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667 Power Words to Drive More Conversions

January 14, 21 by

Many of us were raised on fairy tales where magic words were real. Wizards could say something like “abracadabra,” and the world would change however they wanted. While magic may...

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For Writers

How to Become a Content Writer: Everything You Need to Know

January 11, 21 by

Plenty of people want to write for a living, but it’s hard knowing where to start. If your idea of writing is restricted to fiction and journalism, then the field...

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For Writers

The Top 10 Freelance Writing Niches Worth Writing For

January 05, 21 by

Writers are always looking for the perfect niche. A niche—an area of specialization, be it a topic or type of content—can help a writer to stand out from the pack,...

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For Writers

4 Considerations to Improve Your Technical Writing Skills

November 12, 20 by

In all types of technical writing—end-user documentation, data sheets, product specifications, and so on—the end product is a tool. It’s information, presented as simply as possible, to help the reader...

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For Writers

How to Become a Successful Ghostwriter: The 6 Crucial Skills Needed

November 10, 20 by

Ghostwriting is a big business. Professional ghostwriters can make tens of thousands of dollars writing for a wide variety of clients, including some pretty major celebrities. One experienced freelance ghostwriter...

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For Writers

How to Write Killer Copy for Boring Industries: 8 Copywriting Tips

October 30, 20 by

Sometimes, content writers get lucky. We get assignments about travel, culture, or food—topics that are easy to write about because most people find them interesting. But let’s face it: we...

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