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July 21, 2016
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When you do your business writing, consider incorporating the principle of Excite, Delight and Entice. What this means is that you emotionalize your writing in such way that your readers cannot only picture themselves living a more satisfactory life, but can feel the excitement and satisfaction they would have. This produces a strong pull to explore working with you. In effect, they say to themselves, “If s/he knows enough about what I want to write like this – like they know me and my problems – I really want to talk to them about what they do.”

Most business people have had an experience when someone you are speaking to becomes very excited about your business. This is usually the result of your impassioned description of your work having the good luck of being delivered to someone who is seriously seeking that solution. Of course, part of the result is the coincidence of delivering to the right target market at the right time, but overwhelmingly the result comes from our passion and obvious competence shown in the way we speak. Here are a few ideas about how to excite, delight and entice when you write.

1. Excite.

Write from your passion. Tap into your own excitement when you put the words down on paper. If you aren’t excited about what you do, how can you expect to excite anyone else to be excited about it? Often, there’s a disconnect between the passion we have when we talk about our business and what we are able to convey in written words. In fact, this is very common.

If you experience this, you might get help to record yourself when you are talking about your business and transcribe that (or have it transcribed) as your starting point. You may need someone to interview you to get you into that spoken “groove” that brings out your passion. Do what it takes to translate this to paper.

2. Delight.

Delight your readers with word “pictures” that have them “living in” the fantasy of the solution you provide. Don’t exaggerate or go “over the top.” What works best in “painting” your word pictures is to draw on your considerable experience of all those you have helped.

Describe the profound changes you’ve observed your clients experience. Talk about their relief, freedom and newfound ease living with the solution you provide. Go into the details of the contrast between their life with the problem and their life after the solution. The objective is to have them “feel” themselves living the life they could have free of the problem.

3. Entice.

Once you’ve excited and delighted them, you want to entice them to move one step closer to working with you. That might be getting them to ask for more written information about your business or to pick up the phone and call you. What can you do to entice them closer?

A good idea is to offer some sort of “sample” of working with you. This might be a complimentary session where you explore the solution they are looking for. It might be a free in-depth report that helps them get an even better idea about the results they might expect while subtly showcasing your expertise. Perhaps you have an assessment that can cleverly illustrate to them where they “hurt” and suggests what the solution could look like. Perhaps you can sell an assortment of paid “mini sessions” focused on single issues and designed to whet their appetite for more.

The next time you do business writing, consider exciting, delighting and enticing your readers. It will pay off for you – and your clients.

About the Author:

Suzi Elton works with highly creative types to create income that matches their talent. Through strategic coaching and marketing writing, she has helped hundreds of clients make dramatic changes to live their creative desires. Her current emphasis is working with those clients who are ready for dramatic increases in income (double, triple, quadruple) within a matter of months.

Coaching: http://mylifepurposecoaching.com
Writing: http://WOWFactorWriting.com

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