Get Your Content Sheet Together:

Setting Great 2024 Marketing Goals

In this 30-minute webinar series, Get Your Content Sheet Together, we talk with leaders from top brands to help you face your marketing and SEO fears and get your content strategy out of limbo!

Like ghoulish ghosts doomed to roam the earth—looming recessions, AI tools, and slashed budgets have haunted marketers for far too long. So, we’re zipping up our khaki jumpsuits and calling in a few content experts to help you blast away all the low-quality content slime.

In our first installment of the series, we chat with growth marketing expert and CMO at Quantive, Casey Carey, about how to set great 2024 marketing goals. Watch as we discuss:

👻 Mistakes to avoid when setting goals

👻 Adjusting your goals vs maintaining them

👻 Examples of great content goals

👻 Recommendations for activating goals within your org


Casey Carey, Quantive

Casey Carey is a SaaS marketing executive with a deep knowledge of the strategy and scale of Google and the scrappiness of startups. He has expertise in B2B, e-commerce, mobile apps, and growth marketing, and he's currently the CMO of Quantive.

Casey believes marketing's primary role is to identify, prioritize, and execute strategic growth at scale. He's passionate about brand building, and data and measuring results are a part of his daily mindset.