112 Real Estate Blog Topics to Get Traffic to Your Site

Jessica Moore
Robert Stone
Published: Oct 11, 2022
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Today, many people looking for information about buying or selling homes start their search online. While you might have a website, there’s a good chance that other realtors in your area do, too. An optimized website can help boost your visibility online, increasing the chances that prospective clients visit you first, but it may not be enough. A blog can help. Here, you’ll learn some of the top benefits of having a real estate blog, along with more than 100 potential real estate blog topics you can cover to help drive more traffic to your website.

Why Real Estate Writing Matters

When you’re busy helping clients buy and sell homes, adding more tasks to your plate, like starting and maintaining a blog, may be the last thing on your mind. Maybe you’ve had some blog post ideas in the past, but they seemed too time-consuming or not worthwhile, especially if you’re already using other marketing strategies to promote your business.

There are many reasons to invest in blogging as a marketing strategy for your real estate business:

Increase Your Visibility and Drive More Website Traffic

Regularly updating your real estate blog with unique, high-quality, valuable content helps to inform search engine bots of your website, which can boost your ranking. The higher you rank, the more visible you are to prospective clients.

A higher ranking can also increase your click-through rate. Backlinko recently analyzed four million Google searches and found that the first organic result has an average click-through rate of nearly 28% and is ten times more likely to get a click than the tenth result.

Establish Yourself as an Expert

Blogging allows you to share valuable information with your target audience. At the same time, it enables you to showcase your expertise and helps you establish yourself as an authority in your area.

Boost Engagement On Social Media

There’s no denying that social media can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses, including those in the real estate industry. According to the National Association of REALTORS® Research Group’s 2021 “Real Estate in a Digital Age” report, it’s the top tech tool for quality leads. Sharing your blog posts allows you to share helpful information with your followers and encourages them to engage with you. They can also share your posts with their followers, which can help spread your name further.

Provide Helpful Information Even When You Aren’t In the Office

As much as you might like to, you can’t work around the clock. However, your blog can. No matter what time of day prospective clients take to the internet with pressing real estate questions, your blog will be there to provide the answers and information they need.

Real Estate Blog Ideas 2022: Ideas to Help You Get Started

Knowing the importance of generating real estate blog content is one thing. Next, it’s time to start writing. The only question is, what should you write about? Here you’ll find more than 100 real estate blog titles that may help provide some inspiration:

Real Estate Blog Posts About Your Local Area

  1. Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter Events in (Your Area)
  2. Best Restaurants in the Area
  3. Where to Grab a Great Cup of Coffee
  4. Top Nightlife and Entertainment Venues
  5. A Guide to the Local Parks
  6. Local Business Spotlight
  7. Best Kid-Friendly Places to Spend the Day
  8. A Guide to Staycationing in (Your Area)
  9. X Pet-Friendly Places Your Pup Is Sure to Love
  10. X Hidden Gems In (Your Area)
  11. Your Guide to Property Taxes In (Your Area)
  12. A Look at the Local Schools

Real Estate Blogs for Buyers

  1. A First-Time Homebuyer’s Guide
  2. The Homebuying Process: What to Expect
  3. Tips for Choosing a Real Estate Agent
  4. Renting vs. Buying: Which Is Right for You?
  5. What Is an HOA? Benefits and Drawbacks of Communities With a Homeowner’s Association
  6. Signs You’ve Found the Right Home
  7. X Essential Things to Check When Viewing Potential Homes
  8. X Red Flags to Watch For When Viewing Homes
  9. X Reasons to Buy a Home This Year
  10. Are You Ready to Buy a Home?
  11. Hidden Costs of Buying a Home
  12. X Homebuying Mistakes to Avoid
  13. The Importance of a Home Inspection
  14. What Are Contingencies, and Do You Need Them?
  15. X Things to Know About Buying a Foreclosure
  16. What to Know About Short Sale Listings
  17. New Construction vs. Existing Homes: Pros, Cons, and How to Choose
  18. Is a Fixer-Upper Right for You?
  19. Tips for Crafting a Winning Purchase Offer
  20. How to Negotiate When You Receive a Counter-Offer
  21. Competing Against Other Buyers: How to Win a Bidding War

