Case Study: WeddingDresses

By: — February 26, 2018

Whether or not you’re in the fashion industry, if your content marketing goals are to use search engine optimization (SEO) to rank for competitive keywords, and increase your social media follower count with consistent, engaging content, you’ll find the story compelling. aims to be nothing less than the hub that brides-to-be use to find the dress of their dreams, as well as a resource hub that they can use to help plan for their big day. Starting with nothing but a very strong domain name, the team at WeddingDresses had an ambitious task before them, and two major goals:

  1. SEO: Rank in the top 10 for the keyphrase “wedding dresses” and its related keywords
  2. Social Media: Quickly attract Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest followers


To achieve those goals, was faced with four major challenges:

  1. SEO: Ranking a high-competition, high-volume keyphrase like “wedding dresses”
  2. Social Media: Breaking through the glut of wedding-related content in a saturated social media niche, becoming visible, and attracting followers
  3. Budget: Creating enough quality content to achieve those goals without breaking the bank
  4. Tone/Voice: Crafting the content in a way that appeals to a target audience of young brides, ensuring that the content stays on brand and on voice


The WeddingDresses team knew that a strong, consistent content marketing strategy would be essential, but didn’t have the budget for an in-house content creation team. They began working with to power their content creation in June of 2017, running a content marketing program of six blog posts per month.

They quickly found writers in their niche that they could trust to match their brand voice, and create helpful, engaging, and informative content that their audience loved. Within a year, the results spoke for themselves.

Results (June 2017 to June 2018)


In June of 2017, ranked outside the top 500 for the keyphrase “wedding dresses.” Today, it ranks at number 7. That translated into a 250 percent increase in traffic almost overnight.

Social Media

Social media interest in skyrocketed, and continues growing rapidly, driving thousands of visitors back to the website weekly.

  • Pinterest: grew from 18k to 700k monthly viewers
  • Instagram: grew from 18k to 270k followers
  • Twitter: grew from 0 to 1k followers


A strong content marketing strategy, powered by writers who know their niche and understand SEO, can give your business the boost it needs to drive traffic, create customers, and increase revenue.

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