AI Writing Software: 18 Best AI Writing Tools for 2022

Brandon Woods
Published: Dec 02, 2021
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Artificial intelligence has made great strides in recent years. Today, it’s used in a variety of applications and industries, from technology to healthcare. Even the content marketing world is seeing AI writing tools spring up as companies must meet the ever-growing demand for quality content.

With so many AI writing tools available, we wanted to compose a list of the best ones out there. These tools serve as a great way to kickstart your writing and speed up content production for your brand.

What Is an AI Writing Tool?

AI writing tools are content writing applications or services that create content for you. Using a combination of natural language processing and various algorithms, these tools allow you to write articles, blog posts, essays, and more.

While AI writing tools are still new to the content writing world, there are various applications and platforms to choose from. Each tool comes with its own specializations and features. Some work better for SEO while others are more suited for ad copy. Below is our list of the AI writing tools of 2022.

18 Best AI Writing Tools for 2022

The best AI writing tools take in small amounts of information and create entire pieces of content for you. These are the best tools to consider for your content marketing campaigns.


Jasper is one of the highest-rated AI writing tools available, with a near-perfect score on G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot. This AI is made for high-quality long-form content. With dozens of templates available, instruct Jasper to create content based on your preferences. These templates include topic ideas, persuasive bullet points, explain it to a child, unique value propositions, and creative stories.

The tool is also available in its Boss Mode form. This feature allows Jasper to read 2,000 to 3,000 words above the cursor, which improves the AI writer’s context and leads to better written, long-form copy. Boss Mode is available at 50,000 words per month.


  • 50+ templates for creative content, such as explain it to a child and unique value propositions
  • Translation features for over 25 languages
  • Repurpose existing content for new content
  • AI writing for search engine optimized articles


Jasper offers two plans. The Starter plan is for short copy and costs $29 per month. The initial cap is 20,000 words per month, but you can increase it up to 1,000,000 words a month at a higher cost. The Boss Mode plan is for long-form content. This plan costs $59 per month, giving you 50,000 words.

You can increase this plan up to 5,000,000 words per month at an additional cost. There are also one-time bonus packs available at a standard rate of $30 for 30,000 words. Unlike monthly plans, bonus packs do roll over every month.


Jasper is an online app you can access from your computer or mobile device, allowing you to create content wherever you’re located. The tool, especially when using Boss Mode, provides you with several commands to direct Jasper and create content you want that’s ready to publish.

CopyAI Logo

CopyAI is a content generation tool that claims you can create marketing copy in a matter of seconds. The tool is easy to use. CopyAI provides you with over 60 templates to choose from. Within those templates, you can guide the tool to create social media copy, blog content, sales content, ad copy, and more.

In addition to creating content, CopyAI can be used for blog ideas and product descriptions. If you aren’t sure what to write about, insert a bit of information into CopyAI and it’ll provide suggestions for you.


  • Multi-lingual support, which includes Portuguese, Brazilian, Chinese, and Japanese
  • Templates for accurate content creation based on your guidelines
  • Easy-to-use interface and small learning curve


CopyAI has three plans available. It offers a 7-day free trial with no credit card required. You can perform 100 runs a day during your trial. The Solo plan is $35 per month, $420 billed annually, and comes with unlimited runs, 25+ language translations, and access to all of CopyAI's tools. Larger teams can get the Multiple Seat plan, which has custom pricing, and additional features, such as collaboration tools.


CopyAI is a fast, simple, and effective solution to content writing. You can adjust and tailor-make your content based on your preferences. The UI is easy to use, reducing the need to learn complicated software or complex interfaces.


Copysmith Logo

Copysmith is an AI-writing tool designed to overcome the often time-consuming brainstorming process. It comes with 30 templates for you to choose from to start generating content based on our needs.

For large-scale content creation platforms, Copysmith offers bulk content generation, allowing you to create several pieces of content immediately, without the need for several writers. Along with third-party integration, you can quickly create, edit, and publish content through this tool.


  • Over 30 templates for ads, brainstorming, blog posts, and branding
  • Bulk content creation for large scale content marketing strategies
  • Collaboration features for streamlined content and feedback
  • Specific, relevant content for popular topics


Copysmith offers five plans. The Starter plan costs $19 per month and is for individuals. The Professional plan is $59 per month and comes with unlimited credits and 100 plagiarism checks. The Teams plan is $118 per month, increasing plagiarism check to 500 and giving you access to collaboration features and Ali’s Expertise feature. The Enterprise solution comes with custom pricing, contact the sales team for more information.


