Who is Compose.ly?

We’re a content writing service on a mission to partner with marketers (like you 😊) dedicated to sharing knowledge and fostering connections through content. We’ve been around since 2016, and have powered content for hundreds of marketers and businesses of all sizes, including WebMD, Money.com, Calendly, and User Testing. No matter your need, our menu of services and community of the top 1% of writers and editors guarantees your content’s success.

How do you check for plagiarism?

We use a plagiarism checker software set to a high sensitivity. We check every single draft before we deliver them to you. If we find any identical copy or phrasing that’s too close for comfort, whether it be one paragraph or one sentence, without proper quotes and citations, we won’t deliver the content until we’ve made it right. We don't play around when it comes to plagiarism.

Who are your customers?

Compose.ly has a menu of services to fit anyone looking to produce quality content or optimize their organic channel. Typically our customers tend to fall into four categories: marketers, business leaders, agencies, and publishers.

Do you work well with agencies?

We are the peanut butter to your jelly. We work with agencies in one of three ways:

  1. Use our writing service as an extension of your internal team. We can build a team of writers and editors with experience across any industry to meet the needs of your clients. Simply provide the brand guidelines for each customer and we'll provide you with industry-expert writers ready to create quality content that can save your internal team hours of additional editing. See how we help Growth Marketing Agency, Tuff with exactly this!
  2. Let us match you with a writer or editor to work with your team on projects. We can recruit the perfect creative for your client's needs. You tell us the industry and expertise needed and we'll match you with a writer or editor you can work with on an hourly basis.
  3. Refer us to your clients. We have an ever growing partnership network of top marketing and SEO agencies who work with us to refer to their clients who need quality content writing.
Do you use generative AI tools?

Generative AI tools have changed the game for marketers. We're excited to embrace the efficiencies and opportunities these tools provide, but there’s a time and place for AI in your marketing strategy, and it's not right for everyone. We've created a menu of services to fit our customers’ needs. At our core, we'll continue to offer human-crafted and edited content without the use of AI tools. Meanwhile, we're continually experimenting with how to produce quality, helpful content more efficiently and we offer separate services that leverage AI, led by different teams. If you're interested in learning more about our AI-Assisted Content Services, click here.

How do you support content marketers?

Content marketing is a team sport. We come alongside our customers to ensure they have the support they need — whether it's sharing best practices or a little encouragement along the way. You'll have access to plenty of content resources, like fresh blogs and exclusive webinars, and a dedicated team of content specialists. We take all the grueling content production off your plate so you can focus on the love of the content game.

What kind of content writing services do you offer?

Everything from A to Z! Whether you need content production taken off your plate or expert writers to augment your staff, our content writing services—from blog writing to case studies to white papers—are offered to you at an affordable rate to meet your budget, timeline, and tone. Learn more about how you can bundle and save our services here.

How much do your services cost?

We know everyone says it, but it really can vary. Our content writing services start at $700/month, and we offer a variety of additional services and recommended bundles to help you save even more precious time and money. Learn more about our pricing here.

I've been burned with content agencies in the past, what makes you different?

We really care about what we write and how we write it. But, we care even more about you and your goals. We only succeed when you do. High-quality content means nothing if it doesn’t help you or your target audience. Here’s how we ensure your needs are met and exceeded—Compose.ly-style:

  • We assemble a curated team of content specialists (like the Avengers) so your content receives the personal touch, quality, and dedicated CSM it deserves.
  • We have a rigorous vetting process —we don’t have thousands of writers and editors, we have hundreds who are constantly rated after each completed project.
  • We don’t just write your content, we also help scale it by implementing SEO best practices and operationalizing editorial processes. We helped Mailchimp do exactly that.

SEO Support

Why is it important to publish content consistently?

It’s important to publish content consistently because ranking organically on SERPs has become even harder, and if you want to strengthen your brand trust and recall, you need to show up and show out for your audience by regularly posting authoritative content. Consistency is a signal to both Google and your audience, that you are keeping content up-to-date and prioritize fresh content as part of your strategy.

Do you write SEO content?

Absolutely! This is our bread and butter. All of the content you receive will be reviewed by our SEO specialists to ensure the content’s structure is easily scannable by search engines. Your keywords are naturally weaved into your content for ranking purposes — no keyword stuffing here!

What if I don't know what keywords to target?

