Effectively Scale Content With Outsourced Resources


Webinar Description

One of the biggest challenges for a marketing leader, especially in an uncertain economy, is knowing how to resource their team effectively. In fact, according to the CMO Council, 86% of marketers believe that a lack of resources and capabilities impairs their team’s overall performance.

As to-do lists grow or budgets tighten, it’s important to have the right team in place to produce the content you need to fuel your business goals.

In this webinar, our panelists share their experience building a consistent stream of content while managing outsourced resources. Watch as Ashley Strosnider, Head of Editorial at Compose.ly, Corey Kirk, Manager of Marketing & Communication at Resourcing Edge, and Jaci Schreckengost, Content Marketing Specialist at QuickFrame by MNTN, as they discuss: 

  • When to hire in-house versus working with a trusted party
  • The foundational elements you need in place to make outsourced resources successful
  • What evaluation criteria to use when selecting third-party partners
  • How to scale content production without sacrificing quality


Jaci Schreckengost, QuickFrame by MNTN

Jaci Schreckengost is a Content Marketing Specialist at QuickFrame by MNTN. In this role, Jaci writes about all things video marketing, including social media video best practices, making the most of content, and effective testing strategies. She holds an MFA in writing from the Savannah College of Art & Design.

Corey Kirk, Resourcing Edge

Corey is a writer, gaming enthusiast, and certified geek. Living in the suburbs of Baltimore, he is constantly trying to find new ways to make an impact in the communication space. This passion has led to several content and marketing positions for various gaming news, software, and marketing agencies. He currently serves as the Manager of Marketing and Communication for Resourcing Edge – A OneDigital Company.

Ashley Strosnider, Compose.ly

Ashley is an experienced editor with a proven track record of elevating content through team leadership, process implementation, vendor management, SEO analysis, and sound editorial judgment. As Head of Editorial at Compose.ly, she’s on a mission to bridge the gap between brands and their audiences by telling stories and sharing information to empower readers, through implementing multi-pronged strategies and processes that improve content quality, drive brand growth, and increase revenue.