19 Evergreen Content Examples For Different Industries

Alaina Bradenburger
Published: Apr 10, 2024
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As technology and consumer behavior change, Google has evolved its search algorithms to make sure users always get relevant results. Content remains a tried-and-true strategy to establish your website’s relevance to search engines, and evergreen content can boost your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) because it is relevant to more people. 

This guide covers various evergreen content examples in different industries you can use to jump-start your content strategy. 

What Is Evergreen Content? 

Evergreen refers to content that stays fresh for a long time. The information in these blog posts, email messages, or videos doesn’t change much and generates interest longer than timely or trending content. 

For example, a fashion retailer might post blogs about spring trends for 2024 alongside articles about choosing the best workout gear for your body type. The trends article will receive fewer views as the spring season comes to an end. But the workout gear article will be relevant for years because it’s not tied to specific trends. 

Sixty-three percent of marketers claim that content marketing in general helps them build and nurture leads. With an evergreen content strategy, you can address frequently asked questions and cover other topics that provide value to your current and future customers. It's a good way to cement your reputation as an expert in your field and attract more customers down the road.

What Are Some Evergreen Topics? 

Evergreen articles, videos, and other content differ depending on your industry. Think about what retains your target audience’s interest. Start with keyword research to determine the topics that drive your audience to your website and social media. Once you have your topic list, consider what subtopics fit each category. 

In general, the following types of timeless content perform well in any industry: 

  • How-to guides
  • Listicles
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Customer testimonials
  • Expert interviews
  • Lifestyle content

Most of these topics can be modified to fit your specific niche. For example, you may not consider lifestyle content a good fit if you're a B2B company in the manufacturing space. However, you can apply lifestyle concepts to your potential clients. Write informative articles about how to save time or refine business practices to work more efficiently. 

When you’re developing an evergreen content strategy, choose multiple pillar topics that cover a variety of subtopics. You'll choose 3–4 primary topics of expertise and organize your content around them. This helps you create multiple pieces of evergreen content and makes it easier to organize your website to keep people surfing. Readers can easily locate articles, blog posts, and videos that interest them.

Top 19 Content Examples for Different Industries

Use the following ideas to create evergreen posts that improve your organic traffic and help you build a rapport with your target audience. 

Behind-the-scenes photo of a camera person recording a commercial

1. Advertising and Marketing: Marketing Case Studies

Content creators are always looking for ways to inform and engage their audiences, and there are plenty of benefits of case studies when it comes to evergreen content. Case studies allow you to prove your skills with tangible results. If you have a big portfolio of past clients, you've got a wealth of evergreen content. 

Start with your goals. Figure out which of your past successes are most relevant to your target audience and schedule case study interviews with your past clients. Structure your questions to get a detailed overview of the client’s problem and how you provided a solution. Include specific statistics where possible to highlight how you can achieve results. Real-world examples help you communicate your unique value without being overly sales-y. 

Case studies also help you give potential customers a solid understanding of your process and what you can achieve. This comes in handy when dealing with people in the consideration stage of their buying journey. During this phase, potential customers often seek out in-depth information they can use to distinguish you from competitors. Case studies are high-quality content that helps you prove your expertise and establish your credibility, making customers more likely to choose your services.

Choose different types of case studies depending on your objective for the post. Since you can break case studies into smaller pieces of content, they are great for repurposing as part of your content marketing strategy. You can also pull quotes from your interviews and include them on your testimonials page. 

2. Aerospace: Blogs on the History of Flight

Aerospace is a dynamic industry with constantly shifting technology, so creating evergreen content can be tricky. Your audience may care about new trends and tech in the business, but these articles may not stay relevant for long. 

Fortunately, the history of flight never changes. It is also an expansive subject. You’re not limited to one evergreen blog post about the Wright Brothers and their first flight. You can also write seasonal content celebrating women in aviation during Women’s History Month, for example. Or you can take some time to celebrate lesser-known people who contributed to the industry. 

3. Agriculture: How-To Guides for Sustainable Farming

Seventy-eight percent of modern customers are concerned about sustainability, but they aren't the only ones. Sustainable farming is also a concern for agriculture professionals who want to keep their businesses operational for the long haul. 

Whether you provide agricultural services or sell to agricultural businesses, your customers probably care about sustainability. Create how-to guides highlighting sustainable agriculture practices emerging across the industry. 

These guides can help you build your reputation as a sustainable brand and establish you as an authority on the subject. How-to guides about sustainable farming are also perfect for communicating your commitment to lowering your environmental impact. 

If you produce food and other goods for consumption, your customers may be interested in this aspect of your business. Use evergreen online content to help them understand what you’re doing for the planet and to help them make better buying decisions for a sustainable lifestyle. 

4. Computers and Technology: Cybersecurity Best Practices

Like aerospace, computers and technology continue to evolve. But regardless of how things change in the industry, people will likely always be concerned with protecting their online privacy. If your clients are businesses, they'll want to protect their customers, so cybersecurity is relevant to them too.

