Valuable, High-Level SEO Insight

Our Keyword Research and Analysis Report provides a crucial big-picture view of your website.

  • Top Ranking Organic Pages & Keywords

    You’ll find out which pages perform best in Google’s search engine results as well as which keywords your site currently ranks for. See where your content currently stands—as well as where it has room for improvement.

  • Competitor Analysis

    It’s not enough to look at your website’s SEO performance—you should also look at your competitors. Our team includes competitive analysis as a key part of our Keyword Research and Analysis Report so you can develop a better understanding of what your rivals are doing.

  • Keyword Recommendations

    If you’re stuck on where to take your content next, look no further than our personalized, data-backed keyword recommendations. You’ll get a complete list of recommended keyword targets and broad content topics that align with your industry and target audience.

  • Report Debriefing

    Every keyword research report includes a personalized review with one of our Client Success Managers, who will walk your team through major insights and takeaways. This way, you’ll have the clarity and understanding needed to take strategic next steps.

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