Case Study: Resume Genius

Resume Genius’s mission is to help job seekers of all ages and experience levels craft a perfect resume and cover letter, and land more interviews. To that end, they provide in-depth, targeted how-to guides for job seekers in many different industries, and also provide resume and cover letter building software to simplify the creation process.

The thing about jobs is that, at some point, every person in the world needs one. As you might imagine, the volume on job search-related keywords is extremely high, and the competition is tough. The team at Resume Genius had two major goals.

  • SEO: Drive massive amounts of relevant traffic to their resume and cover letter builders by ranking for high-value, high-competition keywords
  • Budget: Keep their content marketing budget under control

Problems faced the following three challenges:

1. Ranking for extremely competitive keywords

It is very difficult to rank in the top 10 on Google for extremely competitive keywords (100k+ search volume), for a number of reasons. As you might guess, there tends to be a larger-than-average number of high-quality links to pages in the top 10. Furthermore, the general quality of those pages tends to be much higher than normal.

However, the primary reason high-volume keywords are difficult targets is because they tend to represent topic or category clusters. To succeed, you need to create a substantial amount of long-tail targeted content in order to win those coveted high-volume short tail keywords. In layman’s terms, this means instead of creating one 2,000-word article to win that high-volume keyword, you might need to create hundreds of 500 to 1,000-word articles — an expensive proposition for many content marketing outfits.

2. Scaling up content creation without breaking the budget

Knowing that they’d need to compete for topic cluster keywords, the Resume Genius team began to think about how they could execute a content strategy at that scale. Being a two-person marketing team, doing it in-house would have taken too long, and outsourcing it to freelancers, at first glance, seemed too expensive.

3. Maintaining content quality and tone

Even if they could have afforded to outsource, the Resume Genius team doubted that freelancers would have been able to write in the friendly, simple, and declarative tone that now defines Resume Genius, which they crafted to appeal to people of all levels of experience and education.

Considered together, these three problems behaved similarly to a whack-a-mole game. If the Resume Genius team had invested too much in knocking down one problem, the other two would have crept up and caused a different set of issues.


Fortunately for the Resume Genius team, their assumption that outsourcing high-quality content creation would have been expensive or impossible was incorrect. was able to help them thread the needle, allowing them to scale up their content creation process in a way that met their needs, both budget and time-wise.


Today, is one of the most highly visited job search, resume, and cover letter sites on the web, ranking in the top 10 for high-volume, high-competition keywords like "Resume," "Resumes," "Resume Samples," "Resume Examples," "Cover Letters," and many more.


There’s a reason why the Resume Genius team continues to use to help them scale their content creation and expand their traffic lead. We’re proud to be a reliable partner to them as they identify more keyword clusters and execute their ever-evolving content strategy.

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