The 8 Best Daily Email Subscriptions

Published: Mar 11, 2020
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If you think your email inbox is full, you're not alone. According to the latest projections, by next year, people will receive and send almost 320 billion emails daily. Of course, there's a difference between emails you need to read and those that you actually want to read.

Here's an enlightening exercise: consider why you open certain emails over others. Is it because there's a promo code inside for a brand you've been dying to try? What about an attention-grabbing subject line that leaves you wanting more? Or is it because you know you'll learn something from whatever's inside?

It might be any of those things.

Good email marketers know their words are more likely to be read if their messages are relevant. In other words, we're more likely to delete emails that are impersonal, overly promotional, or trivial compared to those that are engaging, provide us with a solution, and are tailored to our interests.

A daily email subscription—one that arrives in your inbox every morning or night—kicks that relevance factor up a notch. To keep readers from clicking the unsubscribe button, a successful daily email needs these three ingredients:

  • A clear purpose
  • A strong (and mobile-friendly) design
  • Insightful and informative content that adds value

To get an idea of how that might look, here are nine of the best daily email subscriptions on the web. Each of these email newsletters provides readers a daily dose of knowledge spanning marketing to sports to fashion trends and politics to philosophy. If you're a content creator, you'll want to keep an eye on how these brands are regularly and effectively engaging with their audiences.

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1. theCLIKK

For those looking to learn and stay up to speed about all things digital marketing, you need to sign up for theCLIKK. This free newsletter delivers bite-sized news and education about SEO and content, with splashes of pop culture and trivia to keep you entertained.

For an example of the kind of information it provides, check out one of its helpful excerpts about creating quality content.

theCLIKK also offers techniques and tools and software recommendations so you can level up various aspects of your marketing strategy, like lead generation, copywriting, and social media presence. In short, regardless of whether you're an experienced internet marketer or a total newbie, this newsletter is packed with digital marketing wisdom.

2. Axios

Even if the news isn't your thing, you might still feel the need to stay informed. Axios offers several daily newsletters that provide readers with the latest headlines ranging from politics to technology and society to health.

The mission of Axios is clear: consistent, easy-to-follow news that's driven by trust and efficiency. That comes through in Axios AM and Axios PM, which include analysis by award-winning journalists in addition to the news. Subscribers can choose both AM and PM for the full effect.


Every Monday through Friday, PRSUIT helps you find a few mindful moments during your busy morning. Not only are there thought-provoking articles, but there's also plenty of content that will make you laugh, feel empowered, and be inspired. If you can't get enough of this daily newsletter, there's also a companion podcast.

4. Quartz Daily Obsession

Beat the afternoon slump and sharpen your mind with the Quartz Daily Obsession. Delivered to your inbox Monday through Friday, this newsletter stays away from the news that’s dominating the headlines. Instead, it brings fun facts, interesting histories, and compelling statistics revolving around one common theme.

Recent newsletters have explored subjects ranging from cheerleading to espresso, meaning any topic is possible.

5. Next Draft

Like Axios, Next Draft sends readers daily need-to-know news. But unlike Axios, the headlines are completely curated by writer Dave Pell, who claims he visits between 50 to 75 websites each day to find his content.

The humorous tone of Pell's presentation is the best part of Next Draft, but the clean design of Pell's website and newsletter is also something to note. When you subscribe, be sure to pay attention to the peer reviews, which include high praise from other writers, editors, and critics.

6. Daily Skimm

Daily Skimm is often mentioned in lists of top newsletters, and for good reason. With more than 7 million subscribers, this brand has perfected the email model.

Subscribers to Daily Skimm receive quick and easy overviews of important headlines, brought to you by witty writers, with a lack of potentially distracting images or graphics. Daily Skimm arrives in your inbox Monday through Friday for free. To compliment that daily content, there's also the Skimm This podcast.

7. The Daily Good

The name says it all. The Daily Good promises a quick, 30-second read with solid recommendations on the best things to listen to, places to visit, articles to read, and more.

The Daily Good is another example of how strong imagery, captivating headlines, and carefully curated content builds an engaged audience.

8. Daily Stoic

It's philosophy with a modern twist. Stoicism has its roots in ancient Rome, but its principles are easily applied to everyday life. That is the hallmark of the philosophy: Stoicism is a way of living that is concerned with action, not complacency.

The Daily Stoic email shows up in your morning inbox Monday through Friday, with a weekend roundup featuring the top blog and social media posts. You can better yourself before you've finished your first cup of coffee.

Competing in a clogged inbox isn't easy. For receivers to see, open, and engage with an email,  they must feel like the content is relevant and valuable.

Email marketers can measure the success of content by the loyalty and growth of an audience, which is especially important with daily emails. Who wants to spend time creating content that isn't seen, valued or shared?

Keep in mind our recommended daily email subscriptions and what makes them unique, fresh, and captivating. Sign up for one—or all—of the newsletters and decide what might work for your audience. Remember, you don't have to reinvent the wheel, but you do have to determine what your audience needs and how you can fill that gap.

This article was written by writer Anne Sentz.


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