Blog Topics for Sellers

  1. The Benefits of Working With a Realtor to Sell Your Home
  2. For Sale By Owner: Can You Sell Your Home Yourself?
  3. Finding the Right Realtor: X Questions to Ask
  4. Common Pitfalls of Selling a Home and How to Avoid Them
  5. X Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Faster
  6. Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid
  7. Curb Appeal: What It Is and Why It Matters
  8. X Affordable Ways to Boost Curb Appeal
  9. Easy Home Improvements That Help Sell Your Home
  10. Is Now the Right Time to Sell?
  11. Should You Get a Home Inspection Before You Sell?
  12. The Importance of Setting the Right Price
  13. The Home Selling Process: What to Expect
  14. How to Sell Your Home in Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter
  15. Should You Host an Open House?
  16. How to Prepare Your Home for an Open House
  17. Preparing for an Open House When You Have Pets
  18. How to Prepare for an Open House When You Have Kids
  19. Tips for Evaluating Offers
  20. How to Select an Offer
  21. My Home Isn’t Getting Any Offers! X Possible Reasons and What You Can Do

Real Estate Blog Titles for Investors

  1. Buying an Investment Property In (Your Area): What You Need to Know
  2. X Tips for the First-Time Investor
  3. How to Fix and Flip a Home
  4. Fix and Flip on a Budget
  5. X Common House Flipping Mistakes (And What to Do Instead)
  6. Rental Properties In (Your Area) 101
  7. X Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Rental Property
  8. Multi-Family Property Investment: Pros, Cons, and Essential Things to Know
  9. Is an Investment Property the Right Choice for You?
  10. How to Evaluate Potential Investment Properties
  11. How Long Should You Hold Onto an Investment Property?
  12. Is Now a Good Time to Invest In Real Estate?

Blog Topics About Financing

  1. Financing a Home 101
  2. How to Choose a Mortgage Lender
  3. What You Need to Qualify for a Home Loan
  4. Your Guide to Conventional Mortgage Loans
  5. 30-Year vs. 15-Year Fixed Mortgages
  6. Everything You Need to Know About VA Home Loans
  7. Mortgage Loan Options for Investors
  8. How Much Do You Really Need for a Down Payment?
  9. X Tips to Help You Save Up for a Down Payment
  10. X Ways to Improve Your Credit Score (And Boost Your Odds for Mortgage Loan Approval)
  11. Mortgage Loan Pre-Qualification vs. Pre-Approval
  12. The Benefits of Getting Pre-Approved for a Mortgage
  13. Should You Get Pre-Approval from More Than One Lender?
  14. Evaluating Your Home Loan Pre-Approval Options
  15. Costs of a Mortgage Loan Beyond the Purchase Price of Your Home
  16. What You Need to Know About Refinancing Your Mortgage
  17. What Is a Reverse Mortgage?

Relocation Blog Topics

  1. X Things You Should Know About Relocating Before You Buy a House
  2. Start Early and Other Essential Packing Tips to Know
  3. Should You Hire Movers?
  4. Ways to Save Money When You’re Relocating
  5. Moving With Kids: How to Make the Process Easier
  6. How to Move When You Have Pets
  7. Should You Find a Job Before or After You Move?

Homeownership Blog Topic Ideas

  1. DIY Home Improvement Projects That Boost Your Home’s Value
  2. X Things That Can Actually Decrease the Value of Your Home
  3. Turn Your House Into a Home With These X Décor Tips
  4. Home Maintenance Checklist: What You Need to Do to Keep Your Home In Tip-Top Shape All Year Long
  5. Need Home Repairs? Here’s Who to Call In (Your Area)
  6. Landscaping Tips and Tricks for a Beautiful Yard
  7. Ways to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency
  8. Simple Tips for Reducing Your Energy Consumption

Blog Ideas About Listings

  1. Listing of the Week: An In-Depth Look
  2. Open Houses In (Your Area) This Week/Month
  3. Recent Price Reductions
  4. Luxury Properties for Sale In (Your Area)
  5. Up and Coming Neighborhoods
  6. Communities In Development
  7. Recent Real Estate Trends

Blog Topics About You

  1. What Sets (Your Real Estate Business) Apart From the Rest
  2. Recent Success Stories
  3. Staff/Realtor Spotlight
  4. Recent Client Interviews
  5. Are You Getting Ready to Sell Your Home? How We Can Help
  6. How We Got Here: The History of (Your Real Estate Business)
  7. My Favorite Things About (Your Area)

Drive More Website Traffic With Regular Real Estate Blog Content

Prospective home buyers and sellers have more access to information than ever before. Establishing (and regularly updating) a blog for your real estate business allows you to provide those potential clients with the answers they seek, which can help keep you at the top of their minds when they decide they’re ready to buy or sell a home in your area.

Hopefully, these real estate blog topics have provided the inspiration you need to craft helpful, high-quality content. Keep in mind, however, that this list is not exhaustive. There are plenty of others you can cover. No matter what topics you write about, be sure that your posts are relevant and offer value to your target audience.

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