Reasons Why Shakespeare is Called "The Bard"

July 21, 2016
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William Shakespeare is also referred to as ‘The Bard’. The term bard originally meant a friend who likes writing poems indeed Shakespeare gained many friends through his plays.

5 Ways Shakespeare Became “The Bard”

1. These days “The Bard” is used to call a revered and famous poet. One of the most revered poets of all time is William Shakespeare. This is the first answer to the question why is Shakespeare known as the Bard. Before William Shakespeare became “The Bard”, the poet that was given that title
was Robert Burns. He was the famous poet from Scotland.

2. The second answer to the question, why is Shakespeare known as the Bard. The word Bard has old origins. It was first used to describe a poet who likes writing lyrical verses. The poet’s works should also depict passion. Celtic poets or writers of satire and eulogies were the first people to
be called the Bards. Then later on the term the Bard was used to describe a singer or a poet from at tribe who is blessed with the incredible talent of writing and telling verses for revered heroes. They were also the ones tasked to tell eulogies for the dead tribe members.

3. The third answer to the question, why is Shakespeare known as the Bard. During the first century in Great Britain, minstrels and poets were called the Bards. This term was coined by a writer named Lucan.

4. The fourth answer to the question, why is Shakespeare known as the Bard is because Bards are writers of great tribulations, great lives and great passions. These include heroic acts, love stories and stories of war. In this aspect William Shakespeare is very much entitled to be called as one
of the Bards. Most of the works of Shakespeare have influenced even the young generations today because all of them talked about war, love and death. Every person can certainly relate to all of those themes. The feelings evoked by his plays and literary works are feelings any person from any era can comprehend.

5. The fifth answer why Shakespeare was called the Bard was because during his time play promoters usually use the term as a marketing tool to attract more people to watch the play. They usually use the tag line, The Bard’s Tales so people can easily understand what the play is all about. The
plays were usually held during town festivals including the ones created by Shakespeare. He became known as the Bard in the Yard, for the festival held in the yard or the Bard on the Beach, for the festival play held near the beach.

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