Copysmith breaks down content writing into easy-to-use templates for long and short-form content. Bulk creation and collaboration tools make this software a useful tool for content marketing agencies.


Rytr Logo

Rytr is an all-in-one writing platform for articles, blog content, ad copy, landing pages, and more. The program comes with several specialized ways to create content, such as its copywriting framework. Rytr gives you two frameworks to work from. The first is AIDA-based: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. The second is PAS-based: Problem, Agitate, and Solution.

This platform gives you the freedom for deep customization, without you ever having to write a single word. You can expand or improve on a section of content, making the AI rewrite certain portions in more detail or differently. Reword and shorten clunky sentences to make them more precise and use Rytr’s other formatting tools until the content fits your style perfectly.


  • Dozens of highly-specialized templates available for your ideal piece of content
  • Blog ideation tools for brainstorming
  • Editing and formatting tools, such as expand, reword, shorten, and improve
  • Integration into email platforms, social media apps, and word processors


Rytr offers two plans. A free plan for 5,000 characters per month. The premium option gives you unlimited usages, starting at $29 per month of $290 annually.


Due to Rytr’s long list of templates, it’s possible to create any type of content you need or brainstorm until you find a strategy that works for you. Small formatting features allow you to craft every part of your article without having to type. For both individuals and teams, Rytr is an effective AI-based solution for customized, computer-generated content.

Article Forge

Article Forge Logo

Article Forge uses deep learning and artificial intelligence to create content in as little as 60 seconds. It’s simple to use the software. Once you’ve chosen your primary secondary keywords, Article Forge requires you to give your content length and any other requirements.

After inputting your information, Article Forge takes up to 60 seconds to write your content. The platform keeps search engine optimization in mind as the articles are designed to be readable, while also ranking for your target keyword.


  • Simple process and easy to use platform
  • Search engine optimized content created in less than a minute
  • Requirements available to further customize your article before its creation
  • Available in seven languages


Article Forge is available at just two pricing points. The monthly plan is $57. The other plan is $27 billed annually. Both plans come with the same features. You can try Article Forge for free with its 5-day trial.


Article Forge is a fast and simple to use AI-powered content generator. While it does lack other features beyond content creation, its ability to quickly produce an article for you in less than a minute does help with overcoming writer’s block and ideation.


Grammarly Logo

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant. Its main purpose is to make your content clear, concise, and free of mistakes. Primarily, the tool is used for grammar and spelling mistakes, but it can be used for other purposes.

While the tool is active, you can highlight a word or common phrase and receive synonyms and other suggestions. Grammarly also highlights wordy sections of your content, suggesting what can be removed or taken away. It can serve as a complement to built-in spelling and grammar checkers found on most writing platforms.


  • Grammar and spelling suggestions for better, more concise content
  • Tone analysis for consistent messaging
  • Integration into Slack, Gmail, Word, Google Docs, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Plagiarism detection


Grammarly is one of the most affordable writing assistants available today. The free version provides you with basic writing suggestions. The Premium plan costs $12.00 per month and includes style, tone, and clarity improvements. The Business plan is $12.50 per month per user and is for teams of up to 149 people.


Grammarly is a simple-to-use assistant that quietly runs in the background for most word processors. Use it to make adjustments to your writing in real-time and avoid submitting work with glaring errors or tonal issues.


Writesonic Logo

Writesonic is designed primarily for marketing copy, but the tool is useful for press releases, company bios, product names, and even startup ideas. By using any of its dozens of templates available, you can craft full pieces of content through Writesonic’s platform.

To create copy with Writesonic, you choose a template, provide a short description, and generate the content. Once it’s generated, you can edit, and publish your content to any platform you desire.


  • Content templates for web copy, digital ads, blogs, product descriptions, and video copy
  • Available in over 20 languages
  • Built-in copywriting formulas for PAS and AIDA content


Writesonic offers five pricing plans for users. The free trial gives you 120 words to generate, just to see how the tool works. The Basic and Professional plans are $15 per month and $25 per month respectively. They provide the same features, but the Professional plan gives you unlimited credits. The Startup plan is $95 per month and comes with two user seats. Finally, the Agency plan is $195 per month and comes with four user seats. Both the Startup and Agency plan has additional features coming soon, such as browser extensions, and integration into the Shopify App.


