10 Successful Marketing Newsletters to Learn From

Stephanie Lica
Published: Apr 14, 2020
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Keeping track of best practices can feel overwhelming in today's constantly changing digital marketing environment. Top strategies seem to change by the day, making it difficult for businesses with limited resources to keep up. Information abounds, but it takes time to sort through all the articles, podcasts, and webinars to find actionable insights.

If you're eager to get in the know about modern marketing but unable to invest sizable amounts of time in research, a newsletter subscription is your best bet. Each message cuts to the chase and sends you the content you need—nothing more, nothing less.

In addition to saving time and teaching you about the latest marketing trends, the best marketing newsletters also serve as valuable examples of what makes for quality email content. By examining multiple newsletters, you get a better sense of what elements are worth including in your own email newsletter.

As with any form of online content, marketing newsletter options abound. Not sure which subscription is worth your while? Check out these top options:

1. The Moz Top 10

A longtime leader in search engine optimization (SEO) practices, Moz delivers concise yet detailed information and analysis with its popular Top 10 newsletter. This semi-monthly release highlights the most interesting insights from the fast-paced world of digital marketing.

The newsletter aims to keep readers on the cutting edge of marketing developments without overwhelming them with excessive or difficult-to-understand information. By cutting through the clutter and limiting both publication frequency and scope, this newsletter helps you focus on the most important updates. If you prefer to skim content, you'll appreciate this newsletter’s concise summaries of top stories, featured as bold, to-the-point headlines.

2. Neil Patel

Marketing expert Neil Patel consistently delivers the industry's most interesting and actionable information. His blog scores over three million visitors every month—and many others flock to his social media pages, where they form a loyal and engaged community. Consistent with his brand, his free marketing newsletters deliver fresh tactics that readers can immediately put into action.

One glance through Patel's newsletter makes it easy to see why he has received extensive praise from the likes of Forbes and even the United Nations. He cuts to the chase with useful information that actually makes a difference in today's confusing world of marketing. His conversational style makes otherwise complicated concepts easier to digest and put into action.

3. Content Marketing Institute

A trusted authority, Content Marketing Institute makes its mark with a vast collection of blogs meant to drive the conversation forward. Sorting through this information takes time, however, and not everybody is able to dedicate hours to this authority's vast library. Thankfully, Content Marketing Institute offers multiple newsletter options to make it easier to sort through its most insightful updates.

Choose between weekly messages to avoid an inundated inbox or newsletters delivered every weekday to stay up to date with critical industry developments. No matter what option you select, you'll find yourself in good company, as Content Marketing Institute currently reaches over 200,000 email subscribers.

4. Inside Intercom

Boasting over 40,000 readers, Inside Intercom's newsletter influences key professionals at top companies such as Spotify, Google, and Uber. That being said, small and midsize businesses in a variety of industries can also learn from and implement the findings highlighted in the newsletter. Pleasing layouts and visuals also make each edition a delight to behold.

Much of Inside Intercom's value comes from its powerful contributors, most of whom hold great esteem in the business world:

  • Paul Adams, for example, made his mark at Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Dyson.
  • LB Harvey managed a $100 million sales team related to talent solutions at LinkedIn.

These and other key figures draw on their vast experience to provide detailed information that applies to a variety of marketing initiatives.

5. Total Annarchy

Marketing guru Ann Handley offers up wisdom and a touch of humor with her Total Annarchy newsletter. Subscribers receive not only helpful hints for leveling up marketing efforts, but also plenty of what Handley refers to as "high-spirited shenanigans."

This should be your go-to option if you intend to read the entirety of your regularly scheduled marketing newsletter. With entertaining anecdotes about topics ranging from Uber to Mr. Rogers, you'll discover plenty of fun stories and examples that help you relate to key marketing concepts on a whole new level.

New editions of Total Annarchy arrive early in the morning every other Sunday, so you need not worry about your inbox becoming flooded with Handley's witty observations. If you're not feeling up to adding yet another subscription to your list, feel free to check out her website on your own time. She maintains an extensive archive stocked with past email marketing newsletter releases.

