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Our Technical Writing Services allow you to…

  • Spend less time sifting through technical writer candidates.
  • Connect with writers who can easily collaborate with your devs.
  • Provide more concise and accessible documentation to users.
  • Connect with prospects through clear and simple messaging.

Get Matched With Your Technical Writer

Why Choose for Your Technical Content Writing? 

We’ll be your technical writing partner through thick and thin documentation. 

Top Technical Writers in Your Industry

Build trust with users and ask less of your support team by hiring a technical writer. Our expert writers translate dev-speak into human language and remove points of confusion.

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Cost-Efficiency and Time-Savings

Save budget and valuable resources by flexibly contracting our technical writers. Spend less time onboarding an in-house writer and more time enabling your internal teams and end users. 

Decades of Vetting Expertise

Receive the best technical writing candidates to execute your content needs without vetting and interviewing them yourself. Our recruiting experts find precise matches based on your goals. 

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How It Works

Our proven workflows give you the most seamless content creation process — ever. We’ve worked with hundreds of marketing teams to create quality content and increase rankings while you focus on other strategic work.


Our recruiting experts meet with you to understand your content objectives, strategy, scope, industry guidelines, and preferred writer qualifications.


We start vetting technical writers for your needs — either from our existing community or recruiting the right fit.


We'll provide you with a curated list of recommended candidates, including bios, writing samples, and cost, and you choose the writer you’d like to contract!


We host a kickoff call with both you and your chosen contractor. This allows both parties to exchange contact information and grant access to any necessary tech suites.


You set your first project scope and deadline with your writer, and they get to work!

What Qualifies Our Technical Writers?

They’re storytelling experts who won’t regurgitate jargon. 

  • Experience in Tech, Cloud Computing, Web Development, Software Development, Security, Privacy, Programming, and DevOps
  • In-depth knowledge of digital marketing and content strategies
  • Hands-on experience with application development
  • Insider perspectives on the documentation needs of business leaders
  • Proven track record of writing for B2B marketing niches
  • Expertise in conducting technical research
  • Familiarity of SEO best practices for effective GTM content
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The Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Technical Writer

Increased usability of products

Increased Usability of Your Products 

Whether you need technical content to onboard new customers or in-depth enablement for devs, technical writers navigate various intended audiences to create more power users. 

Fresh Points of View

Fresh Points of View

Engineers live and breathe your product, but they can’t always explain how to use it to laymen. Technical writers effectively showcase all that your product’s features can accomplish. 

Improved Compliance

Improved Compliance & Safety Records

Experienced technical writers keep your customers safe and provide engineers with peace of mind by protecting both the integrity of your product and the livelihoods of those who use it.

Shorter Onboarding

Shorter Onboarding

We are constantly recruiting, vetting, and training our writers and editors to ensure we deliver the best content at scale that will match your needs, no matter the volume.

Types of Technical Content We Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your Technical Writing Service cost?

Our pricing is hourly, starting at $50/hr. The hourly rate increases based on the technicality and experience required from our writer to execute your content to its fullest potential.

What if I need a technical writer to create content about my brand-new product, app, platform, etc?

Our vetting process is rigorous, and we try our best to match you with a writer with the most niche experience. Because of this, our technical writers require less onboarding and can quickly augment your engineering team. They may require some hands-on time with the product or interviews with subject matter experts to effectively communicate your latest offering to its intended users.

What if I already have technical content written, I just need it reviewed?

We love that for you, and we’ve got Subject Matter Experts who can review it and provide you with industry insights, feedback, and unique POVs. We specialize in medical, legal, and financial SME Review, but we can also find technical SMEs for your niche content. Learn more about our process here.

Do you offer product description writing?

We sure do! Learn more about how to hire our product description writers to help increase conversions.

Do you require a minimum/maximum contract duration?

We’re here to be your partner in content for a long time, not a short time. Although we match writers to projects with varying objectives and lengths, our Technical Writing Services work best for clients who need ongoing writer support. These services start at a minimum of 10 hours a week for six months.

What if I don’t like my writer?

This happens rarely, but sometimes the writer or prospective contractor isn’t the right fit. If it’s a swing and a miss, we’ll find another writer for you at no extra cost.