Get Your Content Sheet Together:

Leveraging Customer Stories To Fuel Your Content Strategy

In this 30-minute webinar series, Get Your Content Sheet Together, we talk with leaders from top brands to help you face your marketing and SEO fears and get your content strategy out of limbo!

In our fourth installment of the series, we chat with Seasoned Product Marketing Leader (15Five, LinkedIn, Udacity), Jehan Lalkaka, about the importance of writing strong customer stories to drive successful content strategies. Watch as we discuss how to tap into your customer base and craft compelling narratives that actually resonate with your audience’s pain points.


Jehan Lalkaka, 15Five, LinkedIn, & Udacity

Jehan Lalkaka is a Seasoned Product Marketing Leader having worked at top global brands such as 15Five, LinkedIn, and Udacity. Jehan has garnered a decade's worth of experience in successfully turning B2B products into must-haves.

In his own words, "Across a variety of GTMs, including product-led and sales-led, I've built and transformed product marketing teams into trusted drivers of the business. I create connective tissue between Product, Marketing, and customer-facing teams so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Together, we define what success looks like and move forward as one team with one purpose: to make our solution the obvious choice."