Travel Blog Ideas: Inspiration for Better Content

Alaina Bradenburger
August 29, 2021
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No matter how you're connected to exploring new destinations, a well-written travel blog can drive traffic to your website. The travel blogging niche may seem a bit saturated with so many travel bloggers. But there are steps you can take to create a unique blog that entertains and informs your readers. You can use your blog to convey valuable information and grow your audience. This guide shows how to start your blog and different travel blog ideas you can use to jump-start your passion project.

Advice on How to Start a Travel Blog

‌1. Define Your Brand

Before you come up with a domain name, choose a hosting site, and start designing your travel blog, you need to solidify your brand. Successful blogs are cohesive and built around a distinct personality. You don’t have to paint yourself into a niche with limited topic ideas, but you do need to define your personality.

If you’re starting a travel blog for your company, the blog should match your existing brand voice. Use your existing advertising and social media content to determine how your blog should look and sound.

2. Name Your Blog

Once you’ve got a sense of your brand personality and voice, you need to pick a blog name. Think of a name that stands out among the pack. Search travel blogs and make note of overused keywords—and avoid them. Words like “nomad,” “wanderer,” and other similar terms have already been used by many travel bloggers, so they’re not really memorable.

Additionally, as your blog grows and builds credibility, other travel bloggers or businesses might approach you for partnerships. So, it's important to create a name that is long-lasting and professional. Steer clear of profanity or any other hot button terminology that could alienate readers.

3. Decide Which Blog Platform You'll Use

Once you’ve landed on a blog name, choose a blogging platform and set up your site. You could stick with a trusted platform like WordPress or Squarespace, or use another that you're already familiar with. Whichever blogging platform you choose, learn how to use its features and become comfortable using them. This way you can easily post blogs from wherever your travels take you.‌‌

4. Come Up with Your List of the Best Travel Blog Post Ideas

If you want to have success as a travel blogger, you'll need to assemble a long list of blog post ideas. Of course, we'll offer several great examples here, but longer-term content planning is key. So don't just stick to the travel blog post ideas you read here—get creative!

Before you even launch your travel blog, you need to start thinking of a good number of content ideas. Here are some good questions to answer that might inspire you if you're feeling stuck when coming up with ideas for travel blog posts:

  • What are some of the best travel tips you find yourself sharing with others?
  • What are some of your personal favorite "secret" travel destinations?
  • Are there certain amazing products or services you use on your journeys?
  • How do you plan your travels?
  • Do you have any good tips for holiday travel?
  • What inspired you to become a travel blogger? Try to think of as many reasons as you can.
  • Can you remember a moment in your travels when you needed help from a travel expert or guide?
  • What are some awesome quotes about travel that you love?
  • What travel experiences were a hit with you as a kid?
  • Can you think of some travel experiences that truly amazed you?
  • What are some of the best travel books you've read and love?

5. Start Writing and Posting Great Travel Blog Content

You can start travel blogging with a few unpublished test posts, or you can just sit down and start posting.

Enhance your blog posts with photos — but make sure you have permission to use them. You can’t just search Google Images and use any photo that comes up in your search results. Make sure you’re only using images that have been approved for use or get permission from the photographer to post them on your blog.

Especially if you travel often, taking your own pictures is an easy way to have a variety of images for your blog. You’ve likely got access to tons of photos from various destinations. Many new smartphones take pictures that rival those taken with digital cameras.

If you want to make your travel blog posts look professional, check out some free photography courses. Travel blogging is more interesting and helpful when you are able to share your own beautiful photos.

15 Great Travel Blog Ideas

Use these travel blog post ideas to jump-start your blog. You can use the titles to craft an article or put your own spin on the subject. Be sure to add keywords to your titles and headers to boost your SEO and grow your following.

1. Packing List for Different Destinations

One of the most cumbersome aspects of traveling is knowing what to pack. If you’ve never been to a particular destination, you might not know what to expect in terms of weather. This can make it difficult to know what clothes to bring. Choosing the right clothing can also help you blend into the scenery.

woman packing for travel

In larger cities like New York or Paris, pickpockets tend to target people who look like tourists. Provide travel tips on how to dress like a local to blend in with the crowd and lower your chances of being targeted.

2. Your Ultimate Travel Bucket List

World travelers likely have a list full of destinations in mind. Write a travel blog post that takes the concept deeper. Along with recommending popular bucket list destinations, offer some tips on what to do in each city. List some must-see tourist attractions along with some lesser-known expeditions.‌

‌You can also create a separate post with bucket list places that are off the beaten path. Talk about the world's lesser-known destinations that are worth adding to any travel list.‌‌

3. How to Save Money While Traveling

Paying for food and lodging can make travel pricey—particularly in large, expensive cities. Offer your readers tips on how they can save money while visiting another city. Find free or low-cost entertainment in popular locations. This way, you can share with your readers how they can have a great time without blowing the budget.‌‌

Most major cities have free hidden gems that offer fun and educational experiences for families and lone wolf travelers alike. This topic can be adapted specifically to cover things to do for families, younger travelers, solo travelers, and other sub-groups.‌‌

4. How to Stay Safe When Traveling Alone

Many people enjoy packing a suitcase and getting away from everyone. While traveling alone is good for self-discovery and tailoring the perfect vacation, it can be dangerous. Write a post with tips on how to navigate new cities safely when traveling alone.‌

woman traveling alone

This topic can be tailored for different posts. You could do one for women traveling solo abroad and traveling solo when you don’t speak the dominant language in the region.‌‌

