Technical SEO Audit Service
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Strengthen your on-page SEO with expert analysis and guidance to give your audience the best user experience possible. 

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You should audit your technical SEO if…

  • You recently launched a new website.
  • You last updated your site over a year ago.
  • You are experiencing a sudden, persistent decline in site traffic.
  • You need deep, technical expertise to fine-tune your SEO strategy.

Boost Your Organic Performance 

Why Choose to Improve Your Site Health? 

No one loves going to the doctor. Our SEO experts address your technical SEO issues with strategic recommendations to enhance on-page efforts and keep your site from falling ill.

Customized Action Guide Based on Audit Findings

Receive a prioritized roadmap with clear, detailed instructions to resolve your technical issues presented from highest to lowest impact. Increase crawlability and traffic in no time. 

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Technical SEO Expertise That Spans Over Two Decades 

Get peace of mind with a thorough audit that goes beyond searching for common SEO errors. Not all domains are created equal, and your content deserves an unbiased strategy that ranks.

Increased Rankings and Website Health Scores

Outrank competitors by receiving clarity about SEO elements that are negatively impacting your pages. Improve site speed and mobile-friendliness with our tangible action items.

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Weeks in Valuable Time-Savings

Gain hours in strategic time that can be spent fine-tuning copy instead of getting stuck in metrics and reports. We run the audit so you can focus on nurturing customers and growth.

What Our Customers Have To Say

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"Our technical audit gave us a clear roadmap for improving our SEO and site health. After months of trial and error, this audit showed us where we should prioritize our time to drive the most impact. Highly recommend consistently reviewing your technical health to remove any blockers to ranking."

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How It Works

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Step 1

We schedule a kickoff meeting to align on goals and audit delivery. 

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Step 2

Our technical SEO experts get to work auditing your site. 

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Step 3

You receive your comprehensive audit within 2 weeks of the kickoff. 

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Step 4

We meet post-delivery to review your audit in greater detail and answer any questions.

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Step 5

You implement our suggestions and watch your rankings soar.

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Technically Speaking, Our Audit Reviews These SEO Elements

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Core Web Vitals

Checking your site speed, interactivity, and visual stability ensures these important ranking factors are running smoothly. Remove pop-ups you may have forgotten about and make your site more mobile-friendly. 

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Prioritizing site indexation gives your webpage a better chance at actually ranking for target keywords. Help Google crawl your site quickly with better internal linking and a sitemap to prevent a decrease in visibility.

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Communicating schema markup to Google lets the search engine algorithm easily understand the context and content on your site. The better the code and metadata, the more likely your page will display in top SERPs and featured snippets. 

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Identifying patterns in your traffic provides insight into which pages on your site are resonating the most. Learn from your top performers to optimize those that aren’t ranking, and get insight into pages impacted by a Core Algorithm Update.

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Backlink Profile

Maintaining a strong backlink profile increases your brand authority and lets your audience and search engines know you’re a trusted source. Fix broken links and improve your site reviews by engaging with testimonials — both positive and negative.

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User Experience

Strengthening your UX keeps your audience on your page longer, improving bounce rates and conversions. Optimize rich media, keep your CTAs free of distractions, and increase readability on your site by implementing more SEO best practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your technical SEO audit cost?

Every audit is scoped based on the size and complexity of your site. However, we do have a minimum client engagement of $3,000.

Do you implement the audit findings?

Our team completes the audit and offers detailed instructions and supporting documents for all recommendations. Based on recent success stories, we’ve found that most marketers can implement the changes themselves or collaborate with a developer for implementation.

How often should my site be audited?

When it comes to reviewing and improving your technical SEO, we recommend a site audit at least once a year. Think of it like preventative visits to the doctor.

Do you offer additional SEO services?

We sure do. From SEO keyword research to strategy development and execution, we’ve got Y-O-U covered when it comes to S-E-O. Learn more here.

Can you audit my content?

We’d love to. As much as we know our way around the backend, on-page SEO is our bread and butter. We offer a performance review of your content and in-depth optimization recommendations too. Speak with us here to learn more.