Writesonic’s streamlined interface means you can quickly create content within a matter of minutes. While Writesonic does not come with many features, the 40+ templates give you a long list of content writing types to choose from, for generating ideas, long and short-form content, videos, and ads.

Peppertype Logo

Peppertype is an Ai-powered content generation tool for social media, copywriting, and SEO. You use the tool by choosing the type of content you wish to create and giving the tool a product name and description. Peppertype then generates a list of results for you to choose from and you can edit or export them accordingly.

You can continue to generate content using the same descriptions you provided. There are over 30 content types to choose from, which include Amazon product descriptions, content rewriting and expanding, customer review response, and AIDA copywriting.


  • Blog ideation and topic generation
  • Multiple templates for copywriting including AIDA, BAB, and PAS
  • Blog outlines for you or other writers on your team
  • Social media post captions for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram


Peppertype offers three plans. The Starter plan is $25 per month and billed at $420 annually. The Growth plan is $165 per month and billed $2,388 annually. Contact the sales team for information on pricing on the Enterprise plan. All plans allow you to add additional users for a higher monthly rate.


With over 30 content types to choose from, Peppertype is a useful tool for content and topic creation. The interface is simple enough to use, choosing from a list of suggestions the AI provides. Tools for article rewriting, improving, and expanding are also useful ways for you to edit your content and improve its readability and SEO.


Outranking Logo

Outranking is an Ai-writing platform specializing in search engine optimized content. This tool uses one-click methods for several of its features, such as meta title ideas, meta descriptions, and creating long pieces of content. It is designed to help you from the idea phase to publishing.

Once you’ve chosen your topic and built your outline, you can use Outranking however you wish. It gives you suggestions for your subheadings and long-form content, which you can use, edit, or replace with your writing.


  • One-click solutions for blog intro, conclusion, and outline
  • Fact collector for accurate content
  • SERP analysis for high-ranking keywords
  • Question gathering from competitor webpages and related keywords
  • Tone and audience specifications to keep your content on brand


Outranking comes with three plans. The Starter plan is $39 per month, allowing you to create 10 documents. The Growth and Professional plans are $79 and $159 per month, respectively. The Growth plan gives you 30 documents to create while the Professional gives you 100 per month.


Through Outranking’s seamless integration into the content writing process, it’s easy to use as much or as little as you’d like. The long list of features gives you full control over how detailed or general you want your content to be, even as the AI tool writes it for you. Use the suggestions to create content with just a few clicks or you can edit it to give it your flare.


Scalenut Logo

Scalenut uses artificial intelligence to scale up content production. The writing platform gives you detailed content reports based on your target keyword. It helps with search engine optimization as the report includes key terms, subheading suggestions, readability checker, and insights from high-ranking pages.

As you create your content, Scalenut provides real-time quality checks to ensure you maintain the tone and voice you want for your brand. The AI-writing tool produces long-form content to speed up the writing process. You can use Scalenut for ideation, content writing, or both, depending on your preferences.


  • Research report and competitor analysis for your target keyword
  • Common questions compiled from Quora and Reddit to determine user intent
  • Templates and Write with AI feature to overcome writer’s block
  • Short-form AI tool for topics, product descriptions, and blog intros


Scalenut comes in three plans, Individual, Growth, and Pro. The plans cost $35 per month, $99 per month, and $149 per month respectively. Annual memberships are 25% less than the monthly price.


Scalenut is a comprehensive content writing solution powered by artificial intelligence. The AI tools allow you to create content, both long-form and short-form with a few pieces of information. Combined with competitor analysis and a detailed research report, you can produce relevant content for your readers that ranks.


ProWritingAid Logo

ProWritingAid is a sentence and grammar checker for writers and editors. The tool comes with three styles of writing to review, Creative Writing, Business Writing, and Academic Writing. Each style of writing has its own review structure. For example, Creative Writing checks for things such as sentence variety and unusual dialogue tags. By comparison, Academic Writing checks for transition usage and sentence length.

The tool comes with a list of other features, such as synonyms for various words, a contextual thesaurus, which includes lists, alliterations, cliches, common phrases, anagrams, and rhymes. These tools allow you to diversify your writing and improve readability.


  • Data visualization for easy illustration of your writing habits
  • Integration with Word, Google Docs, Gmail, Firefox, Chrome, and Scrivner
  • Contextual thesaurus with synonyms, anagrams, examples, and common phrases
  • Dedicated grammar checking for creative, business, and academic content


ProWritingAid costs $20.00 per month. A yearly subscription is $59.25 annually. Lifetime subscriptions are $199.50.


