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Boreas was stuck with low SEO traffic, releasing one SEO article per month, relying on in-house resources 

Boreas, a prominent seller of haptic drivers, faced a significant struggle when it came to scaling their SEO content. The technical knowledge needed to create high-volume, high-quality SEO content was trapped with their engineers. The process of conducting thorough research, interviewing subject matter experts, writing, and editing content consumed a significant amount of time and resources. As a result, their output was restricted to a mere one article per month. This limited frequency of publishing hindered their ability to generate consistent traffic and maximize their SEO potential.

Marc-Andre Morin, Boreas’ Marketing Manager, found it was taking him a full week of full-time work to research, write, and edit the article along with his engineering colleagues at the company. As the leader of small marketing team with big goals, Marc-Andre couldn’t afford to spend so much time on just one channel.

“Before working with, I was spending about a week per month on creating technical SEO content and working byself, I was only able to generate 1 article every month, hardly enough to drive SEO success.”

Moreover, Marc-Andre’s team lacked an in-house SEO specialist on his team who could optimize their content for high-value keywords that matched their buyer journey. Without the specific expertise required to optimize their articles for search engines, their efforts to attract organic traffic were further compromised. Marc-Andre recognized that ignoring SEO as a marketing channel would be detrimental to their business growth and overall visibility in the market. “We build technical produtcs for mobile phones and we have a technical audience - mobile engineers. So, I needed a scalable SEO content solution that could also keep up with the technical demands of the space we’re in.”

Realizing the importance of addressing their SEO challenges, Marc-Andre sought a solution that would allow them to scale their content production and optimize it for search engines. By partnering with an external SEO content provider, the could overcome their limitation if the external provider could produce reliable, high-quality content in their technical niche.


High traffic SEO content from requies low-touch from Boreas

Marc-Andre found an effective solution to Boreas’ SEO content needs through, a platform that streamlined the process and required minimal effort from Marc-Andre and his team. Marc-Andre started solely purchasing words from and eventually relied on the service for comprehensive keyword research and article-outlining strategies.

“We began relying on for higher-level strategic SEO work as we saw the quality of their output in our highly technical content area.”

One of the key benefits Marc-Andre experienced was the reduced need for direct involvement in the content creation process.'s low-touch approach allowed Marc-Andre to focus on his overall marketing strategy while still receiving high-quality SEO content. By leveraging the expertise of's team, Boreas was able to free up valuable time and resources that would have otherwise been spent on managing the content creation process internally.

Additionally,'s vast writer community provided Boreas with instant access to a team of skilled and knowledgeable technical writers who could confidently write about the company’s technical niche. This saved Boreas several months of effort that would have been required to build a competent writing team in-house. The writers supplied by were capable of producing content that met Boreas' specific technical requirements, consistently delivering high-quality, SEO-optimized articles.

Marc-Andre highly valued effective communication and swift action when it came to edits and revisions. Despite generating four articles per month, Marc-Andre only requires a check-in with the team once every three months. The ability to maintain open lines of communication with the team allowed Marc-Andre to provide feedback and receive revisions promptly and asynchronously. This agile and efficient feedback loop ensured that the content produced aligned with Boreas' brand voice and met their exact specifications.'s comprehensive services, including keyword research, article outlining, and access to a talented pool of technical writers, provided Marc-Andre with a scalable solution.'s commitment to strong communication and quick turnaround times further strengthened the partnership, enabling Marc-Andre to consistently produce high-quality articles while minimizing their involvement in the content creation process.


Boreas’ SEO channel outperform other paid channels

Boreas achieved remarkable success with their SEO channel, surpassing the performance of their other paid marketing channels. Recognizing the potential of SEO, Marc-Andre made the strategic decision to reallocate their marketing budget accordingly.

When Boreas conducted a comprehensive evaluation of their marketing mix across different channels, they observed that their SEO efforts were delivering exceptional results. The performance of SEO outweighed their other paid channels, prompting Boreas to shift their focus and allocate more resources to SEO. This reallocation allowed them to capitalize on the untapped potential and maximize the returns of their SEO strategy.

“When we sat down to evaluate our marketing spend, it was clear that that SEO was outperforming other channels; plus, it wasn’t a huge draw on our time and resources. We saw 4-5X improvement across all SEO metrics working with, so we reduced our paid marketing budget and increased our SEO spend.”

The reason behind this shift was evident in the significant improvements Marc-Andre observed across various key SEO metrics. The number of SEO impressions increased from a mere 2,000 to an impressive 10,000 per day. This substantial boost in visibility translated into higher website traffic and increased brand exposure.

Not only did the impressions soar, but the number of clicks also experienced a substantial surge. Boreas witnessed a remarkable increase from 50 clicks per day to an impressive 170 clicks per day. This surge in click-through rates indicated that their SEO strategy was effectively attracting and engaging their target audience, leading to a higher volume of website visits.

Furthermore, Boreas achieved significant advancements in their keyword rankings, a critical factor in SEO success. The rankings for their most important keywords improved significantly, progressing from a rank of 30 or lower to a much stronger rank of 14 or higher. This enhanced visibility on search engine result pages allowed Boreas to capture a larger share of organic search traffic, driving more targeted visitors to their website.

“SEO can easily soak up a lot of valuable time but with, I barely spend a few hours a month on the channel and I get results as if I have a full-time employee or two focused on the initiative.”

One of the key benefits of optimizing their SEO engine was the significant reduction in time spent on SEO management. Marc-Andre, the person responsible for overseeing Boreas' SEO efforts, experienced a notable decrease in the time investment required. Previously, Marc dedicated a substantial amount of time, around one week per month, to SEO-related tasks. However, with the implementation of a high-performing SEO strategy, Marc's involvement was streamlined to just a few hours every month. This time-saving allowed Marc to focus on other critical aspects of the business while still reaping the benefits of an effective SEO channel.

With these outstanding results, Boreas continues to solidify its position as a market leader and establish a strong foundation for continued growth and success driven by their SEO strategy.

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