Case Study Writing Service That Makes the Case for Your Brand

Want to make a strong case for your business that attracts potential customers without overwhelming your marketing and sales teams? Our Case Study Writing Service takes care of interviewing, writing, and getting client approval, so you can spend more time fostering genuine connections and providing your audience with a deeper understanding of your brand.

High-Quality Case Studies for a Reasonable Price

Strengthen your brand’s authority and credibility with our original case studies that deeply resonate with your audience. We navigate complicated internal processes and play calendar tag with stakeholders so you don’t have to — eliminating roadblocks and taking names (and getting stellar customer quotes)!

We believe showcasing your customer stories shouldn't break the bank. Our reliable Case Study Writing Service is competitively priced so you gain back hours of free time, lessening your monthly workload — a priceless advantage.

Case Study Deliverables

  • Custom set of interview questions crafted to create the best stories for your brand
  • One recorded interview with your internal stakeholder (Sales or CS)
  • One recorded interview with your customer
  • One case study brief that highlights your results and testimonials
  • Customer-approved quotes
  • 1,000-word written, customer-approved case study
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Stand Out From the Competition With’s Case Study Writing Service

At, we've got a product marketing mindset, meaning we're equipped to deliver the most effective case studies needed to drive results for your business. We know how to find the best stories from your customers and develop a compelling narrative that showcases the results you’ve driven for your customers. Our case studies help you generate leads, close deals, and build trust all while saving you from time-consuming processes and costly headaches. 

By choosing’s Case Study Writing Service, you gain access to subject matter experts and professional case study writers who know how to pack their content with plenty of E-E-A-T. Our extensive experience in project management and customer success uniquely qualifies us to be your case study partner. We’re ready to elevate your value propositions, celebrate both you and your customers’ wins, and take production off your plate.’s Case Study Writing Process

Step One - Kickoff

Kick off with a thirty-minute call to meet your case study expert. We’ll get to know your business, you’ll complete a quick intake form, and together we’ll identify the first customer interview.

Step Two - Interview Questions

After finalizing the intake form, your case study writer will share recommended interview questions for your approval.

Step Three - Meetings and Interviews

We start meeting with your internal POC and take over the scheduling process with your customer once you make the introduction. 

Step Four - Crafting the Case Study

Our team pulls out the most impactful narrative and featured quotes from the interviews that will make your brand shine. 

Step Five - Final Draft

The first draft of the case study is sent your way for approval. If edits are needed, we tackle those until the final draft is delivered to you! 

The Benefits of Leveraging a Case Study Writing Service 

According to Big Commerce, 72% of consumers say positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a business. The more your intended audience recommends your brand to their peers, the more credibility and authority your business gains. Case studies contextualize your brand as the best solution to your prospects’ pain points by providing them with data-driven storytelling.

Aside from requiring dedicated levels of time and care, producing case studies also involves a level of project management that not all of your team members are familiar with — often drawing out the process even further. However, there are a lot of conversion-based advantages that come from sharing customer stories that help your marketing and sales teams drive more results.

Eliminates Project Management Headaches

Marketers are often asked to produce more results than their actual bandwidth or resources can generate. Although they’re great tools for helping sales close deals, case studies are rarely anyone’s full-time job. Client-approval limbo and never-ending comms can also prevent case studies from seeing the light of day. An expert case study writing service removes project management from your plate in a cost-effective manner so you can spend more time enabling your sales team and sharing a compelling story with that prospect you'd love to persuade.

Strengthens Your Brand Trust and Credibility

Every great storyteller knows it’s most efficient to show rather than tell. Case studies prove to your target audience that you can walk the walk. By weaving in accurate data-driven results and positive testimonials into your purchasing journey, you establish a trustworthy rapport with your intended audience and increase brand recall. A custom case study writing service helps differentiate your brand’s offerings in a credible and digestible format by detailing how your unique solutions help your customers achieve their goals. 

Helps Close Deals and Generate Revenue

Producing consistent, engaging case studies allows you to strengthen your content library and get to the bottom line quicker while nurturing your audience. By enabling your sales team to confidently showcase your value props and their direct outcomes, you equip your team to close deals quicker and stronger. A professional case study writing service allows your marketing and sales teams to increase customer acquisition by leveraging positive, data-backed testimonials throughout various touch points — without them being involved in the entire process.

Case Study Writing Service FAQs

How much does it cost to order your case study writing service? 

Our case studies cost $1,500 per one-off deliverable, or $1,250 if you have a recurring need for case studies (a minimum of one per quarter). Let’s talk

Will you handle all communications directly with my customer(s)? 

You betcha! Our case study experts are skilled in project management, interviews, and writing the best customer stories that drive conversions for your business. We’ll take all the back-and-forth customer communications off your plate.

What’s the turnaround time for’s case studies? 

Although our service aims to eliminate obstacles, we may run into blockers with your customers depending on their internal processes and bandwidths. We’re at the hands of your customer to schedule the interview, but our team takes all that off your plate. Once the interviews are complete and the case study brief is approved, the turnaround is estimated at 5-7 business days. 

Can I purchase a one-off case study?

You sure can! Although we’d love to establish a recurring cadence to help you produce the best results possible, there’s no minimum engagement on your end required.