ProWritingAid is geared towards individual writers who want to track and avoid common pitfalls in their writing. Through its built-in thesaurus and proofreading features, you can create better, more unique content and break away from bad habits.


INK logo

INK is a downloadable content editor that uses artificial intelligence and search engine optimization best practices to improve your content. As you write in the INK editor, it shows you your SEO score. The editor provides topic suggestions, recommended lengths, and meta description, and meta title suggestions all to improve your content.

INK’s most notable feature is its AI writing tool. Through the use of points, you can generate a certain number of words through AI. As you write content, you can use the tool to expand on your article. As you work in tandem with the tool, you lighten your load while creating SEO-rich content at a faster pace.


  • Accessibility modes for writers who are colorblind or dyslexic
  • Focus function to remove distracting elements from the user interface
  • Dark mode
  • WordPress integration
  • SEO options such as meta description, image optimization, and topic suggestions


INK’s free pricing model allows you to write up to 10 articles per month and score 25 articles for SEO. You also receive 50 points, with 5 points earned each day. The INK PRO pricing model is $29 per month. You receive 1,000 points per month for AI writing, with unlimited articles and SEO scoring. INK’s PRO UNLIMITED plan is $82 per month for three users. All users receive unlimited points, articles, and SEO content scoring.


INK’s typewriter, accessibility, and dark mode feature all aid with helping a writer focus on the task at hand. Along with the AI writing tool, this article writing software is great for writing content, particularly for extended periods of time.


Frase Logo

Frase is a search engine optimization content platform with a myriad of features all designed to speed up the writing process. Its user interface allows writers to quickly research focus keywords by pulling up high-ranking pages, common search terms, and queries related to the keyword.

Frase’s AI-writing tool helps writers during both the ideation and content creation phase. For ideation, the AI tool can come up with outlines, headers, titles, and more, giving writers a jumping-off point. As for content, Frase requires you to write a small portion of the content before the AI tool takes over. This makes writing a blog post or article faster while maintaining a human touch.


  • SERP analysis and common queries related to focus keywords
  • Artificial intelligence tool for outlines and content creation
  • Content brief creation for well-researched guidelines to other writers
  • SEO checker for focus keywords and top topics
  • Real-time comparison of your content’s SEO to currently high-ranking pages


Frase’s Basic plan costs $49.99 per month or $39.99 if paid yearly. It offers 1 seat and credits for creating up to 30 documents. The Team plan costs $114.99 per month or $99.99 a year. It offers 3 seats, unlimited credits to create documents, and Google Docs integration. The Enterprise plan is custom and it comes with the same features as the Team plan, along with API access and custom onboarding.


Frase is a highly-effective tool for SEO content. The content briefs and AI-powered outline feature are helpful tools for the early stages of content writing, both of which speed up the writing process. Writers can see how the content they create compares to other high-ranking pages and adjust accordingly for better search engine results.


Lightkey Logo

Speed up typing through predictive text through Lightkey, an AI-powered writing assistant. This took predicts up to a dozen words, including punctuation, to speed up your content writing process.

Several quality-of-life features continue the flow of your writing without you having to pause. When making a mistake, simply hit the tab key and the tool will fix your content, while you continue writing. As you use Lightkey, the tool learns your writing style for a more personalized experience.


  • Multi-word prediction offers up to 12 words to be predicted at a time
  • Available for Word, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and any desktop application
  • Optimization for writers with disabilities
  • AI predictions powered by neural networks


Lightkey is free for up to 1,000 keystrokes per month. The free version can be used in Microsoft Office, Edge, and Google Chrome. It also comes in two paid tiers. The first is the Pro plan, with unlimited keystrokes and a single-year license of $39.95 or a lifetime license of $169.95. The Business plan is available for $59.96 for a single-year license and $229.95 for a lifetime license. Additional features of the business plan include team analytics, business KPIs, and collective wisdom.


This AI-writing tool is meant to ease the burden of content writing and speeds up the process. Sound assistance and optimization for people with disabilities, gives people who can’t type regularly the freedom to create content quickly and accurately.


Textmetrics Logo

Textmetrics is a content quality platform for more inclusive writing. The program offers several modules, from dashboards and reporting to diversity and inclusion. Each module is made to improve your content, whether through search engine optimization or inclusion and bias checks.

