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July 21, 2016
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What are Fillers?

Fillers are short written pieces, often no more than 100 words long. They’re very popular with offline newspapers and magazines and some online publications also. They are quick and easy to write and can earn you a few dollars apiece or sometimes hundreds or thousands of dollars if your filler is chosen to receive a writing prize or a magazines weekly best writer award.

The fact is fillers, and readers’ letters, represent probably the most lucrative of all writing forms. Some publications pay several dollars per word for fillers and readers’ letters compared to just a few cents per word for longer articles and news reports.

Because they are so short, most publications require dozens or even hundreds of fillers every month or even every week. Because few freelance writers know about the high fees payable or because they’re stuck on writing articles and novels, competition among filler writers tends to be very low indeed and just a few publishers who like your work is all you need to grow a profitable part-time or even full-time freelance writing career.

Why do publications use fillers?

Of course you’re probably wondering why publications require fillers and what makes them keen to attract more talented writers to their filler writing team.

The reasons are numerous and include:

* To fill space where a feature falls short of the published page (the traditional meaning of the term ‘filler’).

* To lighten otherwise dull text and to add interest to the pages of sometimes staid publications, for instance medical journals and import/export bulletins.

* Some short pieces, notably crossword puzzles and brain teasers, arguably lead the purchaser to retain a publication longer, until he has time to do the puzzle. This increases potential circulation for publisher and advertisers.

* People, allegedly, have less time to concentrate on reading longer features.

* Life today is fast. People want to learn as much as they can, quickly and easily. And as cheaply as possible. And fillers fit the bill exactly.

There you have it, lots of reasons publishers want to pay you for short written pieces and probably no good reason why you should not get started as a published freelance writer, starting today. Go on, get on with it, you won’t be sorry you did!

About the Author:
Avril Harper is a successful writer and the author of ‘HOW TO BE A FIVE MINUTE WRITER.’

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