Case Study: LegalTemplates

If you’re in a niche industry that requires specialized expertise, it can be difficult to run an effective content marketing program. You need experts with strong writing skills to create content that’s both engaging and accurate. Particularly in the field of law, accuracy is paramount—enter

LegalTemplates offers a contract builder for almost any US-based legal situation, whether in real estate, family, or business law. To drive customers, the LegalTemplates team knew that they would need to create deep, authoritative and informative content on nearly every legal contract topic that exists—no small feat, given that legal specialization is as diverse as it is complex, and that the number of legal contracts numbers in the hundreds.

The LegalTemplates team had one overarching goal:

  1. Use search engine optimization (SEO) to rank in the top 10 for short-tail keywords like “Lease Agreement,” “Non-Disclosure Agreement”, and many others.


To achieve that goal, LegalTemplates would need to solve four major problems:

  • SEO: Ranking for numerous high-volume keywords is intensely competitive
  • Budget: Creating accurate, detailed and specialized content can be very expensive
  • Tone/Voice: It can be difficult to write about dry and “boring” topics like legal contracts in an engaging way without losing a sense of professionalism
  • Speed: It was necessary to create quality content very quickly to match the production of new legal contracts in their software


The team at LegalTemplates decided to use a two-pronged approach to stay on budget and also create quality content quickly, using a mix of outsourced and in-house labor. To achieve high speed and volume, they outsourced the bulk of their content creation to niche legal writers at To ensure absolute quality and accuracy, they used in-house counsel to edit, verify and approve the content.

In a short time, LegalTemplates was competing with established competitors across a range of high-volume legal contract keywords.


Although being in a complex, niche industry makes the already-difficult task of content marketing even more complicated, a creative mix of outsourcing and in-house labor is an effective way to ensure that you can accomplish, or, in the case of LegalTemplates, exceed your business goals.

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