Creates Authoritative Content For Hype Legal’s Clients By Providing a Dedicated Team of Human Writers


Hype Legal’s AI-powered vendor couldn’t match brand tone or provide quality content to help differentiate their law firm clients 

Hype Legal, a solutions-driven legal marketing agency, was in search of a partner who could scale their biggest offering: content. Not only did they need a partner—they needed a dedicated team of writers and editors and someone to take project management off their plates.

Creating content that generates quality leads and new clients for law firms requires writers with legal expertise, SEO know-how, and above all else, empathy. The Hype Legal team’s previous content provider, Semrush, produced pieces that were AI-generated, and they were missing the mark. 

“For us, the content was too generic—like it was coming from a library or a marketplace. There wasn’t much thought that went into it. Granted, it was cheaper than having a dedicated team, but you get what you pay for. AI is not very empathetic, it’s not custom to our clients’ firms, and it’s not accurate based on the niches of the laws in a given state.” — Tyler Komarnycky, Co-Founder of Hype Legal 

When it comes to legal marketing content goals, many of their clients want to improve organic rankings and drive more traffic to their sites, but increasing site visitors means nothing if those same prospects don’t resonate with the content and choose the firm to represent them. 

Hype Legal’s clients needed to stand out amongst a sea of law firms, and that meant Tyler and team would need to strengthen their clients’ credibility. So, they sought a content solution that provided human writers who could relate to human challenges. 

SOLUTION offered the Hype Legal team a 3-for-1 solution: Writers with SEO, legal, and storytelling expertise

Content generation is a main pillar of Hype Legal’s business, and when it came to filling that gap, presented a better recipe for success. Many of their clients market to people who need lawyers for a number of reasons, including personal injuries. Consistently publishing content that displays expertise around a broad spectrum of topics, not just one type of law, helps their firms build authority and trustworthiness in the legal space—and earn top SERP results. 

So, provided the Hype Legal team with a dedicated Client Success Manager, Douglas Haugen, as well as a team of writers and editors to frequently produce content that covered the gamut of what their clients offer. By not having to manage a team of writers and track the status of various content projects, Hype Legal was able to focus on driving more strategic initiatives and being trusted advisors to their clients.’s Content Writing Services provided the Hype Legal team with a solution that also seamlessly scaled their content production efforts and increased keywords and SERP rankings for their clients. Many of’s legal marketing writers have worked as judges and paralegals throughout their careers, allowing them to easily adapt and apply Hype Legal’s clients’ brand tones in authentic and credible ways. 

“Partnering with felt like a three-for-one special. We received content from writers with SEO expertise that matched our clients’ tones and helped strengthen their brand reputations. Plus, having one point person to go to for anything, like Douglas, was a big selling point for us in our industry.” 

Hype Legal also worked with’s in-house team of SEO specialists to conduct initial keyword research and lay the groundwork to effectively implement and execute their strategy. Tyler’s team didn’t have to reallocate resources to identify low-hanging SEO fruit because did it for them. They provided a list of priority keywords and analyzed their clients’ competitors’ top-ranking pages to close any keyword and content gaps. 


Hype Legal scales content production efforts by over 50% and gains significant time savings normally spent on revisions

By removing project management from their workflow and gaining rigorously, pre-vetted writers, the Hype Legal team was able to boost their content production efforts by over 50%.’s process was so successful that Tyler has now implemented a similar workflow at Hype Legal as he looks to the future of bringing writers in-house. 

“I've seen the increase in rankings. I've seen the increase in traffic. And, in a lot of cases, I've seen direct inquiries or leads that are a result of the content has produced. Our content has to relate to the human and make them feel like the law firm's going to solve their problem in what is potentially the worst time of their life. helped us achieve that.”

Hype Legal experienced a lack of quality and accuracy with Semrush’s AI-generated content. In a highly regulated industry, that’s a recipe for disaster. They primarily work with founders of smaller firms who believe accuracy is paramount, which can lead to nit-picky content revisions. 

Laws also vary by state, and while it’s important to prioritize local SEO strategies, the devil’s often in the details. The team needed content written accurately but also broadly enough to reach a wider audience, and achieved an efficient balance between the two. also helped Hype Legal regain trust in partnering with a content writing service. As’s writers became more familiar with their clients’ writing preferences and voice and tone guidelines, Tyler’s team requested fewer edits, saving them tens of hours they’d normally spend on revisions. Gaining back hours in free time is crucial for legal marketing agencies, who need to be focused on up-to-date legal trends, news, and campaign tactics. 

Simply put,’s human-produced, emotionally intelligent content and dedicated team of experts yielded their best results to date. 

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