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The Best Content Writing Services for 2022

The Best Content Writing Services for 2022

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Over 20 years ago, Bill Gates declared “content is king,” and it remains true even now. Today, the demand for content is great — websites need copywriting, blog posts, articles, and search engine optimization (SEO) to expand their reach.

An effective content marketing strategy often leads to an increase in traffic and generates more sales. However, the time and resources necessary to create a content team are significant, which is why many companies rely on content writing services.

Online content writing services are platforms that connect you with professional writers for all your content needs. Below is our list of the best content writing services to increase web traffic and grow your audience.

9 Best Content Writing Services and Platforms

We’ve compiled a list of the best content writing services available. These services offer high-quality, reliable content for any business or organization seeking to create original content and expand its reach.


Well, who did you expect we'd pick first? We're proud of our service, and we think you'll be impressed with it too.

Compose.ly is a content writing service where you can commission content at any scale through the site’s marketplace. Writers on the platform are experts in their industry and perform comprehensive research for whatever content you request.

Compose.ly logo

What differentiates Compose.ly from other platforms is its SEO services. Compose.ly’s team of search engine optimization experts perform keyword research and competitor analysis, through detailed SEO briefs. Once you receive these briefs, you’ll have a better understanding of what topics to cover in your content and how best to use Compose.ly’s team of writers.

Screenshot of the Compose.ly homepage

Compose.ly Features

  • Competitor and keyword analysis to aid you in topic choice and content creation
  • A large number of content writers with experience in various industries, including finance, real estate, medical, legal, and more
  • Content writing for press releases, ebooks, blog posts, articles, and white papers
  • Competitive pricing that’s 3x more affordable than a content marketing agency
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee through the Managed Service Plan
  • Ability to connect and work directly with expert writers through the self-service Content Marketplace

Compose.ly is a highly-rated platform for custom content, particularly when it comes to SEO content. Its SEO and Managed Service plans aid clients in creating effective content marketing strategies for ranking in search engines and generating traffic.


WordAgents allows you to commission SEO content written by native English-speaking Americans. The platform comes with several tools to verify your content’s quality, such as keyword optimization, plagiarism checkers, and two rounds of edits.

WordAgents content writing service logo

What sets WordAgents apart from other content services is its fast turnaround time for bulk orders. It’s possible to get as many as 10,000 words ordered within a week. For large-scale operations that require a ton of content, WordAgents is a valuable service.

Screenshot of WordAgents homepage

WordAgents Features

  • Fast turnaround times for bulk orders
  • Two rounds of edits for all content
  • Plagiarism and proofreading checks to ensure content quality.
  • Content written and researched by writers based in America

WordAgents’ value is in its ability to provide you with a steady stream of content. While large orders are available, the price tends to scale towards the more expensive side. The platform does make it easy to send outlines and detailed instructions to ensure you receive the content you want.


WriterAccess uses its platform to connect you with a network of content writers. The website uses artificial intelligence with its search feature, which allows you to find an experienced writer for your content needs.

WriterAccess logo

The platform gives you access to the writer’s portfolio so you can make an informed decision. You receive unlimited revisions from WriterAccess, which means you can keep reworking the content until it is perfect.

Screenshot of WriterAccess homepage

WriterAccess Features

  • AI-powered search
  • Writer ratings and portfolio examples for more informed decisions
  • Unlimited revisions

WriterAccess uses artificial intelligence to make finding the ideal writer an easy task. The site is subscription-based and it is best used for bulk orders. There have also been some reports of misleading ratings, which means you’ll need to proceed with caution when choosing your writer. However, for a steady stream of content, WriterAccess is a good choice.


Digifloat is a content writing service for small to medium-sized companies. Writers perform comprehensive research, and you receive unlimited revisions on all content they receive. Digifloat offers a money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with your content.

Digifloat logo

Digifloat writers specialize in creating content with your brand’s message in mind. It takes one to two days for clients to receive social media posts and product descriptions. Articles and blog posts take two to three days to create. There are plans available for new businesses, agencies, and large enterprises.

Screenshot of Digifloat homepage

Digifloat Features

  • Fast turnaround times for content
  • Several industries covered, including SaaS, B2B Products, and e-commerce
  • Starter, agency, and enterprise pricing plans to fit your content needs
  • Ready-to-publish, plagiarism-free content delivered on time

Digifloat provides fast, high-quality service specializing in small to medium-sized businesses. The platform provides you with templates so writers receive all the instructions they need for your content. In addition to content writing, Digifloat offers logo and graphic design services.

