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January 08, 18 | by Monica Mizzi strategy

5 Companies With Killer Product Descriptions (And What You Can Learn From Them)

Creating an optimized and well-written product description page may not command the same glory as putting together a viral blog post, but that doesn’t mean they’re not just as important....

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January 02, 18 | by Joyce Chou strategy

Evergreen Content: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Increasing Your Web Traffic

Evergreen content is a critical part of content marketing. Here, we’ll teach you what it is and what you can do to make yours more effective. Table of Contents Evergreen...

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October 03, 17 | by Monica Mizzi strategy

5 Myths That Might be Holding Back Your Content Strategy

There are certain myths which come to mind when it comes to content strategy best practice. Some of these myths are rooted in outdated SEO approaches, while others emerged from...

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September 28, 17 | by Geoffrey Scott strategy

The Content Marketing Ebook: Download Your Free Copy Today

In today’s competitive digital landscape, finding an affordable content marketing strategy that achieves your long- and short-term business goals is hard to come by. Not only do you need engaging,...

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Communicate With Freelancers
September 26, 17 | by Geoffrey Scott strategy

The Ultimate Onboarding & SEO Template for Freelance Writers

As a client, effectively communicating your content needs to a freelance writer is a learned skill that takes trial and error to hone. In most cases, the communication breakdown lies...

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September 20, 17 | by Geoffrey Scott strategy

The Advantages (and Disadvantages) of Outsourcing Your Content Creation

Content marketing has evolved into an industry that is both demanding and costly. Large companies and corporations can painlessly funnel money into their digital marketing strategies, while small to medium...

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September 19, 17 | by strategy

Tangled up with Incompetent Freelance Writers? Here’s How to Avoid That.

You’re looking to outsource your content creation, or you’ve already started. You’re worried that freelance writers won’t quite get the job done, or you’ll be forced to request multiple revisions,...

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a group of people sitting around a table, look like creative types, possibly writers or designers
September 19, 17 | by Geoffrey Scott budgeting

5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Your Content is Cost Effective

Winning the battle for search engine rankings can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. While there are multiple factors to consider on your quest to the top, major SEO studies...

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September 18, 17 | by strategy

The 5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Blog

Blogging does so much for a business or organization – it is a way to engage your customers outside of traditional marketing and customer service, it drives traffic to your...

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