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Savvy content marketers know that low-quality content can actually hurt your SEO rankings and performance. We ensure that you get high-quality content at wholesale prices.

Composely writer winning a balancing act with a low-quality writer vs. In-house Writers

Hiring an in-house writer is no longer cost-efficient or necessary for your business model. Working with lets you commission more articles at a fraction of the cost.

Cost Comparison

These assumptions are conservative — in reality, employers are subject to a 20% burden rate (insurance & taxes) as well as other substantial costs associated with recruitment, training, onboarding, vacation pay, office space, and equipment for every new hire. This, coupled with the rising cost of salaries in major metropolitan areas, makes working with the obvious choice.

Take a Tour vs. Agencies

SEO agencies are great … but they’re expensive!

Cost Comparison

Top SEO agencies utilize the same pool of top-tier writers that does, but they charge marked-up prices (3x as much) to sustain inefficient business operations. For companies that just need killer SEO-friendly content without the SEO consultations, the solutions offered by are a better fit.

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