Crowd Content

Crowd Content is a large-scale content writing service offering blog posts, location pages, product descriptions, and SEO articles to its clients. The platform gives you access to thousands of writers to choose from.

Crowd Content logo

There are two ways to receive content. The first method is through the content marketplace, where you can choose from a pool of professional article writers. This service boasts high quality and fast turnaround times. The managed service option gives users a fully managed production team to receive well-written content at scale.

Screenshot of Crowd Content homepage

Crowd Content Features

  • Pool of over 6,000 writers
  • Managed services for bulk content writing solutions
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Multiple pricing plans based on the writers you choose for your projects

Crowd Content has thousands of writers for you to choose from through its marketplace. However, you’ll pay more for high-quality writers. Reviews suggest users receive content of varying quality, which means you may need to choose carefully when selecting a writer.


Scripted is a monthly subscription service for content, such as press releases, blog posts, newsletters, and even video scripts. The site has a pool of over 6,000 writers.

Scripted logo

Clients pay membership fees and then post their projects on the platforms. Scripted users can set their own prices for projects. The service offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. There are thousands of talented writers available on the platform, all of whom have specialize in one or more industries.

Screenshot of Scripted homepage

Scripted Features

  • Ability to set your prices for projects
  • A large pool of writers to choose from for industry-specific content
  • Managed accounts for SEO research and content creation

Scripted is a reliable platform for companies and agencies seeking to place bulk content orders. You’re required to have a paid membership in order to post a project. Once you’re a member, Scripted allows you to commission writers using your own rates. This subscription model makes Scripted more expensive, but it does give you full control over how much you spend on content.


ContentWriters provides content marketing solutions for your business, agency, or enterprise. The platform even allows you to create a custom plan that aligns with your content marketing strategy.

ContentWriters logo

The website claims to put writers through a rigorous vetting process. Every project is assigned a writer best suited for the task, based on their experience, background, and other credentials.

Screenshot of ContentWriters homepage

ContentWriters Features

  • Unlimited revisions
  • Easy-to-use website with fast turnaround times
  • Money-back guarantee

ContentWriters provides its clients with fast solutions and high-quality pieces. In return, prices skew higher compared to other content writing services. Subscribed clients have access to unlimited revisions, but people who place a single order only receive two rounds of revisions.


Verblio specializes in creating search engine optimized content. This includes web copy, product descriptions, articles, blog posts, ebooks, and press releases. The company is US-based, and all writers are vetted before joining the platform.

Verblio logo

In addition to its content writing services, Verblio offers a membership plan where clients receive a content strategy and help with their SEO. Compared to other platforms, Verblio allows its writers to choose what project they’d like to work on. Clients then choose from the drafts and pay for the one they like the most.

Screenshot of Verblio homepage

Verblio Features

  • SEO, blog, and video services available
  • Additional services, including content strategy and SEO aid
  • Help with topic creation

The services Verblio provides, from content writing to content strategy, give you a wealth of options to choose from. While the cost is high compared to other sites, you receive options to diversify your content through its video and photo offerings.

SEO Butler

SEO Butler is a content writing tool with an emphasis on search engine optimization. The platform allows you to purchase content based on types, like blog posts, reviews, website content, and product descriptions. Everything is written by native English speakers from the UK or US.

SEO Butler logo

A popular service SEO Butler offers is Surfer optimized content. It requires you to have a Surfer SEO account, which SEO Butler then uses to create your content. It’s the most expensive option, but reviews praise the quality of the content they receive from the service.

Screenshot of SEO Butler website

SEO Butler Features

  • Native English writers
  • Discounts for bulk orders
  • Guest post services

SEO Butler is a high-quality content writing service that comes at a high price. Additional features, such as its Outreach Service, allow you to round out your content strategy and generate more links. Bulk orders automatically come with a discount, which may be preferable if you need several pieces of content for your site.

What's the Best Content Writing Service for You?

When looking for the best content writing service, you should check reviews and see what other clients have to say about the service. If possible, request a sample. Make sure the company's services align with your content marketing goals. Investing in a hands-on content writing service is one of the most effective ways for a business or organization to generate quality content.

Content marketing is an important part of any business. Using a professional content writing service can greatly extend your reach, improve your site's traffic, and generate more sales. No matter what industry your business is in, quality content leads to business growth.

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