6. MarketingProfs

Do you adore your bi-weekly Ann Handley newsletter? You'll find even more from her in the MarketingProfs newsletter, for which she is a top contributor.

A notable resource for over 600,000 readers, this beloved newsletter boasts a long history in the digital marketing sphere. As with Total Annarchy, it offers an easy-to-navigate digital archive featuring newsletters dating back nearly two decades.

The MarketingProfs’ tone isn't quite as lighthearted or lively as Total Annarchy’s, but it's still just as accessible for casual readers. The newsletter covers a variety of topics, including:

  • Big data
  • eCommerce
  • SEO
  • Influencer marketing
  • Email design

If you enjoy attending in-person events and webinars, you'll appreciate the list of important occasions provided at the end of every MarketingProfs newsletter—they provide opportunities to build in-person connections beyond the scope of your email inbox.

7. ClickZ Daily Newsletter

Founded in 1997, ClickZ made its mark early on as an internet authority. Since then, this resource has remained at the forefront of the marketing industry.

On top of covering a variety of general marketing topics, ClickZ's web marketing newsletter highlights several niche topics. Notable categories include social media, analytics, email marketing, and search marketing.

The subscription process is a bit more in-depth compared to that of other marketing newsletters, but it's worth it. There are multiple customization options—in addition to signing up for the standard daily newsletter, you can elect to receive information about life events, webinars, and more.

8. PostFunnel by Optimove

PostFunnel emphasizes relationship marketing via data-driven content. This clean, no-frills option suits anyone who wants to gain maximum marketing knowledge in as little time as possible. The newsletter offers insights that apply to a broad range of industries and covers notable topics such as:

  • Customer relationships
  • Data analysis
  • Marketing technology
  • Content marketing

PostFunnel is powered by SaaS provider Optimove, but the web marketing newsletter manages to maintain an unbiased voice that takes industry-wide insights into account. The newsletter's official description claims a "brand-agnostic" approach with a clear emphasis on neutrality.

9. Timeless & Timely

While cutting-edge insights drive many of today's top marketing newsletters, there's something to be said for tried-and-true concepts. Marketing platforms and technologies constantly evolve, but some long-held ideas continue to ring true.

Timeless & Timely highlights both the latest developments in marketing and the classic ideas and strategies that still warrant recognition. Much of this time-honored information centers around human nature—and how it applies to marketing and management today.

As the powerful voice behind Timeless & Timely, Scott Monty recognizes the value of a content oasis in a world saturated with conflicting information. He hopes to grant his subscribers an opportunity to slow down and reflect. His newsletters contain just enough information to provide consistent value without being overwhelming.

Every edition of Timeless & Timely features the following curated content elements:

  • Three links to relevant industry developments
  • Three links to stories or articles Monty finds interesting
  • Book and podcast recommendations
  • A variety of topical quotes
  • An essay that takes a deep dive into an important concept

10. Search Engine Journal

A comprehensive option diving into all things SEO, PPC, content, and social, Search Engine Journal (SEJ) holds a strong reputation as the ultimate internet marketing authority. Its newsletter is available on a daily or weekly basis, and you can select to read about topics you find most interesting or relevant.

Like the SEJ website, the newsletter features a clean layout and plenty of white space to ensure that you absorb key takeaways even if you glance through it in a hurry. Both in-house and independent contributors supply newsletter content, ensuring that each email features a variety of intriguing perspectives. SEJ founder Loren Baker heads this effort, curating each message to supply maximum value for busy marketing professionals.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're on the hunt for to-the-point publications or lighthearted quips on the modern state of marketing, you'll appreciate the variety of newsletters currently available. While each of the options outlined above takes a different approach to presenting today's most relevant marketing information, all make it possible to cut through today’s mountains of content and reach helpful perspectives. Even one or two additional newsletters in your email inbox can make a world of difference for improving your digital marketing campaign.

This article was written by Compose.ly writer Stephanie Lica.


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