Cybersecurity best practices are ripe for engaging blog posts, videos, and email newsletters. Because businesses and customers both care about cybersecurity, they will likely keep searching for it online, which drives people to your website. 

Host a social media live stream featuring a cybersecurity question and answer session and post the recording later. Or use topics from the Q&A session to brainstorm evergreen topics for each of your content platforms. Even as computers change, cybersecurity is a concern. This evergreen piece will still be relevant because your target audience will always want to know how to keep themselves safe. 

5. Construction: Safety Guidelines for Construction Sites

Evergreen content examples for construction include how-to guides on site management, tips and tricks on keeping projects under budget, and all-important safety guides. 

Construction is notorious for being a hazardous industry. In 2022, construction had the highest instances of workplace deaths. Posting high-quality content related to safety can solidify your reputation as a safety leader in the industry. 

Pieces of content aren’t limited to attracting customers. You can also use them as a recruiting tool to attract the best and brightest workers in your field. Posting safety guidelines is a great way to communicate a construction company's workplace culture to future employees. 

Highlight steps construction managers can take to keep workers safe on the job and outline common tools that improve safety. Make sure you’re posting complete guides that cover all aspects of workplace safety or break your guide into a series. 

6. Education: Guidelines on Study Techniques

Study techniques are valuable resources for any student. In the educational field, this topic is perfect for listicles, how-to content, and blog posts. You can easily break a complete guide into digestible pieces that inform and engage your reader. 

Before you write your guide, figure out what your target audience wants to know. Introduce the topic with some background on how studying improves student performance and include some general studying tips. 

Dive deep into each study technique and find statistics about how each method improves student performance. If you gather enough statistics, you can easily turn this topic into an infographic and share it on social media to cross-promote your evergreen content. 

To write an effective guide, don’t assume your audience already knows the subject. Use plain language but keep it engaging. Cover common steps for each study method coupled with an overview of why the technique works. 

7. Energy: Energy-Saving Checklists

Checklists are a key part of any evergreen marketing strategy. You can easily adapt them to lifestyle pieces, seasonal content, and other popular evergreen content examples. 

Energy-saving tips are easy to adapt to your different clients. If you’re marketing for an energy company that offers utility services to residential clients, tackle this topic from a homeowner or renter's perspective. If you’re an energy producer, post checklists from a potential client’s perspective. 

For example, a manufacturer of solar panels could write an energy-saving checklist for commercial and industrial clients showcasing how they can extend the life of your product. If you’re an oil and gas producer, offer a checklist for commercial clients or clients in the public sector. 

Start with a comprehensive list of energy-saving methods when writing a checklist. Prioritize each item, add them to the checklist, and make it easy for your readers to check them off the list. 

8. Entertainment: Film Reviews

You may not consider film reviews to be an evergreen content example because films wane in popularity. But interesting and engaging reviews can easily be evergreen if you don't tie the review to current events. Stick to the material instead.

Film reviews are perfect seasonal content because certain movies are replayed throughout the year. For example, around Halloween, you can post a listicle featuring brief reviews of classic horror movies. Then you can cover holiday movies. 

By grouping your film reviews into lists with similar themes, you can engage your readers without sticking with the latest releases. Lists also encourage your readers to stay on your site longer than a single review. 

Detailed film reviews can be more helpful to your evergreen content strategy than you might assume. Go beyond the surface. Instead of reiterating the plot with some added detail, explore the reasons behind your review. Dissect how certain filmmaking choices contribute to the movie’s success or lack thereof. These reviews will help make the film viewing experience richer for your readers.

9. Healthcare and Medical: Original Research

Healthcare is a universal concern. At some point, almost everyone will spend time researching different conditions or other topics that help improve their health. Research is highly valuable in this arena. 

As a healthcare and medical professional, you are likely always learning important information about various conditions, the human body in general, and the healthcare industry as a whole. Share these insights with people who follow your content.

Original research enhances your credibility and boosts trust with your target audience. If you’re not in the business of funding medical research, you can still post long-form content highlighting your insights. Combine firsthand sources, such as case studies and patient interviews, with research from credible sources. Distill complex medical research papers into everyday language that is meaningful to your readers. 

10. Hospitality and Tourism: Travel Tips

“Travel tips” is a broad subject and lends itself well to evergreen content ideas. Build multiple pieces of content around this theme. Choose some of your top destinations and publish mini travel guides to help your customers navigate a new city. 

Keep the subject broad by posting a listicle with tricks to save time and money on your vacation. Or ease some of the tension that comes with visiting a new country with some international travel tips to keep you safe on vacation. 

11. Manufacturing and Production: Quality Control Checklists

Quality control is one of those timeless topics that matters to manufacturers. When marketing for manufacturers, quality control checklists showcase your expertise, but they also subtly convey your commitment to quality. 

When you’re writing these checklists, outline your own quality control process. Document every step of your process and then group similar tasks to make your list shorter. 