5. How to Build an Itinerary for Everyone

Travel with others often involves compromise. Not everyone is interested in the same things—but with clever planning, everyone can have a good time. Write about how to build a group itinerary in various cities.‌‌

For example, a group of people headed to New York City might include sports fans, art enthusiasts, and people who love live theater. The city has options for anyone, but everyone doing all the activities can get pricey. Present tips on how to accommodate different interests without spending your whole budget on tickets.‌‌

6. Adventure Travel for Timid People

Adventure travel is a growing trend with many areas offering expeditions for thrill-seekers. People who love adrenaline can find ventures like mountaineering, bungee jumping, white water rafting, caving, canoeing, zip-lining, and much more. But others are timider and don’t want to go full throttle on their vacation.‌‌

Write a travel blog post that lists ideas for mildly adventurous pursuits for people who aren’t ready to brave the Class 4 rapids.

These might be things like:

  • Nature hikes
  • Whale watching
  • Gondola rides
  • And other ventures that still let you interact with the environment—just at a slower pace‌‌

7. The Best Vacation Spots for Introverts

Travel blog post ideas vary in the range of destinations people seek out, from mountains and beaches to bustling metropolitan areas. Not everyone wants to spend their trip in a place full of people and energy.

Some people prefer to travel to a secluded spot far from their neighbors—and everyone else. Write a travel blog post that covers smaller destinations for those who want to get away without interacting with lots of other people.‌‌

You might interview your introverted friends and family members and ask them what they prefer in a vacation for inspiration. You can use their suggestions for ideas to write up on your blog.‌‌

8. How to Pack for a Seven-Day Trip with One Carry-On

Another blog post idea that will help your readers save money is to learn to pack for a long trip in a small bag. Most airlines charge bag fees, but packing a carry-on lets your readers get around them. It also makes the airport easier because you don’t have to wait at the baggage claim.‌‌

Offer readers tips on how to save space in their suitcase while still having enough outfits for a long trip. Consider teaching them how to leave room for souvenirs they buy on vacation. Or, tell them how to affordably ship these things back home.‌‌

9. Off the Beaten Path: Road Trip Destinations

Road trips are more affordable than flying around the world, and they are a great way to make memories. Write a post about lesser-known attractions around you. Or write a post offering tips on how to pass the time during a road trip.‌‌

person on road trip looking at map

Include points of interest people can visit along the way and include recommendations for other enjoyable pit stop diversions.‌‌

10. Winter Spots for Snow Lovers

Many travel bloggers focus on fun in the sun, tropical destinations, and summer trips. But there are plenty of travelers who want to visit somewhere with a fresh coat of powder. Consider writing a travel blog post that showcases the best of winter travel.‌‌

person skiing

You can create a post that highlights:

  • Ski and snowboard sites
  • Destinations for other winter activities
  • The best places to see snow for the first time

11. The Best Historical Locations

The world is full of regions with rich histories. Every city in the world includes points of interest where people can learn about history. Compile a listicle of these destinations and include popular attractions and other sightseeing locales that tell another story.‌‌

You can time these posts to coincide with specific months throughout the year. Or you can space them out all year to encourage people to learn more about various regions.

12. Best Day Trips

Traveling isn’t exclusive to long vacations or even weekend getaways. Create a series of posts exploring day trips people can take in different areas of the country.

Include information on:

  • How to get there
  • Where to eat
  • The best times of the year to go

You can develop blog posts for various regions. You can even create multiple posts for every state in the U.S. or cities around the world. Just make sure to include a starting point in each article.

13. How to Conform to Regional Customs

One drawback to traveling abroad is that while your local customs and cultural norms are ingrained, they might be considered offensive in other countries. Offers advice to your readers about how they can brush up on local laws and customs before traveling to another country.‌‌

Lay out the biggest things to avoid so as not to come across as rude to the residents. Also, provide links to regional laws. Encourage your readers to brush up before they leave, so they can stay out of trouble when they reach their destination.‌‌

14. Non-Touristy Vacation Ideas

Some people want to experience each new destination as if they lived there. Write a blog post with various ideas on how to experience each city like a resident. Choose a few places and interview the people who live there.

Figure out the best activities, places to stay, where to eat, and other ideas. Anything that lets a visitor experience the city as if they lived there.‌‌

15. How to Work Remotely from Anywhere

A benefit to the massive shift into remote working is that many people can now work from anywhere. They aren’t limited to their home office. Write an article that teaches these wandering workers how to work from anywhere and use their downtime to experience life in different cities.‌‌

woman on computer while at beach

You can share tips on:

  • Adjusting your work schedule across time zones
  • Networking in other cities
  • Staying focused on your job when you’re eager to explore

Getting Started as a Travel Blogger

Many of these travel blog post ideas can be adapted and turned into several posts. Now that you have a few ideas to inspire you, it's time to start putting your blog together.

If you’re starting a travel blog to improve your company’s SEO, you don’t have to jumpstart your new blog alone. has a vast network of professional content writers who understand the principles of SEO. Our writers can match your brand voice to create travel blog posts that match your tone and provide useful information to your customers.‌‌

Contact us today and find out how we can help you launch your travel blog.‌ We're more than happy to share an example of our work!

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