Not a problem. Your team of SEO experts will conduct a full audit of your current performance as well as three to five of your top competitors to produce a 60+ page keyword research report. They’ll examine your biggest opportunities to drive traffic to your website and recommend a list of keywords for your brand to earn top SERP results and more traffic. We’ll also use this report to recommend content topics and potential backlink opportunities. Easy peezy.

Can you help me with my SEO strategy?

Of course! Our core competency lies in providing great editorial SEO content. We help uncover what your audience is searching for, optimize low hanging fruit opportunities to drive rankings and traffic, and creat content that matches the search intent.

What kind of SEO services do you offer?

The Compose.ly team can support you from keyword research to publishing your content. Our internal SEO experts can create an initial keyword research report. This one-time report looks at your current performance as well as your top competitors to provide a list of low-hanging keywords and opportunities to drive traffic and rankings. From there, we can also ideate topics based on those keywords to build out a content roadmap. Finally, our team will produce SEO content briefs—detailed outlines and guides that any writer can follow—to help you create more consistent content that ranks, research industry-related topics, and save you and your writers hours of time.

Each month, your SEO team will review the performance of the content and adjust the keyword strategy to ensure you stay up-to-date and take advantage of all possible opportunities.

What if SEO is not my primary goal for content creation?

There are tons of reasons for producing relevant, high-quality content—SEO just being one of them. As your content partner, we'll build you a content team to understand your objectives (and knock them out of the park)! Whether you want to further identify yourself as a thought leader, better connect with your customers, or educate the market, our team knows how to write content to delight your audience.

What if I don't know how much content I need?

We hear this a lot. You know you need content, but not entirely sure the right volume or cadence. We've got you covered. Our content spcialists can provide a recommendation using factors like industry, compettiveness of your space, goals, and current performance.


How do you vet your writers?

Thoroughly. Any applicants must first pass our two-part, multiple-choice writer assessment. If they pass this assessment, then they have to submit their resume, portfolio, LinkedIn profile, and three SEO writing samples. This allows us to vet their experience and credibility, as well as how they conduct themselves in professional settings. Writer applicants select their core industries, niches, and areas of expertise so we can match them with the right clients.

Are your writers US-based?

Good question! Most of our writers are US-based, though we have members of our community located all over. Regardless of location, we vet our writers for mastery of the English language.

What makes your writers the best?

We only hire the best of the best! Seriously — only the top 1% of our applicants become writers. Our rigorously vetted community of writers must pass a two-part assessment and excel across multiple trial projects before we let them write for our clients. They're industry experts, and they care about writing high-quality content that tells a story, too. Hiring writers can be hard. Instead of wasting time getting ghosted or onboarding new writers who ultimately aren't the right fit, let us handle that for you.

Do you provide writer bylines?

Not only can we provide bylines for our writers, but for our editors and subject matter experts as well. The choice is entirely up to you! Some of our clients prefer to use bylines from their in-house teams while others want to increase their credibility and E-E-A-T signals via Compose.ly's vetted writer bylines.

Do you have technical writers?

We technically do (puns)! Let's ensure we’re on the same page about what it entails. Technical content requires an extra level of subject-matter expertise from the writer, including mastery and fluency in industry-specific topics. These topics require additional education and training and are not readily learnable through general independent research. Examples include technical knowledge of software configuration processes and the ability to read, explain, and/or produce code.If that’s what you’re looking for, then let’s have a chat! In order to provide you with the best pricing and value, we first need to understand the level of technicality (i.e. specialization, complexity) your brand will require.

Do you have writers for my industry?

We create content for a variety of niches, and our writers specialize in a wide range of industries! From finance to fitness, technology to travel, we've got you covered. To see the full list of industries we provide tailored content for, visit here.

How do you tell writers what I want?

Our 30-minute kickoff call allows us to collect all the information about your brand style and tone to help our writers get best acquainted with your brand. Moving forward, you’ll have the ability to submit project guidelines for any new content you’d like created via our Managed Service platform. If you’ve purchased Content Brief Creation, we’ll handle all of that for you. Either way, your writers will know exactly what you want, and you’ll be able to request revisions as many times as you’d like until it’s just right.

What if I don't have time to manage my writer?

We'll manage them for you! You've got more strategic things to focus on, and we don’t blame you. We’ll remove project management from your workload by providing you with a dedicated client success manager who will work as a bridge between you and your team of writers and editors. You’ll still receive consistent, publish-ready, high-quality content without having to be in the content weeds. Learn more about our Managed Service here.

