regulated field. Our recruiting experts rigorously vet legal writers who complete thorough assessments so only the best make it onto your team — boosting your brand authority and credibility.

Writer Expertise That Speaks for Itself

Our legal writing team presents you to the world, and we take that responsibility seriously. Our writers have experience in many different aspects of law and have served as paralegals, attorneys, and justices. We have produced thousands of words for numerous legal clients, from small firms to large legal service businesses.

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Our Clients Take the Stand

“ has been an invaluable content partner for building our lead gen pipeline. Our goal is to provide useable legal document templates and guidance on their use to our clients. In our industry, that requires expert writers to ensure the content is accurate and consumers can trust the end product. With the support of our CSM, a team of quality writers creates everything we need, from gated templates to landing page copy to SEO articles with applicable uses of the templates.”

The Benefits of Partnering With for Legal Content Marketing

Think of us as expert testimony for your legal services. We showcase your knowledge and compassion to bring more clients through your doors. Review the evidence for yourself.

Content Quality That Passes the Bar

We onboard the top 1% of writer applicants to ensure our quality meets rigorous standards. From that elite group, we build and develop your content team, using your feedback to help them produce stronger content. We invest our resources in this process so you get top-quality content every time.

Content Optimized for Search and Clients

Our legal writers create helpful, people-first content that Google rankings and clients will love. We optimize every article to match search intent and incorporate relevant keywords, bringing more visitors to your site.

A Scalable Content Strategy

We've worked with hundreds of marketers to develop a seamless workflow that integrates easily with your current processes. Our on-time delivery rate is 98.9%, and less than 15% of our content requires revisions across industries, so it's easy to scale your content.

Why Legal Content Needs Subject Matter Experts

Topic authority is non-negotiable in legal content writing. Your audiences need to trust that everything you say is accurate and up to date, and you don't always have the time to review it yourself.

As a legal professional with a content strategy, you need a credentialed expert to review your writing accurately and efficiently. Subject matter experts (SMEs) take on that role so you can confidently outsource your content production without worrying about inaccuracies.

Think of SMEs as expert witnesses for your legal content. In the age of AI, legal consumers want to read content from real human beings who know the topic inside and out. Our SMEs help provide first-hand, in-depth knowledge and perspectives needed to gain the trust of potential clients.

By taking advantage of our team of vetted SMEs, you enjoy:
Expert insights into your content
Stronger E-E-A-T and helpful content signals
More credibility with readers and Google
Lower risk of factual errors
Less time spent on internal review

SMEs also make your content production more efficient. By reducing the editing and revisions necessary, they allow you to publish more high-quality content in the same amount of time.

Our legal SMEs draw on years of experience in the legal sector and can help highlight your topical authority. Learn more about the Legal SME review process and how it can boost your competitive edge.

Your Money, Your Life, and the Law: Why Helpful Content Is Essential

Before potential clients can see your content, it has to appear before Justice Google.

Google is a tough judge, but it knows what it wants—helpful, people-first content. The material must be valuable and accurate to pass the algorithm's scrutiny, especially when "your money or your life" is at stake.

According to Google, "Your Money or Your Life" (YMYL) is any content that could “significantly impact the health, financial stability, or safety of people, or the welfare or wellbeing of society.” Legal blog topics undeniably influence at least one, if not all, of the above.

Because content marketing for lawyers falls under the YMYL umbrella, Google expects to see high levels of experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness throughout your content. The best way to check those boxes is to create content that answers your audience's search questions, offers real solutions, and demonstrates the connection between your expertise and their success.

While boosting your E-E-A-T won't automatically increase your search page ranking, it shows Google that you care about your audience's experience. Producing reader-first content with credible sources and expert knowledge is the best approach and will yield lasting results.

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Legal Content Writing FAQs

What certifications or credentials do your legal writers have?

Our legal writers have varying certifications that qualify them to produce content for your audience, including but not limited to JD degrees and experience as paralegals and judges.

How much do your Legal Content Writing Services cost?

At, we work with you based on your needs, budget, timeline, and tone! We meet and exceed your content needs in one of two ways:

1) By taking the entire content creation process off your plate and providing you with a dedicated team of content specialists. Our Managed Services start at $700/month.

2) By matching you directly with an expert legal writer who works alongside you to create content. The pricing starts at $50/hour and increases based on the technicality and experience required from our writer to execute your content to its fullest potential.

How long does it typically take to produce a piece of content?

We have a proven, consistent process that plugs in perfectly to your team’s workflow. Content pieces take our team of content specialists no more than 5-7 business days to complete after receiving your content project guidelines. Once you receive your draft, you have 3 business days to request revisions as well.

Can I hire someone with legal expertise to review the content?

Great question! We do offer Subject Matter Expert Review for legal marketing content. Our team can help you scope the project and provide a cost-effective solution that ensures accurate review. You can speak with our team here.