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Looking for blog writing services that can help your business rank higher in search engine results? Our expert blog writers specialize in creating engaging and informative blog content that appeals to your target audience and helps improve your website's SEO.

The Business Benefits of Blog Writing

We all know that content is still king. In fact, recent data from Hubspot shows that a strong business blog can increase website visits by 55% and improve lead generation by 126%. With a never ending list of things to do, where should blog posting sit on your priority list? Spoiler alert, it's at the top!

More than just driving traffic, a blog can deliver a number of added benefits to your business.

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Establish Authority and Expertise

High-quality blog content that's written with expert knowledge helps raise your authority as a thought leader in your space. The more search engines view you as an authority with your audience, the higher your search ranking results will go. This helps you create better leads and drives higher revenue for your business.

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Higher Exposure to Potential Customers

Expertly written blog posts that provide value to your audience have a higher chance to be shared on social media and linked to on related sites. Greater visibility means more exposure to your brand with more opportunity to build trust and establish credibility among your audience. The more blogs inform and engage, the better.

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More Leads in the Sales Funnel

Blog posts that align closely with the search intent of your audience help you guide more potential customers into the sales funnel. High-quality content and strong internal linking brings visitors closer to your call to action with every click and encourages them to contact you, schedule a call, or make a purchase.

Grow Your Blog with Expert Help

Less than 1% of writers that apply get chosen to become a Composer. The freelance blog writers that join our network are highly talented wordsmiths, subject matter experts in their field, and masters of SEO best practices. We only accept the best and you should too! 

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Let’s Simplify Your Content Creation

The most precious resource a marketer has is time. Companies of every size need a cost-effective way to produce fully optimized blog content at scale. We seamlessly deliver SEO blog content to automate your content calendar and drive better results.  

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Let’s Speak With Your Brand Voice

Companies invest considerable time establishing their own unique brand voice. A voice that conveys deep industry knowledge and builds trust with the market. Our blog content writers go through a proven onboarding process to ensure they consistently maintain your brand voice.

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Let’s Extend Your Content Reach

Every business wants their content to stretch into every corner of the internet, and that takes scale. The longer your content’s reach, the greater the chance your brand will connect with the right audience. Let our expert writers help you scale your blog content efforts. 

We Make Blog Content Seamless

How do you solve the problem of maintaining the strong blog content schedule your business needs while ensuring the quality of the blog posts you produce? We know sometimes you just need more resources. That’s why we give you all the benefits of an in-house team of blog writers without the hassle of searching, finding, and hiring them yourself.  

Managed Content Writing Services

Access to a dedicated content management team with your own Hubuspot Inbound and SEO certified CSM, hand-selected blog writers, editors, and SEO-advisers.
Ready-to-publish content that fully aligns with your brand voice and adheres to your company style guide.
EEAT-optimized content that aligns with Google’s content principles of Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness.

Self-Service Content Writer Marketplace

Instant and easy access to our network of fully vetted blog writers, so you can quickly match with Composer’s who have expert knowledge of your industry.
Proven content workflow that delivers high-quality, industry-specific, original blog content on time, every time.
No long-term contracts to sign, match with blog writers with pay-as-you-go pricing that lets you scale at your own pace. 

How Can Help You

A strong content partner with a large network of experienced blog writers can provide your content strategy the lift it may need. Our blog writing services have helped clients improve their content performance, increase engagement, and connect better with their audience to drive more traffic and better leads. Our cost-effective and time-saving process lets our blog writers act as your in-house team. Together, we will exceed your blog content goals and generate measurable results.

Native English Writers With Industry Expertise

Our blog content is written by creators who speak English natively. Our writers combine their expert blog writing skills with deep industry knowledge to deliver blogs that truly connect with the English speaking audiences that make up the vast majority of your target market.

Easily Create Blogs At Scale to Achieve Your Content Goals

Volume is often the key to measurable content marketing results. Whether you’re posting three times a week or three times a day, we’ve created a seamless experience for creating blog posts at scale. Match with the writers you need to drive up visibility and generate higher traffic.

Short or Long Form Posts Delivered Fast

You can’t scale your content efforts if you don’t move quickly and having commissioned content that never arrives does your content strategy no favors. That’s why we pair writing skills and industry expertise with fast turnaround times to meet all of your content calendar deadlines.

Helpful Blog Content by People for People

Producing original blog content can be a challenge. While AI is rapidly becoming a powerful tool, your audience deserves a human touch. Our real live writers will deliver fresh, original, plagiarism-free content to help your business stand out in even the most crowded market.

Added Benefits of Hiring Blog Content Writing Services

Blog writing services that write with authority on a range of blog topics can deliver benefits that may start with a blog, but end with more than you expect. When we write a blog post, we aren't just giving you content. We're fueling your marketing machine to help you achieve more.

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Scaling Your Content

Our network of talented writers are at your fingertips, ready to help you grow your business’s blog quickly and effectively.

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Lowering Your Costs

Rather than hiring a full in-house team to match your content efforts, you can buy blog posts at an efficient cost to you.

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Demonstrating Expertise

Our wide network of blog writers are chosen for their expertise across any industry and will establish your authority.

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Increasing Organic Traffic

Our SEO blog writing services guarantee your content will arrive search optimized and ready to perform in search results.

Knowledge That Spans Industries

Our writers specialize in a range of categories, providing tailored content for your industry. We recruit creators from specialized fields, with many holding certifications in their industries of focus. From CPAs to paralegals, Ph.Ds, and lawyers, our content writers always deliver on experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

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Blog Writing Service FAQs

Can I hire someone to write my blog?

Yes, you can hire someone to write your blog. Partnering with a blog writing service allows you to hire a team to develop SEO-optimized blog content for your site that matches your style and tone and can help you increase organic traffic and leads!

How much does it cost to pay someone to write a blog?

Blog writing services are part of our Managed Service plan, which comes with a Hubspot-certified Client Success Manager, a dedicated team of writers and editors with expertise in your industry, and publish-ready content that matches your brand's tone and guidelines. Starting at $999/month.

Why do companies hire blog writers?

Outsourcing blog content is a great way to reduce internal strain while consistently publishing content to grow your business. The ROI on a well-written blog post can be significant as it drives traffic to your site for months and years on end. Blogs are also a great resource to share with your customers to provide ongoing education and for your sales team to use throughout the sales cycle.

How to outsource blog writing?

If your business is in need of a blog writer, the best way to outsource is through working with a service that can generate content for you consistently and at a timely manner. Click here to book time with our content specialists to discuss your blog writing needs.