Subject Matter Expert Review That Boosts Authority

Need expert insights before publishing your niche-specific content? Our Subject Matter Expert Review enhances your written content with relevant knowledge, increases your audience’s trust, and gets you on Google’s nice list — all while giving you peace of mind.

What Is a Subject Matter Expert?

You don’t need to be a subject matter expert to know that an SME has a ton of knowledge. Expertly speaking, they’ve spent years gaining firsthand experience in their respective fields to share their wisdom for the good of audiences and businesses alike.

SMEs have specialized knowledge from career paths as doctors, teachers, accountants, lawyers, technicians, and even artists. Their professional experience can range from one industry to multiple and they can be practicing in their field or retired. They may have general knowledge about a topic or have a deep understanding of a particular process.

Subject matter experts have a passion for sharing accurate knowledge with the world. If you want to improve your brand authority and showcase that you create helpful content, you’ll want to partner with an SME.

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Increase Your Brand’s Credibility With’s Subject Matter Experts

At, our subject matter experts are well-versed professionals who thoroughly review and create content to establish brands as dependable thought leaders. Many of our SMEs are talented writers as well.

They masterfully weave in their expertise while strengthening a brand’s unique insights and perspectives. Their proficient communication skills allow them to share feedback and specialized knowledge in ways that your teams and customers can easily comprehend and apply to content. 

By choosing as your SME partner, you’re guaranteed to work with an external subject matter expert who quickly augments your internal team with experience in your particular field as well as in content review.

SME Qualifications

  • Higher education degrees or doctorates
  • Trained in SEO best practices
  • Certifications like MD, PharmD, DO, CPA, CFA, Series 7, JD, CIPP
  • Over a year of real-time experience working in their field(s)
  • Over a year of experience writing and/or reviewing content
  • Licensed to work as a field professional in the United States

Add SME Review to Your Content Creation Process

We seamlessly integrate a subject matter expert into your team of freelance writers and editors — ensuring that your content gets reviewed by a professional in your industry before it’s published.

Request an SME To Review Your Pre-Written Content

Work directly with one of our subject matter experts to review your final drafts, add SEO juice, and any industry knowledge you might have missed during your research and writing processes.

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The Benefits of a Subject Matter Expert

Why should you hire subject matter experts? SMEs are a valuable resource during the content creation process because they accurately translate complex topics into digestible messaging, and they boost everyone’s authority along the way.

When an individual with extensive knowledge takes the reins, any semblance of doubt (and cortisol levels) are removed from your content — making your business a more credible, trustworthy, and educational resource for your customers and prospects.

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Gives Your Content a Competitive Edge With

You can’t claim to be an expert without having credentials, and SMEs have the advanced certifications needed to create regulated content efficiently. They spend anywhere from five to twenty years working, researching, studying, and writing about trends in their fields, which allows them to add authoritative bylines to any content they create. Subject matter experts also know how to incorporate SEO best practices into their research, which boosts E-E-A-T scores without oversaturating content with keywords.

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Fact-Checks for Any Human or AI-Driven Inaccuracies

When it comes to creating content that could directly impact a person’s health, finances, and overall well being, would you really want to rely on AI tools over human resources? Only subject matter experts can determine whether a content piece is factually accurate with correct terminology, up-to-date techniques, and reliable statistics. Partnering with SMEs during your AI content creation process provides you with the best of both worlds — speed and reassurance.

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Ensures Content Aligns With Google's Helpful Content

Google's helpful content update favors firsthand expertise, rewarding content that showcases contributions from subject matter experts with years of specialized experience and established trust. Collaborating with an SME boosts credibility, reliability, and visibility, signaling to Google that your content aims to actually help people — not just rank well in search engines. SMEs enhance authority in your messaging, which is crucial if you want to strengthen your brand loyalty and recall.

Subject Matter Expert Review for Your Industry

Subject Matter Expert Review FAQs

How much does it cost to have a subject matter expert review my content?

Great question! Because subject matter experts have varying credentials and certifications, sourcing the best SME for your content review needs has varying prices as well. Our team can help you scope the project and provide a cost-effective solution that streamlines your content production. You can speak with our team here.

Can I still hire a subject matter expert even if my content doesn’t fall under a regulated industry?

Of course! Our SMEs come from all different backgrounds and are pros in multiple industries. Our team will want to better understand your niche and align on the SME profile your content needs.

How can I become a Subject Matter Expert?

We’re glad you’re interested in becoming an SME at! You could be sharing your knowledge elsewhere, so we feel special that you’re considering joining the team. We do ask all of our SMEs to go through an assessment and multiple trial projects before getting matched with any clients. To see if there is an open position, check out our jobs board on’s LinkedIn.