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Become a leader in the industry through our professional medical writing services. From detailed blog posts explaining common illnesses to full-length articles on complex medical topics, our experienced writers can do it all. Through, you receive high-quality medical content made to help your business grow.

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Meet our top medical writers.


Parang is a freelance medical writer specializing in medicine, health, and health care. He writes engaging, trustworthy content that helps clients establish their expertise. Having worked in various healthcare settings for 30 years, Parang uses his own knowledge, the client's brief, and focused research to create authoritative, SEO-optimized content. Each piece is tailored to the intended readership, making complex subjects accessible to readers.


Kelsey is a freelance writer with a BS in print and internet journalism and several years of SEO expertise. She manages her own freelance business. Through working with digital marketing companies, magazines, newspapers, and individual clients, she has focused her freelance writing on the medical, health and wellness, home services/home improvement, and technology industries.

Logan, Composely medical writer

Logan is a freelance writer who focuses on clarity and style in his writing. With a degree in creative writing, he enjoys writing about entertainment, though he's naturally curious and loves to learn about almost anything. For the past few years he has been doing medical writing as well, including projects for clients such as WebMD.

VICTORIA HAMILTON, composely medical writer

Victoria is a freelance medical writer with a bachelor's degree in editing. She has more than six years of experience writing professionally and is knowledgable of SEO best practices. Victoria specializes in writing on medical, business, marketing, tech, property management, construction, health, fitness, and education topics.

Julian Selemin, Composely medical writer

Julian is a freelance medical writer with a burning passion for learning new languages. He has a BA in Languages and is currently majoring in Contemporary Music. The topics he generally covers include music, medicine, alternative medicine, and business.

Healthcare Freelance Writing Made to Cure Misinformation

From a simple cough to an unexplained rash, people often flock to their search engines to discover what their ailments mean. Our freelance healthcare writers provide your readers with easy-to-understand answers to their medical questions.

We make sure the information provided is fully researched and explained so readers feel informed. With, you’ll receive:

  • Content from writers with expertise and knowledge in the medical niche.
  • Well-written, SEO-rich content that targets keywords relevant to your business.
  • Blog posts, articles, web content, and more ways to communicate with potential readers and customers.
  • An easy-to-use platform made to help meet all of your medical writing needs.’s Medical Writing Services

Medical Content from Vetted Professionals

Receive medical content from vetted professionals who understand the industry, medical terminology, and how to write about various industry-related topics. Our writers know the ins and outs of the medical industry and stay up to date on the latest advancements in medicine.

Become a Reliable Source of Medical Information

Reach the first page of search engines with optimized content and become a leader in the industry. Now, more than ever, people seek a reliable source on medical topics. Give your readers what they want with easily digestible information and the means to learn more about complex medical issues.

Medical Content Written for New and Returning Visitors

Great medical content writing requires more than a strong headline and meta description. Our medical writing services boost your metrics through a lower bounce rate, more time on page, and more pages per session. Our writers create medical content that attracts new readers and turns them into returning ones.

A Healthy History of Content Writing Success

We’ve helped clients achieve their goals and exceeded their expectations. Our content consistently ranks highly in search engines. Check out our case studies to learn more. No matter the size of your business or the medical topic, we have the perfect content prescription for you.

Detailed Keyword Research on Medical Terms

What are the most common symptoms people search for? What medical keywords do people search for the most? What are people asking about the pandemic? Our medical writing services involve a managed service plan that allows us to answer those questions for your readers. We perform detailed keyword research and analysis to find high-priority keywords that have the most potential to attract new readers.

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