Project Rating Rubric

The following descriptions are intentionally broad, and no category will describe a given project perfectly.

A project doesn't need to exhibit all the issues associated with poor content to be considered poor, just as a project doesn't need to be perfect in every regard to be considered exceptional.

Poor Content
Aceeptable Content
Good Content
Great Content
Exceptional Content
Organization and Flow
Completely illogical flow, formatting, and structure
Clunky flow, formatting, and structure.
Passable flow, formatting, and structure.
Relatively good flow, formatting, and structure
Excellent flow, formatting, and structure.
Creativity and Knowledgeability
Grossly under-researched, fluffy content lacking any effort to engage the reader
Under-researched content that's mostly unengaging
Mostly well-researched content with a few bright spots of creativity
Carefully researched and mostly engaging content
Painstakingly researched, informative, and riveting content
Client Preferences
Blatant disregard for client preferences
Notable disregard for or misunderstanding of client preferences and intent
Attempted adherence to client preferences and intent
Adherence to nearly all client preferences and intent
Complete adherence to client preferences and intent
Clarity and Language
Nearly unreadable language and word choice
Hard-to-parse language and word choice
Decent language and word choice
Mostly clear language and word choice
Nearly flawless language and word choice
Grammar and Mechanics
Unfixable number of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors
Numerous spelling, grammar and punctuation errors
Many spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors
Several spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors
Almost no spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors
Complete misunderstanding of SEO best practices
Notable inattention to SEO best practices
Attempted adherence to SEO best practices
Consistent adherence to SEO best practices
Careful attention to SEO best practices
The content reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of guidelines or is full of distracting and unfixable mechanical problems. A 1-star project contains little to no usable content and you should always get it revised by the writer. See an example here
The content is mostly usable but will require substantial revisions to adhere to guidelines and/or professional writing standards. In most cases, we suggest sending content like this back to the writer for revision. See an example here
The base content is generally strong, but may lack some attention to detail or high-level cohesion. Most often, this content will not require revisions from the writer. See an example here
The content is an example of high-quality work with minimal errors and complete adherence to guidelines. This content will not need to be revised by the writer and requires little effort to edit. See an example here
The content represent the best that writers have to offer: excellent prose with careful attention to guidelines and thoughtful construction throughout the piece. See an example here
ATTENTION, EDITORS! If you encounter anything resembling plagiarism, DO NOT submit or rate the project. Instead, please contact