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The use of video in marketing is no longer a growing trend—it’s an inevitability. Both B2B and B2C audiences today expect to interact with video throughout the customer journey. QuickFrame by MNTN is a leader in the video space, enabling marketers to meet those demands.

The QuickFrame platform removes traditional video production obstacles—including high costs, long lead times, and uncertain performance—and replaces them with an efficient, multi-channel video creation solution. Their agile, end-to-end video creation platform connects businesses with top video creators from all over the globe. 

As an industry thought leader, QuickFrame knows the importance of not only delivering engaging video content, but the value of providing quality written content, too. Their site hosts a plethora of resources and guides to help brands and creators alike to become power users and optimize their video marketing strategies. It’s a win-win: QuickFrame establishes brand trust with content and sets their users up for success. To scale their efforts and take some of the content writing work off their team’s plate, QuickFrame decided to partner with Compose.ly. 

Read on to learn how they’re now serving up relevant, high-quality content to readers while boosting their keyword rankings and overall SEO position. 

In a booming industry, delivering timely, topical content is vital

Because the video marketing industry is growing at such a rapid pace, new solutions and strategies emerge seemingly by the day—from video for social media platforms to connected TV to out-of-home advertising—there are a lot of topics to cover.  

Trying to effectively scale their content efforts while keeping up with other market demands was becoming harder for the QuickFrame team to manage on their own. They needed a way to maximize their time and resources while delivering more insights to their audience—without sacrificing quality. 

The team decided to explore using outside resources to increase content production and effectively meet their goals. They wanted to find a partner that could keep up with the rapidly-changing video industry and meet their high expectations for well-written, SEO-optimized content. 

Compose.ly delivers with experienced writers, SEO prowess, and a dedicated customer success team

The QuickFrame team needed a content partner that would be quick, communicative, and effective. They found what they were looking for with Compose.ly, who they now count on for high-quality, SEO-focused blog writing, long-form content, and copywriting needs. 

Jaci Schreckengost, Content Marketing Specialist for QuickFrame by MNTN, reflected on her team’s partnership with Compose.ly: 

“When selecting any partner, I think it’s critical to be aligned on both challenges and goals—both of which Compose.ly has been incredible at taking into account. As the topics our readers need to know about continue to expand, Compose.ly helps us stay on top of those new and evolving discussions.”

Since their work with Compose.ly began, QuickFrame has continued to increase their organic reach and bring in new readers to their blog. They’ve experienced an increase in overall traffic, improved rankings for target keywords, and improved their overall SEO position. (They’re currently ranking in the number 3 spot on Google for “channel diversification,” which the team credits to the combined efforts of their SEO manager and blog content from Compose.ly.)  

QuickFrame is also now ranking number one for the following keywords: 

Rankings like these are paramount to growing their business. With 92% of video marketers reporting positive ROI from video, QuickFrame’s services are more needed than ever. We’re honored to help QuickFrame continue their mission of enabling businesses of all shapes and sizes to compete in today’s video-first world. 

QuickFrame can now deliver valuable content at scale while their team can focus on strategic work

With the ability to delegate content writing to Compose.ly, QuickFrame’s internal team now has more time for strategic priorities, such as creating additional in-house content and partnering with other teams on valuable cross-functional projects. Compose.ly’s customer success team has also taken a lot of the project management responsibilities off their plate. 

“We always have an incredible experience with our Client Success Manager, Robert. He ensures our projects are completed on time, everything is in order, and that we have a clear understanding of our partnership with Compose.ly,” said Jaci. 

She added, “When both sides of the partnership can understand the direction you’re headed in and what roadblocks to expect along the way, it sets everyone up for a smoother, more informed experience. I believe our partnership has successfully continued to grow thanks to the effort and knowledge of both the writers and the customer success team.” 

To partner with Compose.ly to scale your content needs, schedule time with our team here.

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