Saves Revelo’s Marketing Team 80 Hours Per Month and Increases Organic Traffic By 47%


Revelo's lean marketing team was overcapacity and couldn't consistently create SEO-driven content 

Revelo, a tech talent outsourcer, faced significant challenges when their small marketing team was over capacity and couldn’t create consistent content to drive SEO traffic. Despite understanding the importance of SEO, Revelo lacked the bandwidth to develop and execute effective content management while simultaneously dedicating valuable time to writing data-driven SEO articles.

The demands of Revelo's core business activities left them short on time and resources to allocate toward extensive keyword research, content creation, and SEO optimization. 

“SEO can be a really great opportunity for any website to grow, but it can be very time-consuming, especially for a lean team. A lot of the SEO on-page strategy comes with building out the content on your site with pages of content, but we knew this was something we would need professional help with because of limited bandwidth.” — Beth Bovie, Senior SEO Strategist @ Revelo

Furthermore, Revelo wanted to expand upon the topics their content covered and produce articles that were both engaging and informative while also providing value to their target audience. With limited resources, maintaining a consistent output of high-quality articles covering a wide range of topics became a challenge.

The constraints on Revelo's marketing team created an urgent need for a solution that could address their content creation challenges effectively. They recognized that they required external support to alleviate their time and resource limitations while still maintaining a strong SEO presence.

SOLUTION provided a dedicated, results-driven team of SEO strategists and writers

Revelo found an invaluable partner in and their dedicated team of SEO strategists and writers. Through this collaboration, Revelo gained on-demand access to an SEO-specialized content team.'s team of SEO strategists worked closely with Revelo to identify high-traffic/low-difficulty keywords, a crucial aspect of effective SEO. This approach allowed Revelo to optimize their content for maximum visibility and attract their target audience effectively.

The partnership with also extended to their team of dedicated writers. These writers were specifically assigned to work with Revelo, ensuring a long-term commitment and a deep understanding of Revelo's brand voice and messaging. With this level of continuity, the writers were able to consistently produce data-driven articles that aligned with Revelo's brand image, tone, and values. This cohesion in content creation ensured that Revelo's SEO efforts remained consistent and reflected their unique identity.

“We have a team of dedicated writers who understand our voice, which makes it much easier working with than other content-creation companies. We don’t have to run the risk of working with a new freelance writer every week or explaining our process with each assignment," said Bovie.

To further enhance collaboration and ensure alignment, Revelo's SEO team, staffed by, shared outlines and drafts with Revelo as they progressed. This transparent workflow allowed Revelo to actively participate in the content creation process by providing feedback and requesting adjustments where necessary. For example, Revelo could offer insights on title tags and meta descriptions, giving them greater control over how their content was presented in search engine results. This iterative feedback loop ensured that the final content met Revelo's expectations and effectively communicated their messaging to their target audience.

“If you are too busy with running your business and team, you can turn to to find SEO-friendly topics and ideas that you may have never thought of, have them create the outlines, assign them to their writers, go through their internal editing process, and get polished content returned to you in a timely manner.”

Through their collaboration with, Revelo benefited from a comprehensive content management solution. The dedicated team of SEO strategists and writers provided Revelo with the expertise and resources needed to drive their SEO-focused content strategy forward. With the ability to access high-quality keyword research, tailored content creation, and open lines of communication for feedback, Revelo optimized their SEO content to achieve maximum impact.


Revelo achieves SEO results while keeping resources in control

Revelo achieved remarkable SEO results with the help of, all without over-committing their internal resources. Beth Bovie, Revelo’s Sr. SEO Strategist, reported that saved her team over 80 hours per week while consistently delivering high-quality content that addressed their audience's pain points and needs.

The collaboration with proved to be a game-changer for Revelo. The content strategy and creation services provided by played a crucial role in elevating Revelo's SEO performance. As a result, Revelo experienced a significant increase in their keyword rankings. Prior to working with, Revelo ranked in the top 100 for around 3,500 keywords. However, with the implementation of's comprehensive SEO services, Revelo's top 100 keyword rankings soared to an impressive 17,000 keywords, which played a major role in positioning them as a prominent player in their industry.

“We were showing up for 3,548 keywords before working with Currently, we rank in the top 100 for 17,041 keywords, and I’m confident we’ll keep showing improvement.”

The success of this partnership was built on effective collaboration, communication, and performance tracking. and Revelo worked closely together, ensuring that the content produced aligned with Revelo's goals and resonated with their target audience. The collaboration allowed Revelo to provide valuable insights, feedback, and guidance throughout the content creation process.

By implementing an effective SEO strategy and leveraging high-quality content, Revelo experienced a remarkable 47% increase in their organic traffic. This surge in organic traffic highlighted the effectiveness of's services and demonstrated their ability to drive tangible and impactful results.

“'s service has worked with us to make my day-to-day less stressful and more productive because they create high-quality SEO content and make rapid adjustments when I have any feedback, or changes to our SEO strategy.”

By entrusting their content creation efforts to, Revelo was able to achieve significant outcomes without placing undue strain on their internal resources.'s expertise and dedication not only saved Revelo substantial time and effort but also ensured that the content created resonated with their intended audience. By addressing their audience's pain points and needs effectively, Revelo established themselves as a trusted authority in their industry, resulting in increased organic traffic and improved brand visibility.

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