5 Ways Website Content Writing is Unique

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Published: Apr 21, 2023
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Online content marketing is one of the main ways businesses make themselves — and their products or services — known to their target audiences. It isn’t enough to have words on your website, though. Your content needs to be high-quality, engaging, informative and search engine optimized.

That’s where website content writing services come in. These services provide you access to SEO copywriting and content writing professionals who know the ins and outs of crafting sales funnel copy, product/service descriptions, blog articles, landing page content and more.

Website content writing is a unique form of content creation that takes a specialized skill set. Read on to learn more.  

What Is the Focus of a Website Content Writer?

A website content writer is a person who creates content specifically for websites. With their writing, they help increase your visibility, attract more website visitors and boost your conversion rate optimization, helping your business thrive and grow.  

Engaging and Informing the Audience

Engaging content appeals to your audience, sparking interest while providing them with valuable information. With it, you’re able to build brand awareness and trust. Your audience develops a connection with your brand, establishing and strengthening loyalty.

These factors can help you generate more leads and sales. Additionally, engaging content is more likely to get shared, which can help you reach a wider audience and attract more visitors.

Matching Brand Tone and Voice

Your brand voice refers to how you “speak” or communicate with your audience. In essence, it’s a direct extension of your brand personality. Your tone, on the other hand, refers to the emotions or inflections of your voice when you communicate. It can change depending on the message or situation, whereas your voice remains the same no matter what.

Consistency in both voice and tone makes it easier for your audience to recognize your brand. It builds trust and loyalty. And statistics show that maintaining brand consistency can boost revenue by 23%.

Incorporating Keywords Naturally

Keywords are an integral component of SEO content writing for websites. They’re the words and phrases people use to find information online.

Incorporating relevant keywords makes it easier for your target audience to find you and can help drive more traffic to your website. However, there’s an art to it. Placing keywords where they don’t belong—or using them too much—can harm your search engine optimization efforts. For the best results, keyword placement needs to be strategic. Your target words and phrases also need to appear naturally throughout your content.

Deep Business Knowledge

Many website SEO writing services have writers with various backgrounds and areas of expertise. With deep knowledge of your niche or industry, a website content writer can craft informative, relevant content that speaks to your target audience and establishes you as an authority. When your target audience sees you as an expert in your industry, they’re more likely to have confidence in and trust your business.

Creating Strong Calls to Action

No matter how amazing your copywriting is, it won’t be very effective if your target audience doesn’t know what to do with it. Without direction, prospective customers might leave your website without doing anything. Your content needs calls to action (CTAs).

Compelling CTAs don’t only tell your audience what their next step is but encourage them to take it. They help you generate more leads and convert more leads to sales.

The 5 Essential Skills for Website Content Writing

Effective content marketing writing for websites requires a specialized set of skills. When looking for the best content writing services, you’ll want to ensure the writers have the following:

Adaptable Writing Style

A content writer must be able to write in a variety of styles that match your brand. That helps ensure consistency across all platforms, including web page copy, blog content, email content and social media.

To create content that matches a brand, writers need to learn the brand’s voice and tone. Researching the business and reading existing website content help them gain that understanding.

Understanding of SEO and Search Intent

Search engine optimization helps your website rank higher, making you more visible to your target audience. Good SEO content writers know where and how to place keywords. With thorough keyword research, they can also determine search intent, which allows them to create relevant content for every stage of the customer journey, from top-of-funnel to middle-of-funnel to bottom-of-funnel.

Subject Matter Expertise

Expertise in a particular industry allows a writer to create content that positions your business as an authority within your industry. In some cases, the writer might have worked for years in your industry or for a company like yours. Other writers may have experience researching and writing content for other businesses in your industry.

Collaboration and Communication

Most content writing services consist of various teams that work together to produce high-quality content writing for websites. Along with content writing teams, there may be teams of editors, content marketing experts, designers, sales professionals and more.

Communication helps ensure your content is how you want it and that it will drive results. Writers may use email, chat platforms or other collaboration tools to communicate with other teams as the service works to create your content.

Powerful Persuasion

Great content writers know how to write persuasively and how to encourage readers to act. They accomplish this by crafting engaging content in your brand’s voice that captures and holds the attention of your target audience. They provide relevant, valuable information and strategically place a CTA that inspires readers to take a desired action, such as subscribing to a newsletter, requesting more information from your business or completing a purchase.

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