Cuts Everspring's Content Creation Costs by 70% While Gaining Top SERPs For Their Clients


Everspring needed to scale content and increase student enrollments for their clients in a cost-effective way

Everspring, an EdTech services and solutions provider, was allocating the majority of their content budget toward their former vendor to help reach their clients’ goals—but quickly discovered it wasn’t economical. The marketing team was spending nearly $5,000 per month for 6,000 words in order to receive high-quality blogs. 

Additionally, their higher education clients were rapidly increasing the blog topics they wanted written to compete in the post-pandemic market. If Everspring had ramped up their content efforts at the former rate, the team’s budget spend would have been astronomical. 

“Driving traffic to the websites we build is a big part of getting new students into our environments. We need great SEO now more than ever. One of the biggest tools for that, of course, is blogs. We needed a content partner and a sustainable cost structure to help us really generate that traffic and get on those SERPs.” — Dave Carlson, Creative Director of Marketing @ Everspring

So, the Everspring team sought a more affordable content solution to boost student enrollment and strengthen the credibility of their clients’ online university programs. 

In order to increase conversions and maintain student retention for their clients, Everspring realized they needed help producing large-scale, compelling, keyword-targeted content without breaking the bank. Keeping up with their clients’ high blog demand and standing out amongst competitors didn’t have to come at the expense of solid customer support.

SOLUTION significantly decreased Everspring’s content spending while scaling their monthly blog production 

Everspring’s saving grace (pun intended) came in the form of’s dedicated Client Success Managers, expert writers, and cost-effective content solutions. Everspring works as a silent partner with their clients, and so does The two were a great fit—both understood the importance of providing high-quality content for customers in order to drive real business results. 

Before selecting, Everspring evaluated a handful of content-writing companies, including Verblio. Though and Verblio’s price options were similar, Verblio’s content lacked in quality. The Everspring team didn’t have extra bandwidth to polish content in-house before posting to their clients’ sites. With, they received publish-ready content. 

Other alternatives also lacked a positive customer experience as well as the operational support Everspring desired in order to augment their content workflow. significantly reduced the Everspring team’s content spending by 70% while generating 3x the number of words compared to competitors without sacrificing the levels of quality. Finally, a sustainable partnership that could scale with them. 

Everspring also required a partner who could address their unique needs. The marketing team works with various higher education brands with different voices that have to be juggled among writers. Balancing brand tones while speaking authentically to each specific audience became confusing even for Everspring’s own in-house writers. 

So, vetted and assembled a team of industry-specific writers who quickly understood Everspring’s partners’ brand voices and executed blogs with accuracy and care. 

Their Client Success Manager, Robert Bernsteen, met (and continues to meet and exceed) their needs with flexibility, kindness, and patience. 

“There's been very few instances where we've had to say like, this is all wrong. The content quality is solid from early on, and it only continues to improve as the writers become more familiar with the brands. When we ask for revisions, they quickly comply. The customer service has been fantastic at”


Everspring secures outstanding CX support and their highest SERP results to date—2.7k in organic traffic and #1 position

Robert, along with a team of content specialists, took content creation and project management off the marketing team’s plate so they could focus on executing strong campaigns when their partners’ programs launch. 

“As a creative person myself, I know what it's like to have clients that want a direct line to you,” said Dave. “But that's detrimental to your own productivity. We have Robert, who we trust and who deeply understands our suite of brands, who can relay our feedback and direction to our writers and editors so we’re not the ones in meetings all day. helps us be efficient and productive.”

Everspring is in a highly regulated industry, so blog topic research must be meticulously sourced and cited throughout their work. Additionally, it often takes time for writers to fail, learn, and succeed at nailing their clients’ diverse brand voices. According to Dave, it didn’t take long for’s writers to get up to speed. Thanks to Robert’s customer care and project management expertise, is regarded as an extension of their own in-house team. 

The cherry on top?’s SEO strategists have consistently created keyword-optimized briefs for Everspring’s library of blog topics that resonate with their target audiences—resulting in their highest SERP results to date. generated their best-performing blog ever, “What is Corporate Restructuring?” for Santa Clara University—receiving 2.7k in organic traffic, ranking for 237 keywords, and gaining the number one position and featured snippet for “corporate restructuring.”’s SEO team also improved rankings for Eversprings’ clients by gaining 471 keywords in the #4-10 position and 167 keywords in the #1-3 position. By securing these rankings, their organic traffic has also increased significantly, by 114%. Backlinks skyrocketed, by nearly 6x, further strengthening their clients’ brand credibility. 

The Everspring team measures KPIs in student enrollment. When it comes to generating leads and measuring results, tracing signups for a small program’s cohort back to Everspring’s content is extremely valuable. Getting three students to enroll in one of their partners’ programs is sometimes more valuable than buying a new car. 

By searching for a more streamlined and caring customer experience and a more sustainable content solution, Everspring’s partners have now become authoritative sources in the EdTech industry. Thanks to, the content they provide for their partners reaches the right audience—those looking to further their education and give back to their communities.

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