Case Study: PayMotile

Each member of the Motile LLC team is a payment industry veteran. However, like many others who market merchant services to business owners, Motile’s team lacked an effective SEO content strategy for their old website. This shortcoming resulted in a failure to pull in web leads for many years.

Motile rebranded itself with the launch of a fresh new website in January 2018 – determined to turn their online fortunes around. Their major goals since that point have been to achieve the following:

  1. Success in the world of SEO. In particular, to assemble a website that ranked for keywords used by business owners looking for merchant services (their target audience). Such words include “high risk merchant account,” “pos system”, “msb services”, and many more.
  2. Strengthen their reputation. Create a website that’s filled with grammatically flawless and engaging content, compelling images, and useful information that resonates with business owners from any industry.
  3. Attract web leads. Bring in business owners who need payment processing solutions, and begin converting customers with a sophisticated lead nurturing content program.


To make such goals a reality, the Motile team has been working tirelessly over the past six months. And even so, they’ve still encountered a variety of challenges along the way, including:

  1. SEO: Drawing organic traffic is a battle in this field, and even low volume keywords are highly competitive.
  2. PPC: Their target audience consists of business owners looking to make long-term investments in payment processing. This is a competitive industry, making relevant keywords incredibly expensive.
  3. Marketing Budget: Compiling enough money to build compelling, professional content for the website, link build, and run PPC campaigns is a never-ending struggle.


Motile’s CEO realized that in order to really push traffic at an adequate speed in such a competitive industry, quality content was a necessity. However, paying the benefits, insurance, and more for an in-house team was out of his budget reach. That’s when he discovered the platform.

At, freelance writers are divided up by their interests/areas of expertise, so it was easy to find writers capable of creating engaging copy and content about payment processing (a topic that many consider to be dry and difficult to write about).

Motile commissions two blog posts and one website page per month. (The ‘website pages’ in this case are conversion-centric landing pages with targeted sales copy.) writers’ ability to create convincing, high-level content has allowed the Motile team to scale their content creation, and they’ve already begun to see an increase in traffic and lead conversions.

Results (January 2018 to June 2018)

SEO is a nearly two year-old website, and in that time, it generated almost no organic traffic. Now, with a smart content strategy being executed by authors over the last six months, it’s beginning to draw in hundreds of unique -- and relevant -- visitors daily. Motile is a demonstration of the power of well-written, keyword-targeted content, which quickly ranks for competitive keywords and drives converting traffic.


With the money Motile has saved by using a freelancer strategy instead of an in-house one, they’ve been able to test and run PPC campaigns that drive valuable, targeted traffic to their site.

Marketing Budget

Motile has converted over 35% of the leads generated on the website into paying customers, a phenomenal rate for this industry. The subsequent revenue has facilitated the creation of both email and PPC campaigns, growth that can largely be attributed to the stellar content they’ve received from at such reasonable rates.


If you don’t have the time or resources to populate your website with quality content, then you’re going to have trouble succeeding as an online business. With, has been able to overcome many of the content creation challenges that face a business during its startup period.

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