10 Top Content Marketing Trends to Watch Out For

Suzanne Wentley
Published: Nov 14, 2023
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With everything from fashion to marketing strategy, there are timeless, classic concepts and there are current trends. Some may prefer one over the other, but standing out from the rest always requires a mix of both. That’s why savvy marketers follow content marketing trends.

Trends indicate changes over time, and staying on top of the latest in marketing can provide a powerful lead in the race for customers. Adopting new concepts early can help your brand develop a cutting-edge reputation within the industry, appeal to a wider range of potential customers, and improve your overall content marketing performance. 

But content marketers must also be discerning as they decide which new marketing trends to follow. It’s the same with fashion: not everything will be best for your brand. As you integrate digital marketing strategies today, you must use your professional expertise to decide which key content marketing trends will be most effective. Measure the success of these marketing industry trends by focusing on content marketing ROI, or the return on investment, as one of the key performance indicators. 

Tracking the data on customer experiences is always the best trend to follow.

Why Include the Latest Trends in Your Content Marketing Strategy

The future of content marketing will look much different than the current state if the past decades are any indication of change. Twenty years ago, there were no professional digital content creators, hours of podcasts to enjoy, or strategic social media posts. Today, marketing professionals would be foolish to ignore such outreach avenues.

Effective strategy for helping businesses reach their intended audience is always changing. Just as MySpace withered into the ether, the currently popular social media platforms could disappear in the upcoming years. The information marketplace is undergoing digital transformation at an increasingly rapid pace. Keeping abreast of key trends keeps you from being stuck in the past and helps you reach your business goals.

Implementing trends in content marketing simply keeps brands relevant to modern consumers, who have come to expect high content quality and a stellar user experience. The result of offering content that follows these trends is worth it: You will enjoy strong customer loyalty and an enhanced bottom line in the content marketing future. 

And that’s just the beginning of the content marketing benefits that come with effective strategy. You will find that some of these trends in marketing will expand your reach to new audiences and deepen relationships on a personal level with current customers, too. 

Top 10 Trends To Include in Your Content Strategy for 2024

Not every one of the latest marketing trends will be right for you or for every marketing channel, but it’s worth seeing if one or two could be effective additions to your content marketing success. 

Remember, you may think that bell bottoms are foolish. But if you wanted to get noticed in fashion in the 1970s, you’d be a fool not to wear them occasionally. Likewise, though some of these B2B content marketing trends may feel foreign, integrating them into your classic, proven content types could prove to be beneficial. 

1. Customer Stories 

Businesses may want to tell their story, and they should — but turning the spotlight on customers has become the new trend. Whether it’s through a case study, being featured in a blog, or being highlighted in video content, your customers’ stories send an effective message. Without saying it directly, you’re telling readers that your brand is trustworthy and positively received. 

Here’s why that’s so valuable. Nearly one-third of people in today’s marketplace trust strangers more than a brand. It's important for B2B and B2C marketers to reach out to customers to learn their stories and find out how your product or service benefited them. You’ll get useful feedback — and great content. 

2. Video and Streaming

With the popularity of Reels on Facebook and Instagram, video has become one of the most shared of all content marketing tools. Of course, YouTube has been around since people clamored to see Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” at the 2004 Super Bowl. But you may not know that the video streaming platform is also one of the most popular search engines, with 50 billion daily views in 2023, according to Statista

Short-form content videos don’t necessarily require a special camera beyond a smartphone, but you must have good lighting and sound for it to be engaging or helpful content. That’s also important if your marketing plan calls for going Live on social media platforms. Be thoughtful about the presentation of the brand — because it will get noticed.

3. Search Generative Experience (SGE)

You may have heard of Google’s secret algorithm that determines where a web page ranks after a keyword search. In essence, the algorithm was an early use of artificial intelligence, or AI. Today’s trend for searching is known as a search generative experience, or SGE. Google has updated the search process for users, providing new search ads and sharing what AI decides the user is most interested in. 

One way this will likely impact SEO strategy is SGE’s ability to search verticals, meaning you’ll want to include local keywords along with product or service descriptions. There’s also a focus on what Google calls “Your Money or Your Life” topics including finances, health, and civic information. That’s worth remembering when it’s time to create the next blog post.

4. Voice Search Optimization

The next trend is in voice searching using digital, virtual friends like Alexa and Siri. As you create a piece of content, consider how the target audience will ask for what you’re offering. People use voice searches to complete tasks, learn new information, and discover new businesses to meet their needs. Research and include local, long-tail keywords for the most successful content formats.

5. User-Generated Content

User-generated content, or UGC, is content that comes directly from your customers and potential customers. People who connect with your brand online are likely already creating content, such as social media posts, videos, or blogs. With a targeted strategy, you can encourage UGC for your online presence.

While there are many ways to motivate your followers to submit content for your company, one of the most common is holding a contest or a giveaway that makes content creation part of the rules for entry. Have fun when your content marketing teams plan this campaign, and your customers will, too.

6. Personalized Content

Especially when you are creating content at scale, it’s a hot trend to personalize every type of content. This goes beyond addressing a person by name in an email header. Personalization can mean individualized content experiences, providing only what is of interest to the recipient. To implement this technique, focus on data-driven content marketing by continuously learning about the target audience. 

7. Authenticity and High-Quality

You may have noticed a substantial pushback from the onslaught of artificial intelligence and machine-generated content. While AI can be a helpful tool for coming up with content topics or even content automation, a current trend focuses less on how fast a bot can churn out words and more on the authenticity and quality of the work. 

When your content is well-written, colorful, and engaging, it’s more likely to be shared on social media. That’s a great way to expand your brand’s reach while impressing upon your prospects that your products and services are top-of-the-line, too.

8. Interactive Content 

Most of the time people spend online is used for learning something or being entertained. You can meet these needs with interactive content. Perfect for social media, this trend engages people in an easy, fun way. Consider creating:

  • Polls and quizzes
  • E-books 
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Chatbots
  • Maps

You can use these pieces for many purposes. For example, long-form content can target the top of the sales funnel as a customer moves along the buyer’s journey. If you make it interesting, attractive, and fun, you can build an email list and get your customers smiling.

9. Content for Niche Communities

Another trend in content marketing news involves segmenting your audience into smaller, niche groups. If you can identify communities in which your customers and prospects are active, you’ll find that it’s easier to create personalized content just for them. 

One way to connect with niche communities is by having content writers integrate hashtags on social platforms. As you investigate the different niche communities that attract members of your target audience, stay curious. You may just discover a new way you can meet the needs and desires of your customers.

10. Subject Matter Expertise

For companies that have complex processes or products that can be difficult to explain to people outside the industry, content written with subject matter expertise isn’t just a trend; it’s a requirement. Having an SME review by an expert content analyst can save you from embarrassing mistakes and help you speak the language of the people you want to do business with.

Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts With Compose.ly

Weaving the latest content marketing trends into marketing plans requires an attitude that welcomes adaptability and creativity, as well as an understanding that some marketing strategies will work better than others. It also helps to work with seasoned content creators who have experience with the latest industry techniques.

Connect today with Compose.ly managed services to learn more about how these trends can help your business get noticed now and in the future.


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