Cover the most important steps, explaining why each is important and how your readers can do it. Make your posts interactive by creating a downloadable list with check boxes your readers can use in their business. 

12. Real Estate: Home-Buying Guides

Evergreen content may increase your ranking in organic real estate searches. It’s also an effective way to generate new leads. 

Consider home-buying guides. They're great for real estate because buying a home is a complex process. These guides show your potential clients that you know your business and help them understand what to expect. That can ease some of the stress of home-buying. 

You can create a comprehensive home-buying guide covering everything associated with buying a house. Or you can split your guide into multiple posts and repurpose some of your subtopics for social media and other content marketing.

These are just a few issues you can address: 

  • How to determine a budget for buying a house
  • How to calculate a mortgage
  • The ins and outs of getting a loan
  • How much of a down payment to put down
  • How to sell a home
  • Red flags to look out for during a home inspection
  • Navigating an HOA

Like travel tips in hospitality, a home-buying guide is a good pillar you can use to organize your content strategy. 

13. Retail and Consumer Goods: Product Reviews

The majority of shoppers read online reviews before they buy a product. Posting product reviews helps improve your online visibility in the crowded retail market. It also helps your customers visualize a product and how it will meet their needs. 

If you’re operating an e-commerce business, product reviews help your customers “try on” a product before they buy it. Include information about how your product works, how other customers use it, and features that benefit the customer. 

You can also post actual customer reviews and testimonials to enhance your credibility and build your brand reputation. 

14. Telecom: Common Problems With Internet Connectivity

Between working from home, scrolling on their phones, and streaming media, the average person spends more than 6.5 hours a day online. For most, the internet is a necessity rather than a luxury. 

Drive people to your website by preemptively helping people with internet connectivity issues. Outline common causes coupled with solutions they can take to get their internet back up and running. This type of evergreen content serves two purposes: 

  • It helps establish you as a relevant search result in Google algorithms.
  • It can potentially free up your customer service team.

Improve your customers' experience by empowering them to troubleshoot and fix their internet issues on their own. 

15. Transportation and Logistics: Guides for Logistics Optimization

With Amazon making overnight delivery the standard in shipping, your transportation and logistics clients may need to streamline to keep up. Post guides outlining tips and technology your target audience can use to make logistics more efficient. 

If you offer transportation and logistics services to customers, highlight how your business handles optimization to make the process more efficient. If your customers are the ones providing these services, create posts outlining how logistics optimization can help them improve their customer service delivery and highlight how your product or service contributes to optimization. 

This type of evergreen content is great for communicating your unique value proposition to potential customers without screaming it from the rooftops. 

16. Finance and Banking: Investment Tips and Best Practices

Your content marketing strategy for finance and banking should include a blend of trending and evergreen content. For example, your readers may look to you to understand the cryptocurrency of the week and whether they should invest. However, there are multiple evergreen content examples for this industry that shouldn't be overlooked.

Investment tips and best practices serve as excellent pillar topics because they will always be relevant. People may not always invest in the same way, but they can follow your tips and best practices to maximize their return without taking unnecessary risks. 

Since the financial industry is heavily regulated, make sure you always include a disclaimer on your content. Keep your tips and tricks broad rather than doling out specific financial advice. 

17. Environmental Services: How-To Guides for Recycling

Even if people understand the benefits of recycling, they might not know the rules. Your followers may have the best intentions and accidentally make a whole dumpster nonrecyclable by mixing different types of materials. 

Help your customers along with a how-to guide. You can make it a video with specific examples of what they can and can’t recycle. Offer tips on how to sort items in the bin and factors that make it impossible to recycle an item. For example, if someone wants to recycle a glass yogurt container, how clean should it be? 

Break your guide into tidbits and post over multiple days. 

18. Legal Services: FAQs on Legal Rights

Frequently asked questions make good fodder for evergreen content because your target audience is likely looking for that information. But like financial services, you may be limited on how much advice you can give in your content. Make sure you include a disclaimer on each post. 

You can answer frequently asked questions in a general way that applies to multiple people. Your list of frequently asked questions will vary somewhat based on your specialty. For example, if you work in family law, these FAQs may include: 

  • What is the typical timeline for a divorce in my state? 
  • How can I structure a custody agreement?

If you're a criminal attorney, you might tackle these questions: 

  • How do I choose a criminal defense lawyer? 
  • How much should I expect to pay for a lawyer?

Since you can’t give specific legal advice in a post, add a call to action to schedule a meeting. 

19. Nonprofit and Social Services: Best Practices for Fundraising

For many nonprofits, fundraising is a key concern. Whether you operate a nonprofit or you are marketing a business that serves nonprofits, your target audience is likely interested in fundraising. 

If you offer services for nonprofits, create a series of posts highlighting best practices for fundraising at various times of the year. Outline specific strategies and include past successes if you have examples. 

If you operate a nonprofit, develop posts about why fundraising is so important and create case studies or use a case study writing service to showcase what you have done with funds in the past. Showing how you help the community can inspire your readers to donate. 


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