Can I work directly with my writer?

Absolutely! We want to set you up for content success, and if that requires direct access to a dedicated team of writers—then you’ve got it, dude. To learn more about our options to contract a writer for short term projects or augment your in-house staff with our writers for longer contracts, visit here.

Content Creation

What types of content can you write?

The sky's the limit! Blogs are our most requested type of content (and a great way to increase organic traffic and leads) but we also create:

✅ Case Studies

✅ eBooks

✅ Press Releases

✅ Technical Content

✅ Whitepapers

How do you ensure quality content?

Our diligent vetting process, specialized writers, thorough editors, subject matter experts, content management expertise, and dedicated client success managers all work together seamlessly to ensure your content is written with the utmost quality and accuracy. Our in-house SEOs also provide you with ongoing keyword research and support that sends helpful content signals to Google—increasing your rankings and quality score. We guarantee your content gets seen by the right people and matches your audience's search intent while providing compelling narratives.

Plus our Client Success Team will walk you through our proven onboarding process that helps us get up-to-speed on your brand and tone. This ensures we hit the ground running!

How do you create E-E-A-T?

No matter your industry niche, we have specialist writers who can create authoritative and captivating content on any subject. Many of them have gained first-hand experience in their respective fields and hold certifications in their industries of focus. We've got writers in our vetted community who have also worked as CPAs, paralegals, Ph.Ds, lawyers—you name it! Our content is written or reviewed by humans, helping to strengthen your brand's trustworthiness and accuracy. We keep up with all of Google's algorithm and helpful content updates so you don't have to.

We also have our own in-house team of content specialists creating E-E-A-T-filled, high-quality content for Compose.ly. If you need authoritative bylines, we're the authoritative source to provide 'em.

Can I see samples?

Absolutely. You can request a content sample here.

Do you provide images with your content?

We sure do! We will include 1 royalty-free stock photo/image with every article or per 1,000 words.

Can you publish my content?

We’d be happy to publish the content we create for you! You deserve to save more time and get your content ranking even faster. We'll work with you to understand and document your publishing process and provide a quote based on the complexity.

Can you design content as well?

We know what we're good at—and that's creating high-quality, SEO content. Unfortunately, we do not offer in-house design services. However, we have some great design partners we can connect you with if you're interested!

Can you produce YMYL content?

Yes! We have writers and subject matter experts that are specialized in YMYL topics and industries, such as health, finance, and law. We understand the importance of having accuracte, authoritative, timely, and helpful content—especially in these fields. Reach out to one of our content specialists here, and we’ll find a writer or SME that can fit your content needs.

Can you help me with content outlines?

We're here to serve all your content needs, and that includes ensuring your content starts off on the right foot. Our custom content briefs provide your writers with a detailed, easy to follow outline and guide for your content as well as keyword research—providing you with time-savings and a reduced number of revisions and edits. You can learn more here.

Do you edit the content?

What kind of a content company would we be if we didn’t thoroughly review our content, too? 😉 The editing process and its level of depth may change depending on the type of content or workflow you purchase, but all of our content receives a second pair of eyes before being submitted to our clients.

Already have content written that needs to be edited? Just BYO content and we'll give it a polished finish! Learn more about our Content Editing Services.

How many revisions do I get?

Our customers can receive up to three revisions per project. But, if you're needing that many, then Houston—we have a problem. Of our projects that receive revision requests, we average 1.08. Meaning, it's rare that our clients' projects need three full revisions, because we get your content right the first time. Now that's one giant leap for time-savings.

What if I don't like my content?

Not to toot our own horns, but this rarely happens. We try our very best to ensure we understand your brand style and content guidelines before we even match you with our expert writers. Should you have any major feedback, your dedicated Client Success Manager will meet with you in order to thoroughly understand the issues you're encountering and relay it back to your writers to ensure improvements. If they continue not being a great fit, we’ll match you with other writers for a new draft—free of charge.


Are you hiring?

Hey, thanks for asking. There are a lot of great content companies out there, so we appreciate your interest in working with us! Our LinkedIn page stays up-to-date with our current job openings, so please check us out there.

How can I become a writer for Compose.ly?

We are always open to meeting great writers who can join our community. We do ask all prospective writers to pass a two-part assessment and multiple trial projects before getting matched with any clients. To see if there is an open position, check out our jobs board on Compose.ly’s LinkedIn. You can also begin your application process by following this link.