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How Growth Marketing Agency Tuff Has Saved Over 50 Hours (& Counting!) with

Does your team spend too much time sourcing experienced writers? Ever been underwhelmed by a freelancer’s work? Then you can relate to what the Tuff team dealt with before finding Read on to learn how they streamlined their processes to save time and deliver more high-quality content with

For marketing teams delivering a high volume of content across multiple industries and audiences, finding experienced writing help to cover each topic takes a lot of time and effort. 

When much of that content also involves niche or highly technical topics, finding writers who understand the source material and can deliver compelling, easily-digestible copy is a struggle. 

Growth marketing agency Tuff was in this very position before they partnered with Now, they spend less time sourcing writers, fewer hours editing, and more time delivering value for their clients.

Tuff: An Overview

Tuff is a full-service growth marketing agency that provides strategy and execution for some of the world’s most exciting B2B and B2C startups, scale-ups, and established brands. 

The Tuff team provides everything from growth marketing strategy development (i.e., value props, audience development, SEO, content strategy) to execution (i.e., PPC, social ads, web design, email, creative design, content services, conversion rate optimization) to analytics and tracking. 

As a company dedicated to delivering best-in-class marketing services to a broad range of businesses and industries, Tuff relies on experienced freelancers as an extension of their team. But the process of securing the best writers to cover each topic eats up a lot of the team’s time, and when the content they get back isn’t up to their standards, they have to spend even more hours on editing. 

Trouble Finding (and Keeping) Good Writers

The Tuff team must consistently deliver relevant, SEO-optimized content to generate more traffic and higher conversion rates for their clients. 

Previously, they’d managed a large roster of freelance writers to keep up with demand. But because they serve multiple industries, finding quality writers with enough relevant expertise to cover each area effectively was a challenge.

The entire hiring process was also taking up too much of their time. From creating a job posting to interviewing candidates to testing their skills, it was like a full-time HR job for the content team. 

Another challenge they faced was the ability to retain good writers. Because they had to spread the workload out to writers across different areas of expertise, they would often lose those who were looking for more consistent work. (So all that time they’d spend finding and onboarding someone was essentially wasted, and they’d be back to square one.)

Misadventures With Content Service Providers 

For accounts with more niche topics or those that require specific industry expertise, the Tuff team prioritizes sourcing and vetting writers themselves. But for other needs, finding and managing each and every writer became too much of a strain. So the team decided to test out some content providers and platforms as an alternative. 

Unfortunately, the results didn’t meet all their needs. 

Some of the platforms Tuff tested required them to interview candidates themselves, which is extra work they were trying to eliminate in the first place. They also experienced inconsistent writing and a level of quality that just wasn’t up to snuff. Much of the content they received was too generic or lacked expertise.

Because the Tuff team edits and refines every piece of content to ensure it’s on-brand and on-message for each target audience, they need a draft basically publish-ready before it gets to them. But many of the pieces they got back needed heavy editing that took even more of their team’s time, than if they had just wrote it themselves.

Some platforms also didn’t allow them to leave reviews of their projects, which increased the chances of getting poor-quality work. They even encountered some writers who didn’t meet agreed-upon deadlines and others who simply didn’t deliver the work at all.

Tuff Gets Results With 

After testing a handful of other platforms, Tuff passed the baton to They have since onboarded a dozen clients spanning multiple industries with varying content needs and have seen their best results yet.

With, Tuff is receiving higher quality writing which has cut the time their team needs to spend on editing in half. They’ve saved over 50 hours of extra editing time with thus far, not too mention the hours of recruitment that has taken off their plate.

“Since working with, our team has spent less time editing and more time focused on strategic work. Having access to writers with relevant industry expertise adds a lot of value. Best of all, our clients have been very pleased with the high-quality content we’re delivering for them.” - Derek Coleman, SEO Team Lead, Tuff

Because Tuff serves complex global industries like finance and cyber security, they need knowledgeable writers who can cover topics across multiple regions. delivers by providing access to experienced, fully-vetted writers in the top 1% of all applicants. 

The Tuff team is thrilled with the instant access to industry experts, intuitive onboarding, and rigorous content review process they now get with

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