Get Your Content Sheet Together:

Conquering Marketing's Resource Challenges

In this 30-minute webinar series, Get Your Content Sheet Together, we talk with leaders from top brands to help you face your marketing and SEO fears and get your content strategy out of limbo!

In our fifth and final installment of the series, we chat with our very own CEO, Mike Leonhard, about how to create and maintain high-quality content—even while working with outsourced partners and slim budgets. Watch as we discuss:

⭐️ How the market has shifted over the past year and what marketers should expect in Q1/Q2.

⭐️ How to think about resourcing with internal hires vs. outsourced partners.

⭐️ Best practices to use when evaluating external partners.

⭐️ How to advocate for channels like organic and content.


Mike Leonhard, CEO of

Mike Leonhard, CEO of, is an experienced executive with over a decade's worth of experience working in both software/SaaS and consumer goods industries.

In his own words: "I thrive on bringing exceptional people together to create highly effective teams that drive results. I've worked with budgets in both large, externally funded companies, as well as small, scrappy, bootstrapped startups. Establishing strategic, long-lasting partnerships, identifying operational efficiencies, and delivering excellent customer experiences and high-quality content are my never-ending goals."