10 of the Best Interactive Marketing Examples

Suzanne Wentley
Published: Mar 12, 2020
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As a business owner or marketing professional, there's nothing worse than putting effort into a campaign only to have your target audience scroll on past. It's hard to capture the attention of modern consumers, especially with static one-way communication. That's why many businesses are turning to interactive marketing techniques.

The advantages of interactive marketing are many. Potential customers are engaged and interested. They normally stay with your message for longer. They're more likely to share on social media. They're also more likely to become loyal customers.

Looking for inspiration for a winning campaign? Check out these 10 best interactive marketing examples:

1. N-Vision Design's "Brand Personality" Quiz

N-Vision Design is a marketing agency that specializes in helping companies find their personality online through a branding process. How do they attract business? They start with a quiz on a landing page, which, interestingly, hides their own brand.

Instead of a hard sell for their services, they encourage potential customers to do their own introspective brainstorming on what their brand messaging should be through an easy, seven-question quiz. With this approach, they are targeting clients who are thoughtful and focused on their values.

When you're finished with the quiz, they'll email you the results—along with their expertise in creating an online presence for your new brand identity

2. Bankrate's Mortgage Calculator

It's almost a no-brainer. What do people shopping for a mortgage online look for? A calculator that can help them understand how much they would have to pay every month for a particular home they're considering. Bankrate provides this free, interactive marketing service as a means of bringing prospects to their page.

Once you're on the page, there is a button for checking their rates on mortgages. This interactive marketing campaign provides organic traffic through search engines as well as a great lead agent for digital ads.

3. #Adobeperspective

User-generated hashtag campaigns are a modern way to get your audience involved in your marketing. Adobe asked their users to share the work they created using Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign using the hashtag #adobeperspective on Instagram. It didn't take long for artists and designers looking to get noticed to play along.

Not only is the campaign interactive for users, but it also underscores the importance of the Adobe Creative Suite for creatives.

4. The Great Eggo Waffle Off!

Just because you enjoyed an Eggo Waffle for breakfast once doesn't mean you'll necessarily have an interest in following the brand on social media and becoming a loyal buyer. That's why the company created The Great Eggo Waffle Off! This is a successful example of using a contest to interact with an audience. They offered $5,000 to the person with the best waffle recipe.

But that wasn't the only way the contest engaged customers. It also encouraged people to vote for their favorite recipe. Want to try a recipe out? Well, you'll have to buy a box of Eggos.

5. Mimi Swimwear Poll

Do you like your bikini bottoms to be over the navel or low on the hip? Do you prefer high-cut or boy-cut? Bandeau or triangle top? Mimi Swimwear recently used its their Instagram Story to create an interactive poll that was part market research and part catalog share.

Polls are a great way to engage with your current and future customer base, since everyone has an opinion. As a brand, you should care what people are thinking so you can use the information to refine your products and services for an improved bottom line.

<div class="tip">Want to use Instagram for business? Check out this guide for more on how to sell on Instagram.</div>

6. Pret A Manger Pick a Flavour Emails

Going through email is rarely fun, so customers will really appreciate a little entertainment from you in their inbox. Pret A Manger has an effective interactive email campaign that lets you pick the flavor to fill a digital cup. Click on "berry blast" and the cup will suddenly fill with an icy red fruit smoothie. Kind of makes you thirsty….

7. Capcom's Choose Your Own Video

It may seem unheard-of for a company to expect a potential customer to sit through a 15-minute-long marketing video. But that's no problem for Capcom, the creators of the Resident Evil video game series. They launched their latest product with a choose-your-own ending video on YouTube.

Like a storybook with different endings, these kinds of interactive videos capture attention. Companies are able to get their viewers to watch their videos for much longer, on average, than a traditional, non-interactive video.

8. Goldman Sachs's "Millennials: Coming of Age" Slideshow

If you're an investor or a business owner looking to capture the favor of the millennial generation, you'll appreciate a clear, easy-to-digest way of understanding their buying decisions and worldview. Goldman Sachs created an impressive slideshow, which is interactive and filled with graphics.

What could be a boring list of statistics of homeownership, marriage, and wellness trends is instead a popping burst of interesting information that keeps readers' attention.

9. Oreo Filled Cupcake Video

It's Friday at 3 p.m. You're bored, and your friend shared a 360-degree, one-minute video about Filled Cupcake Flavored Oreo cookies. Of course, you'll click! Immersive videos are another example of interactive marketing because they draw in viewers with an interesting, technology-inspired point of view.

Using whimsy can help take a viewer away from the everyday. Psychologically, brands that use this method of marketing are offering a break. And if that break involves cookies, all the better.

10. Red Bull Stratos

For something a little more risky and edgy, there's experiential marketing as another form of interactive marketing. An example of this is the Red Bull Stratos event, which involved Austrian Felix Baumgartner jumping with a parachute from the edge of space.

This is a typical "go big or go home" style of branding by organizing a live event that is closely related to the image and values of the company. This can result in impressive viral reach, with people sharing organically over social media channels.


All of these examples of interactive marketing involve a high level of creativity and an in-depth understanding of the target audience. Be willing to take a risk to gain the full attention of those you're trying to seek. It could pay off with more loyal customers and stronger brand awareness.

This article was written by Compose.ly writer Suzanne Wentley.


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