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a Human Touch

Scale your content strategy quickly and affordably with our skilled editors, who expertly prompt AI tools to create quality content.

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With Our AI-Assisted Writing, You Receive

  • Budget and time-savings that can be spent on your larger strategy
  • Generative AI experts who train and customize a tool for your brand
  • SEO-optimized content that ranks for your target keyword
  • Quality content that’s easily repurposable

Discover if AI Content Is Right for You

Where AI Speed Meets Human Intelligence


100% on-time delivery rate


Less than 5% of projects require revisions


500+ hours accrued in GPT training and learning

Why Choose for AI-Assisted Writing?

AI tools aren’t perfect, but we’ve perfected content collaboration between AI and humans. Our editors stay on top of trends and adjust their process as technology evolves to provide you with peace of mind.

Quality Content Written With Accuracy and Speed

Receive AI-generated content that saves you time and scales your efforts. Our editors rigorously source-check to confirm credibility without compromising on quality. 

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Customized AI Tool That Keeps Your Data Private

Sleep like a baby knowing your proprietary data isn’t being used to train other AI tools. We create your very own custom GPT to mitigate privacy risks. 

Highly Trained Prompt Engineers With Editorial Expertise 

Spend less time communicating with AI tools and more resources catering to your customers. Our editors review your AI content for voice and tone inconsistencies, so you don’t have to.

Built-In SEO Optimization

Rank for your target keywords while differentiating your content from competitor pages. We train your GPT to utilize SEO best practices to boost your content’s helpfulness and readability. 

E-E-A-T Provided by Humans That Google Will Love

Our human editors source-check, eliminate repetition, and clean up grammar and syntax so you can publish high-quality AI-assisted content that Google will deem authoritative and trustworthy.

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Quote Mark

"I've been really pleased with our content from's AI service. Since the beginning, the output from their editors was better than what I could produce on my own and surpassed examples I saw from other vendors. Excited to supplement our content goals with this excellent AI copy without sacrificing quality."

Joshua Barnard, Head of Content Marketing

How It Works

Our proven workflows give you the most seamless content creation process — ever. We’ve worked with hundreds of marketing teams to create quality content and increase rankings while you focus on other strategic work.


You meet with your Client Success Manager to align on goals and brand guidelines.


You commission content to your team of AI experts.


Our seasoned editors get to work prompting, building, and refining your content.


We source-check your AI-assisted writing and review it for quality and SEO. You receive your content within 2 to 4 business days.


You can request one revision if you'd like any changes made. We review your requests and continue training and improving your GPT.


We review any necessary revisions and continue training your GPT.

Benefits of AI Content-Writing Tools

They Are Great First-Draft Generators

AI tools help streamline content outlines by placing your target keywords into headers that flow for readability. They can also suggest topics to cover within relevant sections.

They Provide Content Inspiration

AI content-creation tools often generate multiple responses and ideas based on just one prompt. They can quickly test and brainstorm titles, email subject lines, and calls to action. 

They Help Repurpose Content

Generative AI tools efficiently summarize lengthy eBooks and resources and turn them into bize-sized social and email copy. They can even distill takeaways from videos. 

They Scale Content Cost-Effectively

AI automates content workflows at scale, such as SEO optimization and personalization, to create better user experiences for your audience without requiring more budget.

How Our Human Editors Strengthen AI Content

AI-Generated Content Without

Lacking clear perspective, unverifiable stat, and bland tone

Social media sharing has a 31.5% impact on the overall weight of search engine rankings.

This statistic is a powerful indicator of the importance of social media sharing when it comes to achieving higher search engine rankings. It demonstrates that social media is a key factor in driving visibility and success for businesses, and should be a major focus of any social media marketing strategy. This statistic is especially relevant for a blog post about Social Media Marketing ROI Statistics, as it provides a tangible example of the potential return on investment that can be achieved through effective social media sharing.

AI-Generated Content With the Touch

Helpful content, improved readability, conversational tone

Social media and search engine rankings are connected, but it's not as straightforward as you might think. Google and other search engines don't actually look at your social media numbers directly when ranking your website. But an active, engaging social media presence can definitely give your SEO a nice boost in some indirect ways:

  • Earn more backlinks (major ranking factor)
  • Drive traffic and engagement signals to your site
  • Test different content iterations to see what performs best
  • Build brand credibility and visibility in search results

So, while your follower count isn't a ranking factor, per se, putting real effort into a solid social strategy tends to pay off for SEO in the long run. 

AI Copywriting Myths


Generative AI can be used as a research replacement.


Human intelligence is still required to source-check and verify that your content aligns with your industry’s standards. AI can’t contextualize everything and has been known to “hallucinate” and present false information with confidence.


AI can be just as creative as humans.


AI tools are impressive assistants, but creativity is not their forte. They haven’t mastered the art of storytelling, cleverness, or comedy quite yet. Because AI can only create content from what already exists, we don’t recommend using it to write thought leadership or unique POVs.


AI-generated content will negatively impact my SEO performance.


If your content is written by AI tools without any human intervention, it won’t meet the quality standards that human readers demand, and your rankings will suffer. As ever, prioritizes reliable, helpful, people-first content that Google rewards.

The content marketer's guide to ai content creation.

The Content Marketer's Guide to Al Content Creation

Learn how to work with Al tools, not against them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your AI-assisted writing cost?

Our AI-assisted content is an affordable solution for content marketers, starting at $700 per month. To learn more about our volume-based discounts, contact us here.

Do you provide fact-checking?

We make every effort to verify and cross-reference content and have proudly received fewer than 5% of revision requests. Just like in human-written content, our human editors may occasionally miss an issue. We can easily fix any errors you spot in revision requests. Our Subject Matter Expert Review can provide your content with deeper insights from specialized professionals in your industry.

What if I don’t know what topics and pieces of content I should create?

No worries! If you need help generating topic ideas, we can create keyword research reports to identify opportunities and SEO content briefs to shape the content focus and direction for you.

How do I know if my content is a good fit for AI-assisted writing?

Our AI-assisted writing is suited for content of all types, especially blogs, landing pages, and eBooks. We generally do not recommend it for product comparisons or content that would need a great deal of sources. But, no need to overthink it. We can always audit your content and determine if AI content creation is the best path for you!

Which AI tools do you use to generate content?

Our editors are trained in prompt engineering across various popular AI tools — from generative tools to research-assistance tools to optimization tools — and determine the best blend of resources to produce your content efficiently and at a high-quality standard.