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Great content for your website requires strong directions and instructions for your writers. Content briefs are detailed documents that guide your writer to create the content you need for your site. It saves on time, resources, and improves the overall consistency of blog content on your site.

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Custom SEO Content Briefs Drive Quality

Content briefs are necessary for any content marketing specialist or manager that leads a team of writers. A well-written brief gives your writer everything they need to write content that fits your guidelines. From word count, tone of voice, and even your primary keyword, content briefs give your articles a higher chance of ranking. By utilizing briefs, you get the following:

  • A detailed outline and guide for your content that any writer can follow
  • A strategic approach that reduces the time it takes for writers to research and write content
  • Content that is made to rank with strategic subheadings and titles containing primary and secondary keywords
  • Reduced number of revisions and edits required

Why Choose for SEO Content Briefs

Create Consistent Content that Ranks

Publishing content consistently on your website is a tremendous benefit to your site’s SEO. Through content briefs, you can create high-quality content at a more consistent rate. All your content is planned, organized, and structured for your writers. Once you add content briefs to your process, you can speed things up and reduce the burden of keyword research and outlining on your team.

Ensure Your Content Meets SEO Best Practices

Our content briefs are created with the latest search engine optimization best practices in mind. We provide primary and secondary keywords to target, as well as create subheadings and titles using target keywords to help your content rank. A well-written blog post or article has the potential to rank for thousands of keywords. With our SEO-focused content briefs, you increase the chances of your blog posts and articles ranking for your target keyword and other keyword phrases.

Research Topics and Save Your Writers Time

Detailed content briefs involve research on the given focus keyword. From the subheading structure to the tone of voice and target audience, we outline every aspect of the article to ensure it connects with your readers. By combining our content brief with your style guide and best SEO practices, we save your writers countless hours and allow them to produce content more quickly.

Plan Content with Detailed SEO Outlines

When you have the topics for your content established, you can order several content briefs at once. Plan your content out several weeks or even months ahead of time by speeding up the process. Find your topics, order content briefs, and have in-house or freelance writers produce blog posts, which allows you to post content more consistently. A consistent posting schedule is great for both SEO and your readers.

Improve Your Content Production Strategy

Content production is a bottleneck that every site faces. Being able to consistently write detailed articles and blog posts on high-value keywords is difficult for any business. It requires time, patience, and a great deal of research. By incorporating briefs into your content creation process, you ensure every piece of content created follows your guidelines, desired writing style, and SEO strategy. Content briefs are key for any content creators investing in SEO. Speak with us to learn more and step up your content production today.

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