Case Study: Termly

The team at Termly was in a tough predicament. As a software platform that creates legal policies for websites and apps, their business depended on staying up to date on any and all new data rights laws. Publishing new content about these laws was required in order to maintain their brand authority. Until recently, Termly’s small content team was able to stay ahead of the few laws and amendments passed every year.

But everything changed with the passing of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the EU’s new – and very complicated – digital privacy framework. The content team at Termly quickly realized that it would not be able to keep up on its own.


The team at Termly came to with the following challenges:

  1. Keeping the Blog Current: Termly’s competitors have much larger content teams and could publish GDPR pieces at a rapid pace. To compete, they needed to boost their publishing capacity.
  2. Brand Authority/Traffic: Termly generates most of its business by establishing itself as the authority on privacy law and compliance, so falling behind on the GDPR was not an option.
  3. Budget: As a small business, Termly needed a content marketing strategy that was cost-effective
  4. Expert Authors: In order to create strong pieces that would reinforce their brand, Termly needed skilled writers who were very comfortable with legal topics


The team helped match Termly with several writers who had prior experience conducting heavy legal research and writing blog posts for law firms. This team of writers was tasked with targeting different aspects of the GDPR, and crafting long-form articles that broke its components down piece-by-piece in a way laymen could understand.


In two months, the team of writers put together 12 in-depth articles that covered a wide variety of GDPR topics, including legitimate interest, consent, and solutions. These articles helped build confidence in Termly’s brand, and have received dozens of links from other businesses citing their pieces as helpful resources. On top of that, Termly’s organic traffic soared by 165%.


Building a brand in a constantly-evolving niche does not require a massive marketing department. No matter the industry, there are always talented writers looking for work -- you just need to know where to look.

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