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Project Guidelines

Project guidelines reflect the expectations that your client will have about the content your writing. Ask yourself, who is the client, who is the audience, and what is the tone?


Content and Ideas

Once you’ve gone through your project guidelines, the next step is to research and find content and ideas that are innovative, fresh and interesting for your client’s audience.



Incorporating keywords is crucial to creating quality content that your clients will love. After all, clients want blog posts that are keyword optimized for search engines, meaning they’ll appear higher on search engine results pages. Check out this clip on how to use keywords:



Just because you’re linking to relevant content doesn’t mean the reader will know that it’s relevant. You need to structure your sentences and anchor text to ensure the reader knows exactly what’s behind the link you’re presenting to them. Here’s how:


Format and Readability

Does your piece flow? Do the sentences make sense or are you using awkward phrasing? It may seem obvious, but so many pieces come through our editing office that make things very awkward for all of us. Before you submit your piece, check out this clip:

Need more information?

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