Balancing Creativity and Efficiency:

Optimizing Your Content Operations to Drive Results


Recognizing that your marketing workflows aren’t efficient can be a tough pill to swallow — especially in a volatile market with pinched budgets. Inefficient content processes are often the root cause of content gaps, department silos, and inconsistent messaging. 

The good news: optimizing content creation doesn’t have to be daunting! You don’t have to sacrifice your creative visions, either. Autonomy and automation *CAN* work together in perfect harmony to generate more quality leads from your content. Ah, music to your ears? 🎵

In this 30-minute fireside chat, Amy Higgins, former content leader at Twilio and Salesforce and current Director of Content Strategy at Lyra Health, deep dives into optimal content creation workflows and discusses:

  • Defining your content goals
  • Auditing your current content marketing workflows
  • Establishing an integrated—and documented—RACI
  • Optimizing your creative processes with limited budgets
  • Partnering with the best resources for your content needs (AI, agencies, etc.)


Amy Higgins

An award-winning, senior marketing leader highly regarded for extensive experience building and developing top integrated marketing teams, including content, campaign, SEO, customer, community, influencer, and social. Recognized as a natural leader with expertise in storytelling, strategic planning, and data-driven insights. Defines and executes marketing strategies that attract, engage, activate, and retain new audiences. Currently, Amy is the Director of Content Strategy at Lyra Health, with previous experience at Twilio, Salesforce, and Google.

When Amy’s not online, you can find her diving the deep blue ocean, hiking the tallest mountain, or in the jewelry studio crafting wearable art.