In addition to web content, such as articles and blog posts, Textmetrics can be used for job postings and recruitment content. The data-driven language platform checks your content to ensure its inclusion of underrepresented people, which increases your discoverability and chances of finding the right person for the job.


  • Reduces risk of discrimination in your texts
  • Customizable modules based on your needs
  • Branding and style guide creation for a unified message across all team members
  • Inclusion, accessibility, and gender bias check in your content
  • Built-in project manager


Textmetrics pricing is based on the size of your organization and usage. Contact them directly for a quote.


This is an excellent tool for copy and SEO content. The unique diversity and inclusion feature positions your brand to overcome common biases found in everyday copy. Customizable modules give you full control over how much of the tool you’d like to use. Working both as an app and plugin also makes it easy to integrate this tool into your workspace.


Sapling Logo

An important aspect of customer service is fast and accurate responses. Sapling is an AI-messaging assistant made to increase customer response speed. You can use the tool to respond to customers faster, reduce the wait time for customers with questions, and improve the quality of your team member’s messages through grammar and language corrections.

You can integrate Sapling into any number of tools, such as Salesforce, Zendesk, and Twilio. It’s possible to fully install the software in two clicks and onboarding takes as little as 10 minutes.


  • Predictive typing and chat assistance for faster results
  • Trigger and query macros for common recurring questions
  • Analytics and reporting on individuals and teams
  • Grammar and spelling suggestions for better clarity


Sapling offers a free version that comes with basic suggestions, encryption protection, and 20 snippets for faster responses to common questions. The Pro version of Sapling offers many more additional features, including advanced suggestions, autocomplete, and email and ticket support. This version is available at $25 per month. Enterprise pricing is available by contacting the sales team.


Sapling is a customer-facing solution for teams who need fast, accurate, and professional responses to customer queries. It’s a tool best used for brands that regularly receive questions, requests to chat, or issues that can easily be resolved through pre-written responses.


Writer Logo

Writer is an AI writing assistant for teams. The tool unifies the writing across all channels, ensuring the style and tone are consistent for all writers. Writer is a tool that works best for companies with a clear brand message and tone they want to maintain. In addition to keeping your style consistent, this AI writing tool provides suggestions for clear, crisp writing that removes fluff.


  • Integration into Word, Google Docs, Chrome, Outlook, and Figma
  • Customizable style guide and rules for all users to follow
  • Grade and clarity level requirements
  • Reusable snippets
  • Custom styling of fonts, colors, and CSS to any page


Writer provides a free plan with basic grammar and spelling suggestions, as well as data security. The Pro plan costs $11 per month or $99 billed annually with more features. The team plan is $18 per user, per month, billed $162 annually. Enterprise-level pricing is available upon contacting the sales team.


Writer is at its best when used in a team dynamic. The ability to unify writing styles across everyone on the team, including new hires, reduces training time and ensures content is clear and written according to your brand’s guidelines. With integration in major content writing platforms, such as Google Docs and Word, it’s easy for any brand to add the tool to their process.

Typli Logo

Typli is an AI-powered content writing tool with over 100 writing commands. These commands allow you to customize your content and optimize it for search engines. Conveniently, Typli gives you a toolbar to examine the search engine optimization of your content. The tool has a progress bar, which notifies you when your content is fully optimized.

Typli is designed for both long-form and short-form content, which is useful when you don’t have a plan in mind before writing.


  • 100+ writing commands for accurate content creation
  • Unlimited outputs for a single monthly price
  • Search engine optimization checker
  • Accurate long-form content powered by natural language processing
  • Chrome and Firefox extension along with WordPress plugin


Typli costs $29.00 per month for unlimited projects. There are no annual or long-term subscription models. New users can start with a 7-day free trial to write up to 5,000 characters.


Typli is an effective content writing solution for those who deal with writer’s block or struggle with the ideation phase of content. The writing commands give you full control over the tool to create accurate content. With an SEO checker and other features, such as the ability to add images, Typli has everything you need to create ready-to-publish content.

Why AI Tools Are Beneficial to Content Writers

AI writing software isn’t a replacement for copywriters, but a tool and valuable asset. The demand for well-written, optimized content is increasing. Through AI writing tools, it’s possible to speed up the process five or even ten times over. Bypass the time-consuming parts of the writing process and focus on the more important aspects of editing, optimization, and readability.

These tools don’t quite have the human touch people look for in content, but they can give any writer a great first draft to start from. Consider any of the above tools as a way to enhance your copy, speed up your writing process, and create better content at a faster rate.


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