White Paper Writing Services

White papers establish your business’s expertise on a particular topic and can cement your brand as a leader in its industry. Order one for your business today with Compose.ly’s white paper writing services.

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Professional White Paper Writing

Publishing well-researched white papers can help your business stand out in its field and acquire more leads. But given their depth and complexity, not just anyone can write a white paper. You need an expert writer with a strong mastery of the English language—someone that knows how to cover complicated subjects at length and make them engaging.

That’s where Compose.ly comes in. Our white paper writing services include:

Professional white paper writers from a variety of industries

Custom technical white papers with 100% original content

Two free revisions as a part of your content order

Timely delivery of your commissioned content

High-Quality White Paper Content Writing

Data-driven, well-researched white papers by vetted writers

It takes a strong writer to craft a detailed and informative white paper, but you can trust Compose.ly’s team to do just that. Our platform rigorously vets all writing applicants, accepting only the top 1% to join our community. When it comes to white paper writing, our writers are expected to go the extra mile in doing research, including citations, and producing clear, fluent copy. We strive for world-class quality and hold our writers to the same standard.

Proper white paper formatting and structure

White papers are neither casual blog posts nor formal academic papers; they come with their own specific formatting conventions. This means that when structured poorly, white papers come off as unprofessional and reflect badly on your brand. However, with Compose.ly, our expert writers know how to correctly structure and format white paper content to showcase your industry knowledge.

Plagiarism-free, original white paper content

We believe in writing with integrity. In other words, all of the content produced by Compose.ly’s writers is 100% original. With our platform, you can expect no less than plagiarism-free white paper content that’s created according to your instructions.

Intensive proofreading and editing

For our Managed Service clients, our white paper writing services come with intensive proofreading and editing. Even the simplest typos and grammar mistakes can undermine a white paper’s sense of authority and expertise, after all. But with our eagle-eyed editors, we’ll clean up your custom white paper so that it’s free of any errors.

Professional white paper writers for your specific industry

With Compose.ly, you won’t have to comb through dozens of resumes trying to find the right expert to draft your white paper. Just provide your white paper guidelines and instructions, and we’ll find the perfect writer for your business. Our pre-screened writer community is made up of professionals from all kinds of industries, including tech, law, business, fashion, and more.

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Compose.ly’s platform is designed for convenience and optimal usability. Get relevant, well-written content to help your business grow.

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Knowledge That Spans Industries

Our writers specialize in a range of categories, providing tailored content for your industry. We recruit creators from specialized fields, with many holding certifications in their industries of focus. From CPAs to paralegals, Ph.Ds, and lawyers, our content writers always deliver on experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

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White Paper Writing Services FAQ

What are white paper writing services?

A white paper writing service is the process of hiring a freelance writer or agency to create white papers for a business or organization. White paper writers can create a detailed outline or write a final draft, based on the needs of the client.

What is a white paper?

A white paper is an informational guide or report that is released by a company or organization. The goal of a white paper is to provide concise information to help the reader make a decision, understand a particular issue, or solve a problem.

How much does a white paper writer cost?

The cost of a white paper writer varies on experience and the type of content that needs to be written. It's best to discuss the price with the writer or service beforehand, along with the services the writer provides.